5 chillax activities for team-building day

There is a different cup of tea for every group. Some like to make use of the rare team-building opportunity to sweat it out whereas some may prefer to stick to the ‘office’ like environment and do something stimulating instead.  Today I will be introducing five non-strenuous yet creatively engaging activities for your team-building day. At the end of this, hopefully you can find the right type of activity for your group.



Does looking at the greenery immerse you into a state of tranquility and serenity? If so, building terrariums is the right activity for your group’s break day from work. The session is easy and incredibly light on the eyes with all the green and cute figurines that you get to work with. At the end of the session, you are rewarded with a terrarium. There is plenty of time to talk and compare your terrariums, and if your group is willing, you can take turns to share your terrarium’s story/ inspiration with the rest of your colleagues. This will help everyone to better understand one another, what is important to them or even a funny background story for all to hear.


Art Jamming

This activity brings out much more of your creative juices as you paint out the painting of your choice. If you were to go for individual painting, everyone gets to take home his or her own masterpiece. And if you were to go for the team painting, your office walls will finally have a piece of furniture which every employee can dare say they had a part in making it. This would greatly boost team morale and spirit in the office, making it one of our ideal team building activity recommended.

Soy Candle Making

As we like to say, solidify your teamwork with candles. With all that aroma of scented delights in the air, everyone is bound to have a great time.  Co-workers can even show concern for one another by dedicating their candles for their colleagues even adding a handwritten note within it. Such small actions can go a long way towards building long lasting bridges in the office.  Furthermore, they are all perfectly safe and toxic free so no need to be scared on that end.

Wine Appreciation

And for those of you who are with a group of colleagues who love wine, perhaps you could give our wine tasting session a shot. Not only do we provide everyone with exquisite tasting drinks, we even provide other add on that goes well with the wine for a comprehensive experience. Besides the good food and drinks, it will not be complete experience without some team building games that are wine themed. It should be made known that this might not be everyone’s cup of wine, so you got to know your audience well first.

Cooking Classes

Well, it goes without saying that one of the easiest ways to bond is through food.  As they say, the stomach is the gateway to the heart.  A company that eats together stays together. And for an office that cooks together and eats together, well, be prepared to make some fruitful memories in the kitchen. One day 10 years down the road, you will eat a particular dish and remember the one time I had a cooking class, and a particular colleague nearly burned the dish to crisp giving everyone a heartfelt laugh. These golden memories are what our cooking classes can cook up for you.

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