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10 Best Courier Services in Singapore From $3.20 Per Parcel

June 9, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Courier Service Singapore

I am sure that most of us had at least one bad experience with courier service in Singapore. They can be late delivery, missing items, or damaged items. These problems are giving us a lot of headaches.

Not to worry, in this article, we are going to recommend the 10 best courier services in Singapore to save you the trouble to look for a reliable delivery partner.

1. Lalamove

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I am sure that you have seen vehicles with the Lalamove sticker when you are traveling around Singapore. Lalamove is a courier service in Singapore that started off as a moving service company for customers who are moving their residency or office. They then expand to courier services for smaller parcels and their driver will always help you to carry the items.

With a short delivery time (usually under 60 minutes), Lalamove has attracted many businesses to establish a partnership with them.

Price: From $10/Parcel


2. UParcel

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UParcel is a courier service in Singapore is well known for their afforability and customer service.

You can rest assured that regardless of the size or dimensions of their parcel, the items inside the parcel will be delivered to you safely on time. To make your life easier, UParcel also offers door-to-door parcel pickup services. If accidents do happen in the process of transportation, be assured that your items will be insured.

Price: From $7/Parcel


3. GrabExpress

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Have you been caught up in a scenario whereby you forgot something important at home and it is too late for you to go back? GrabExpress is here to save the day!

GrabExpress is a popular courier service in Singapore offer by the Asia ride-hailing giant - Grab. They offer conventional prices and an immediate delivery option. Although they only process parcels up to 5kg, GrabExpress is a good option if you want your parcel to be delivered as soon as possible.

Price: Issued by Grab


4. Send Singapore

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Send Singapore is a courier service in Singapore powered by a software called Yojee™. Yojee™ is a software that ensures that the parcels will reach their customers in the most efficient manner.

If you own a business, they can be your best delivery partner. This is because of their ability to manage an organized system regardless of the number of deliveries. Furthermore, they offer same-day delivery. So if you have anything to be delivered urgently, you can definitely rely on them.

Price: From $5.50/Parcel


5. Ninja Van

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Ninja Van is a well-known courier service in Singapore and Southeast Asia. After its launch in 2014, Ninja Van has become one of the biggest and fastest logistics companies in terms of growth. Currently, it has a notable presence in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ninja Van provides both parcel collection and home delivery services in Singapore, making your life more convenient. On top of that, it is also a partner for many large e-commerce stores and blog shops in Singapore.

Price: Price issued by Ninja Van


6. Go Go Van

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Go Go Van is a courier service in Singapore that offers door-to-door pick-up and delivery services. They are proficient in moving services for home or office relocation. You can also visit their physical store to use the kiosk for self-bookings. What is better is that you can connect and talk to your driver easily through their mobile app.

You are highly encouraged to register for an account with them to get an accurate quote for the price of the deliveries.

Price: From $9/Parcel


7. Ixpress647

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Ixpress647 is a courier service in Singapore that operates 24/7 and caters to many businesses and individuals. With a fully digitalized transaction, they provide a comfortable and smooth experience for their customers.

In addition, Ixpress647 does not operate based on commissions so their delivery partners get to keep all the payments that they receive from the customers. For the purpose of website maintenance, their delivery partners give have to pay them a daily sum of less than $2. Due to their advanced technology, they offer one of the best tracking services for couriers.

Price: From $6/Parcel


8. XDel Singapore

courier service singapore - XDel
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XDel is a senior courier service in Singapore that offers a variety of services. These services include same-day delivery, express courier, eCommerce fulfillment, distribution across borders, and providing a specialized solution for your logistics requirements.

In addition, XDel also goes the extra mile when serving their customers and they are known as one of the best logistics companies in terms of their commitment to their role.

Price: Based on XDel Singapore


9. Pickupp

courier service singapore - Pickupp
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As a courier service in Singapore, Pickupp has one of the most competitive prices, making them one of the cheapest couriers in Singapore. Pickupp is currently operating in four different including Singapore and has served more than 21,000 e-commerce merchants. They are famous for their 4-hour same-day, next-day, and 1-to-3-day door-to-door delivery services.

An interesting point about Pickupp is that it has its own e-commerce platform where you can expect the best prices and an amazing delivery experience.

Price: From $3.20/Parcel


10. Ant Couriers

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The goal of Ant Couriers is to provide to be cost-efficient and provide a smooth experience for their customers.

As a courier service in Singapore, Ant Couriers provides both instant delivery and crowdsourced delivery. For instant delivery, it will connect customers directly with an agent through their ANT app. Whereas for crowdsourced delivery, it will put customer's requests on the ANT app and agents will choose whether to accept the job based on their availability. You are guaranteed to have a good delivery experience with their 24/7 customer service.

Price: Based on Ant Couriers Singapore


Courier Service Singapore

We have come to the end of this comprehensive resource. We hoped that the contents in this article have helped you a little in finding your ideal courier service in Singapore.

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