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“I think the game was fantastic! We all had a great time, it was a good teaming for everybody. Good bonding, just to get out there to have some fun! It’s kinda the reason I brought my team here. We do some tough things together, we’re a high energy team. And sometimes it’s good to get together to do something that really brings out the boldness in people. It was fun to watch the dynamics as the team and game progresses. “

The Fun Empire - Verizon

“Yes! So much fun! Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves! Lots of energy around too! We talk about team work. Everybody has a role to play and we took turns to strategise.

Working together in a non office environment allows people to let loose.”

The Fun Empire - DSTA

“It was good, excellent! 5 out of 5! We had quite a lot of fun! This is very refreshing too! It was good cardio for the morning, something different from our everyday routine and staying in the office. There is a lot of laughter, fun and joy! We are also more bonded now “

The Fun Empire - NYC

“The team building is awesome and fun. Its something new! We’ve never seen it or tried it before. We enjoyed ourselves, working in a team with people we do not know. We get to brainstorm together and make new friends! “

The Fun Empire - Phillips

“We think it’s really fun and we enjoyed playing with our colleagues. It’s a good team building event. We are able to know each other’s weaknesses and strength and help each other out. It’s a good strategy game! “


“It’ s our first time trying and it’s very fun! It’s a very good event for team building! We have a lot of running and shooting! This game allows us to strategise and work together too!”


“We managed to work together a lot more, as compared to when we were working in our own office so it definitely helped pave the path towards more team-building.”


“We are always confined in the office so it is quite interesting for us to come out and get our hands dirty. We interacted, had fun and laughed over the stuff we do.”

Covenant Evangelical Free Church

“When I was looking for activities for the team, I chanced upon The Fun Empire website and saw many team building games. It was really fun and there was a lot of competitive elements. There is a lot of engagement and we were able to bond together!”
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