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Be it to mark a special occasion in your life, such as a 21st Birthday Party, Hen’s Night or Bachelor Party, leave it to us to organise the perfect event!
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We specialise in offering fun and unique experiences for party event! We have got you covered at The Fun Empire with our fun activities and other services provided!



We have a long list of happy and return customers. Our latest survey results in 2018 revealed that - 98% satisfaction rate among clients - 100% recommendation rate by clients



We are the ONLY team building & events company in Southeast Asia that has attained ISO 9001 certification. We are also BizSafe certified. The Fun Empire has won multiple awards such as the Spirit of Enterprise award and selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list.


Having a great time doesn't have to cost a ton of money. We have team building activities suitable for any budget and group size.


We offer nation wide team building services at locations that are convenient for our clients.

Birthday Party with The Fun Empire

We provide a wide range of services

It’s always a special time when it comes to getting a year older. Whether you’re celebrating your 30th, 21st or 18th Birthday, these provide an opportunity for you to spend time and bond alongside your friends and loved ones. Here at The Fun Empire, we strive to create an unforgettable Birthday Party that you could look back fondly to.

Our plethora of activities ranging from games to workshops would no doubt keep you entertained during your Birthday Party event! We also provide food catering, music and many more to ensure that your birthday party runs smoothly and all the guests are well-engaged.

Contact us now for your perfect Birthday Party!

Recommended Activities

Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer Singapore
Combat Archery
Combat Archery
Laser Tag
Laser Tag
Giant Poolball
Terrarium Singapore

Hen's Night / Bachelorette Party with The Fun Empire

We provide a wide range of services

Get into all loads of fun alongside your girlfriends as you celebrate your last few days of being a single woman. A Hen’s Night / Party or Bachelorette Party allows you and your friends and loved ones to come together, let their hair down and commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime event,, so the activities should not only be enjoyable, but also intimate and memorable.

The Fun Empire offers a range of workshops that would no doubt compliment your extra special night.

Contact us now for your perfect Hen’s Party or Bachelorette Party!

Recommended Activities for Party

Terrarium Singapore
Tote Bag Art Jamming
Tote Bag Art Jamming
Candle Making
Candle Making Workshop
Flowers Arrangement
Flowers Arrangement
Wine Appreciation
Wine Appreciation Singapore

Bachelor Party with The Fun Empire

We provide a wide range of services

When a group of close friends are gathered together, you know that mischiefs are bound to occur. While it’s arguably the norm for Bachelor Parties or Stag Nights to be rather rowdy in nature, you could stand out from the crowd and escape the conventional by participating in some of The Fun Empire’s unique activities.

Aside from being highly-engaging, you also won’t have to draw the aversion from the ladies in your life 😉

Contact us now for the perfect Bachelor Party or Stag Night!

Recommended Activities

Saber Tag
Leather Workshop
Combat Archery Tag
Ninja Tag
Ninja Tag
Wine Appreciation
Wine Appreciation Singapore

The Fun Empire is the one stop solution for all Party  needs

One Stop Solution

  • Event Management
  • Game Fixtures
  • Manpower / Logistics
  • Sound System
  • Food Catering
  • Indoor / Outdoor Location

Be The Coolest Company Ever

Organise the best team building event everyone will enjoy!

Recommended Locations

Convenient Locations Across Singapore

5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, S(399685)

TFE HQ @ Mountbatten
  • Mountbatten MRT (Circle Line)
  • Non-Peak Period: Weekdays before 6pm
    Peak Period: Weekdays after 6pm, Weekend, Public holidays
  • Indoor Air-conditioned Room (With UV Black Lights)
  • Parking Available (Chargeable)

28 Jalan Benaan Kapal S(399635)

The Cage @
  • Stadium MRT (Circle Line)
  • Non-Peak Period: Weekdays before 6pm
    Peak Period: Weekdays after 6pm, Weekend, Public holidays
  • Fully Sheltered Pitches
  • Shower Facilities Available
  • Parking Available (Chargeable)

32 Yishun Central 1

Futsal Arena
@ Yishun
  • Yishun MRT (North South Line)
  • Non-Peak Period: Weekdays before 5pm
    Peak Period: Weekdays after 5pm, Weekend, Public holidays
  • Fully Sheltered Pitches
  • Shower Facilities Available
  • Parking Available (Chargeable)

200 Turf Club Road

Premier Pitch
@ Turf City
  • Sixth Avenue MRT
  • Non-Peak Period: Weekdays before 7pm
    Peak Period: Weekdays after 7pm, Weekend, Public holidays
  • Fully Sheltered Pitches
  • Shower Facilities Available
  • Parking Available

Fuss-free Booking

Booking Process - Step 1

Step 1
Event Inquiry

After gathering your event requirements, simply email or call us for a customised proposal/ quotation! Unsure of your requirements? Fret not! Let us know your concerns or event objectives! Our professional team is able to plan your event from scratch too!
Booking Process - Step 2

Step 2
Proposal & Quotation

We will send you an initial proposal and quotation within 24 hours* after we have received your email/ call. The proposal will include the event information such as the pricing, game decks, add ons available and more!
Booking Process - Step 3

Step 3

After the event confirmation, our friendly team will prepare and send you the relevant event information such as the game fixtures, attire, directions and more! With our wide range of services, you can be rest assured that your event will be professionally handled!
Booking Process - Step 4

Step 4
Event Experience

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Common Party Questions

Hotels and cafes are popular locations for 21st birthdays in Singapore and we are happy to bring our games to your preferred location. Simply send us pictures of your confirmed location so our experienced facilitators can make further arrangements.

We currently accept paypal, bank transfer and even paylah for greater convenience! However, paypal is subjected to a small processing fee.

Our activities are suitable for small groups of 5 to large groups of 1000. 

Yes! We have locations that allow alcohol! Do contact us to find out more1 

Are you ready for an exciting event?
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We are always ready to help you! Our friendly The Fun Empire Events Experts will get back to you within 24 hours (or even faster!). We reply every email. If you did not receive a response, please check your spam filter or junk mail folder!

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