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Won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Brands for Good Champion and Spirit of Enterprise. The ONLY Events Company in Asia that attained ISO 9001 & BizSafe Level 3 Certifications.

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Successfully organised over 10,000 successful events for more than 900,000 happy clients. Diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies, Military, Schools and Consumers.

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Our dedicated team of event experts consistently deliver the most fun event experiences to our clients. We combine the most unique activities, professionally trained facilitators with our extensive events experience.

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Over 1000 Five-Star reviews on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. Featured in 60+ Media Outlets (e.g. Forbes, The Straits Times, The Business Times, TimeOut, The Smart Local, e27, Vulcan Post)

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Best Escape Room Experience in Singapore

Escape Room Singapore

Love solving mystery? Are you up for the challenge to gather clues and search for answers? Escape into a whole new world and be intrigued by the changing scenarios, and thought provoking mysterious along the way.

Our escape room designers have won various local and international games designer tournament. With their experience, our immersive escape room stories are developed using game development process and methodologies.

Be on your toes and navigate through the unexpected turn of events throughout the Escape Room experience. Most importantly, race against time to find the key to escape!

Best Escape Room Provider In Singapore

Why Is Our Escape Room Experience The Best?

Largest Team Building Provider

We are the BIGGEST Team Building provider in Singapore that can accommodate hundreds of participants at the same time. Registered with Vendors@Gov and GeBiz to ensure you a hassle-free process.

1000+ 5-Star Reviews From Our Clients

Over 1000+ 5-Star Reviews on Google, Facebook, TripAdviser, Yelp and other social platforms. High recommendation rate of over 98% from customers across multiple industries.

Convenient, Near MRTs Central Locations

Our venues are fully air-conditioned, private venues located within walking distance of MRT Stations. We have multiple locations near the city and across Singapore, ensuring convenience for your event.

Fully Customisable Event Packages

Offer competitive and customisable proposals to meet your event requirements and budget. The perfect solution for any kind of event (corporate events, school programs, team building and more)

Certified and Dedicated

Professionally trained facilitators with our proprietary ASEA™ Quality Training Management System (ISO 9001 Certified) to ensure the best Escape Room experience for you.

Affordable Pricing For Any Group Size

Starting from ONLY $20 / pax. Suitable for any group size and event objective. Our Escape Room experience is overseen by our Professional Facilitators.

Award Winning

Won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, APAC Insider Southeast Asia Business Award, Brands for Good Champion and Spirit of Enterprise Award. Recognised and featured in over 100 media outlets.

One Stop
Event Solution

The Fun Empire is a vertically integrated, one-stop event solutions provider that offers a wide range of activities, workshops & add-on services (corporate gifts, catering etc), all tailor-made to your needs.

exhilarating experiences for all Event Types

Escape Room Singapore Is Suitable For

Team Bonding & Cohesion

Perfect for team building and cohesions, quench your thirst for adventure with our Escape Room! Bring your team closer together with Escape Room. Our tricky and thought provoking plots and puzzles require team work and communication amongst participants.

Celebrations, Special Occasions
& Gatherings

Looking for a unique way to celebrate someone's birthday? Or perhaps it's your anniversary or your friends' party? Our Escape Room is perfect for birthday parties, celebrations and social gatherings! Start your adventure and create memories now! Only minimum of 2-4 pax is required to start.

Casual Fun Games

Be prepared to experience an adventurous activity that will take you out of this world! Start your Escape Room experience. Never play a boring game again. Experience this unique adventure with friends and more! A casual hangout can also be this much fun.

✓ Promote Problem Solving & leadership skills
✓ Enhance Communication, Team Work & Camaraderie
✓ Bond Through the power of play & fun 

Stress-Free Event Planning – One-Stop Event Solutions Provider For All Your event Needs (Games & Activities To Catering & Corporate Gifts)
Able to organise event for both small groups (4 pax) & larger groups (100 to Unlimited pax!)
✓ Experience & Dedicated team
of event experts (ISO:9001 Certified)
✓ Customisable event
according to your objectives & requirements
 Anytime, Anywhere (Convenient Locations, Our location or Your Location for Private & exclusive Events) 
 Various Modes of payment accepted

Exhilarating and versatile Escape Room singapore experience 
✓ Suitable for both Kids & Adults

✓ Promote learning outcomes
such as leadership, communication, team work & school values
✓ MOE registered 
✓ Learning & Bonding through the power of fun & play
Able to organise event for both small groups (4 pax) & larger groups (100 to Unlimited pax!)
✓ Experience & Dedicated team
of event experts (ISO:9001 Certified)
✓ Customisable event
according to your school values or class objectives
 Anytime, Anywhere (Convenient Locations, Our Location Or Your Location For Private & Exclusive Events) 
 Various Modes of payment accepted (Including GeBiz & E-Invoicing!)

Affordable packages for large groups! 
 flexible Timing to Choose From 
✓ Build team spirit and camaraderie through the power of fun & play
✓ Promote learning outcomes such as leadership, communication & Team work
Able to organise event for both small groups (4 pax) & larger groups (100 to Unlimited pax!)
✓ Experience & Dedicated team
of event experts (ISO:9001 Certified)
✓ Customisable event
according to your needs and requirements!
 Anytime, Anywhere (Convenient Locations, Our Location Or Your Location For Private & Exclusive Events) 
 Various Modes of payment accepted (Including GeBiz & E-Invoicing!)

Minimum 4 pax 
Perfect for Birthday Parties, gatherings, Team Building! 
✓ Suitable for both
kids & adults
✓ bond & have fun with your friends and family!
✓ Experience & Dedicated team
of event experts (ISO:9001 Certified)
✓ Customisable event
according to your needs and requirements!
 Anytime, Anywhere (Convenient Locations, Our Location Or Your Location For Private & Exclusive Events) 
 Various Modes of payment accepted (Including PayLah & PayNow!)

Benefits Of Our Escape Room Singapore

Team Work

Escape Room Singapore requires participants to work as a team towards a collective goal. Participants are up against the clock when finishing a mission successfully. This requires teams to strategise, plan and appoint someone to take the lead and appoint everyone individual roles based on their strengths and weaknesses.


With difficult clues presented in our Escape Room Singapore, teams will need to consistently communicate with each other. Share insights and suggest solutions! It requires coordination and communication to complete the mission.

Problem Solving

Our interesting plot and thought provoking puzzles requires participants to think differently to tackle the mysteries. Participants can only rely on each other's diverse skills and experiences to figure out what the clues mean. Our professional facilitators are present to guide you too, should you need their assistance!

Over 1000+ 5-Star Customer Reviews On Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp

Raving Reviews From Our Clients

We provide our clients high quality service we provide for our clients. We deliver the best event experience custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

We have worked with a diverse range of companies to increase engagement and bonding among employees. Here is a small selection of the clients that has chosen The Fun Empire on a daily basis.

Client Logos

Experience The Rush of Solving Puzzles

Affordable Escape Room Packages

The Curse Of The Werewolf

In a small ancient village, mysterious creatures had been lurking in the dark, attacking innocent villagers at nightfall. Many had fallen and the town was never at peace. People were living in fear – Fear of the dark, Fear of the attacks, Fear of the unknown. As descendants of the Village Chief, it is your duty to help your fellowmen. Save the people by lifting the curse. They will be eternally grateful.

Virtual Escape Room Package

The Curse Of The Werewolf
$ 20 Per Pax
Starting From
  • Up to 50% Discount (U.P. from $40 / Pax)
  • 1.5 Hour Experience
  • Professional Live Facilitation
  • Challenging Puzzles & Exciting Storyline

Escape Room

The Curse Of The Werewolf
$ 20 Per Pax
Starting From
  • Duration: Minimum 1 Hour
  • Minimum group Size: 4
  • Recommended Locations:TFE HQ @ Mountbatten
  • Add-ons Available (Add-ons: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport)
Need a custom team building package or more complex solutions for your event beyond our games? Unable to find the information you're looking for?
  • Fret not! Get in touch with us now! We will handle EVERYTHING for you! Our friendly event expert will review your request and send you a personal response within 24 hours or less!

Fully Customisable Event Packages

Convenient, Near MRT Locations

At Your Preferred Time and Schedule

Escape Room Adventures Developed With Passion

Featured Escape Room Themes

Curse Of The Werewolf

There is a curse that has befallen your village. Mysterious werewolves lurk in the dark, preying on innocent villagers. Many have fallen, and the town was never at peace. The people live in fear - fear of the dark, the werewolves, and unknown. As descendents of the Village Chief, it is your duty to lift the curse and save the village. Hurry... before the werewolves attack again!
Duration: 60 min

The Experiment

Ever wondered if Time Travel is possible? According to your eccentric uncle, Dr. Huben, it is! He has invented a time machine and is intending to hand over the patent to you. But first,you will have to prove your worth by using the time machine to travel to different eras and time zones to find your uncle and complete the objectives. Time is of the essence... hurry!
Duration: 60 min

The Ultimate Gold Heist

Ready to pull off the biggest bank heist of your life? Using only a blueprint of the bank with some written notes on it, you and your team will have to figure out how to crack the vaults, collect the loot, and escape before the police arrive! The vaults get more and more difficult to open as you progress... making this the Ultimate Gold Heist! Are you ready?
Duration: 60 min

Return Of The Queen

"Save us Queen..." For days, the frail old man has been haunting your dreams, begging you to save your people. Slowly, memories of your past life are coming back. Recall the curse that has followed you through times. Search for the important clues, objects and people that will help you lift the curse. The lives of many are in your hands. Save your kingdom!
Duration: 180 min

Icons Of Singapore

"Go to Singapore and find out what happened to your grandaunt and the family heirloom..." Your grandmother's last wish is for you to solve the family mystery. Embark on a virtual journey to Singapore and learn, play, and explore the city-state with your team! Combining elements of Escape Room, Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt and more, this is a truly unique team building adventure!
Duration: 60 min

Time's Ticking

Someone has called the police and they're threatening to blow up the city! Gather your team of detectives and race against the clock to defuse the bomb and eliminate the threat in this exciting team mission! This is the ultimate online escape room experience that you and your team will surely enjoy. Hurry - the clock is already counting down! Save the people!
Duration: 60 min

Convenient Locations Across Singapore

Featured Locations

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Escape
Room Experience


The Fun Empire HQ

5B Guillemard Rd,
Level 3 Wing Fong Building,
Singapore 399685

The Fun Empire Classroom

Hyperspace @ Lavender

91A Lavender Street,
Singapore 338719

Hyperspace - Event Space Singapore

Other Locations

Do you have other locations in mind? Don't worry, we are able to bring the event to you!
Let us know your preferred event venue and we can make it happen!

Simple and Fast Booking Process

We are a one-stop events company. Our friendly event experts can help you plan the most FUN and EPIC EVENT ever.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best event experiences to you.

Our award-winning activities & workshops have helped many of our clients bond with their colleagues, family and friends in the best possible way.

Our client relationships do not end after the event — you will continue to receive the quality service that you deserve for all your future events.


Hand Crafted By Our Team

Our activities and programmes are handcrafted with passion by our team of in-house experts who has over 10 years of experience creating unique concepts.

We are vertically integrated - ideation, game development, testing, procurement and maintenance processes are all done in-house. This enables us to deliver high quality experiences at affordable prices straight to you.

Event Requirements

Fill up the form on our website or give us a call / Whatsapp with your event details and requirements (Event Date, Number Of Pax, Event Location or Any Add-Ons)

Quotation Within 24 Hours

Our Friendly Event consultants will reach out to you and send you a free quotation within 24 hours.

Payment & Confirmation

We accept various modes of payment including PayNow, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Cards, Cheques, Gebiz & E-invoicing. Event Details will be sent to you via both Email & SMS.

Event Day

Get ready for an exciting and challenging Escape Room experience that is highly memorable!

Are you ready for an exciting event?
We'd love to help you!

We are always ready to help you! Our friendly The Fun Empire Events Experts will get back to you within 24 hours (or even faster!). We reply every email. If you did not receive a response, please check your spam filter or junk mail folder!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have many clients with claustrophobic concerns that played with us with no issue! Our professional game master will be there to guide you along the way as well.

We recommend 13 years and up. However, we will be able to customize an escape room experience for you if required.

Yes, you can! We are the first company in Singapore that specialised in conceptualising and delivering unique escape room experiences based on your own venue (eg. Offices, Hotels, Schools, Shopping Malls etc)

We're excited to introduce our newest Virtual Team Building Activities!

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