Cooking Classes and a Gastronomic Team Building Experience

Food is part of our daily lives, whether we eat to live or live to eat. And with food, comes cooking, for the most part. Cooking is an essential skill to have, and one that can also be very enjoyable when all goes well. With cooking classes, satisfy your palettes and hone a skill at the same time.

Sure, there are thousands of YouTube videos and online recipes on the Internet that could teach one how to cook. But nothing beats the old fashioned way of hands-on experience. Cooking classes in this day and age are not uncommon, given the busy schedules of Singaporeans. It is difficult enough to get sufficient sleep due to hectic lifestyles, and even more so to find time to pick up a new skill. The great thing about cooking classes is that everything is prepared beforehand, which means no shopping for ingredients, preparing pots and pans or whatever else is required. A great bonus is that no thoughts need to be spared for cleaning up after the session. Everything is taken care of and the only thing needed is to show up!

Attending a cooking class is a great chance not just to learn new cooking skills, but also an interesting opportunity for team building. Cooking together as a group allows for group participation and an opportunity to get to know one another better while making a meal. Communication skills and teamwork are vital skills needed when cooking together, and as such, will allow teammates to improve these skills.

Another way a cooking class is adept at fostering team building is through the cultural exchange that food can give. If your team has members of different ethnicity, customize a cooking class that allows for dishes of different ethnicity to be cooked together. This provides a great opportunity for team members to understand the culture of one another in a different way – through food and cooking methods. Leadership skills and initiative can also be harnessed through cooking classes since team members will be able to share their knowledge of different cultures and also volunteer for what they are better at.

Of course, the best part of a cooking class is eating the food cooked together as a group. Why not plan for a time slot to eat together after the cooking class as well, and bring back the classic way of team bonding? Having a meal that was cooked together by the whole team would make the whole experience so much more special!

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