Companies’ Work Culture We Can All Learn From

Not sure if you can recall, but not too long ago, Uber was under fire for having a toxic work culture and it got so bad that the company had to order a massive overhaul of their work culture practices in order to save their brand name.  Uber was not the only firm under heavy scrutiny, with other firms like Forever 21 also coming under fire and this kick started a trend amongst companies to improve and promote good work culture.  These are some companies we can learn a thing or two about the way they conduct their company work culture.

1.Warby Parker

Maybe it is because they sell glasses, but this company has the right vision for their company culture. They make it a point to provide a fun sociable working environment for its employees. Warby Parker have many ingenious ideas, one being an initiation rite for their new hires, by giving everyone a shared experience through a free copy of the book by Jack Kerouac, Dharma Bums. Other ideas include placing custom made balloons which writes “Nice to meet you” along the new co-worker’s desk to invite co-workers to stop by and have a friendly chat. Such initiatives are just ways the company do to integrate its co-workers. Everyone will be on closer relationship; working together is not only easier but also enjoyable.

Small steps can go a long way towards making a comfortable and friendly working environment. Even if you don’t know what to do, call us and we got the right team building activity for you. All you need is a step in the right direction.

2. Zappos

This online shoe company prioritizes office work culture to the point they only hire employees who believe in the same values as the company. In their unique hiring process, they take the idea of cultural fit very seriously. Employees have to pass a cultural fit test; this is 50% of the weightage in the interview process. Also interviewees under the trial period (which lasts for months) go round to meet different staff members, to see if they can really gel well with the rest of the potential colleagues.  They take their hiring practice so seriously that even at the end of the interviewing process you are accepted, you will first be offered US $3000 to leave the company in case you didn’t feel right for the company but were planning on staying on for the money.  All this effort just to ensure the right man with the right values comes in the company. And we haven’t even gone into detail about what makes their work culture special yet.

The lesson to learn from here is that the right guy who can fit in is very crucial, and it is worth the time and effort to sieve this person out. Because after having a common work culture, the next step is to find the right people to perpetuate this work culture. Having 100 marks for the job skillset should not equate to being hired.

3. Chevron

People often have the misconception that since an oil company often has a bad PR reputation, it probably does not have a good working culture. But guess what, Chevron does treat its staff well.  The company is dedicated towards putting its employees as the first priority. Chevron has a plethora of health –oriented programs and services such as personal training, massage therapy and group exercises class at its major office locations. In fact, Chevron insists its employees take breaks periodically to avoid burning out or being too stress until they skip their meals.

Simple gestures like these can show that the company cares for its people. If employees feel that the company does care for them, in turn, they will be motivated to work for the company, retaining veteran employees and easily recruiting new talent.

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