Company Culture Practices to Adopt

It is not easy to lead a company these days. A single grievance of one employee can easily be blown out of proportions on social media, destroying the company’s image to shreds. You may not be able to make every employee be happy, but by making the company a friendly and inviting place, such incidents will be rare and unlikely to hold any real weight. Today we will be covering on how we can make the company a better work environment through adopting a better company culture. Undoubtedly a high salary is the solution but lets face it, its not happening. So we recommend some small simple adjustments that could possibly make everyone work happier and more efficiently.

1. Employer Recognition

It is important to let your staff know that the top brass of the company understands the tough efforts put into their work by rewarding them or even by just letting them know that you know. There are many ways to go about doing this for example, team-building activity followed by a nice meal out or even an overseas trip with the company if your budget can allow for it. If not, you could commend certain behavior or staff for doing the right things, whether it is live in front of other colleagues or on social media. Another simple and cost-saving method would be to drop a post it with a sweet on the employee’s table, a small gesture but sufficient to put a smile on your employee’s faces.

2. Get Off Their Backs

No one likes it when their boss is constantly nagging them to do something. When employees are given the freedom to do what they do best, it is then when bosses get the best results out of them. Managers should be more like coaches, guiding the staff in the right direction instead of dictating them to go in a particular direction. A little bit of trust can go a long way. Having a company culture that allow employees to take risk without fear of repercussions can turn out to have more net benefits than loss. The space to allow employees to innovate can be helpful to everyone. Companies like Netflix do not judge employees by the amount of time or the process of getting their work done but solely based on the end product. Such initiatives could be encouraged for the benefit of companies and employees.

3. A Flat Organisation

 What does a flat organization mean? It means an organization with few levels of chain on command. So instead of a pyramid structure, you have a flatter base and fewer layers now and less people at the top. This is more likely possible if done in smaller companies, but the point still stands; try to have lesser level of management in between staff.  Why promote such an environment? It is because when the employees at the lower part are not under layers and layers of management, the communication channel will be clear.  Thus employees will feel empowered, they will feel that their views are heard, that contributions can be made and recognized. Everybody will then be on better spirits while working.

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