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14 Best Flower Delivery in Singapore [2021]

December 29, 2020 by The Fun Empire Team

Flower Delivery Singapore

Ana Hana Flower

Flowers are beautiful, meaningful and most significantly, fit for any occasion. For this reason, they make the most perfect and popular gift. They have the power to bring joy and affect the lives of anyone that receives them. Thus, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best flower delivery in Singapore with the most perfect blossom!

Finding the perfect blossom or bouquet comes with a bit of planning and we hope this list takes away some of the hassle.

But before that, if you are looking for other flower-related activities and content, considering other gifts to buy for yourself or give to someone, feel free to check out the links below.

1. Smile Floral

smile floral bouquet - flower delivery in singapore
Smile Floral
Key Services:Florist with Flower Delivery Services
Address:115A Commonwealth Drive #03-12 Singapore 149596
Phone:+65 6473 7252
Operating Hours:Monday - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm
Sat: 9 am - 1 pm
Sunday closed.
Delivery - Daily (incl weekends / PH) 9 am - 10 pm

Smile Floral is an online florist in Singapore dedicated to making your day a special one. They provide flowers, gifts & hampers throughout Singapore to your loved ones. Furthermore, they contribute to joyous events, such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Day, Chinese New Year, Graduation Day, Grand Openings and so on. Affordability, quality & prompt service are what they deliver in order to put a smile on your face.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Bespoke floral arrangement
  2. Cheapest 99 roses in Singapore
  3. On-time delivery guaranteed (done by a limited number of orders daily)

Customer Review:

Had an amazing experience from Smile Floral and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone else to use! We needed to organise flowers for a colleague in Singapore, last minute, from Australia, during the circuit breaker, that were not over priced. They exceeded our needs and expectations. Amazing service.

Flip B (Google Review)

2. The Flower Factory

the flower factory - flower delivery services
The Flower Factory
Key Services:Customisable Fresh Flower Bouquets and Arrangements, Florists in Singapore
Address:11 Woodlands Close #01-01 S737853 The Flower Factory
Phone:9001 0266 / 9023 2176
Operating Hours:10 am - 6 pm

The Flower Factory is a family-owned local lifestyle florist.

They are 2nd generation farmers-turned-florists. Coming from a family of orchid growers, they have spent their whole life growing up around flowers and experiencing the joy it brings. They have spent their childhood running around orchid plantations, visiting flower markets around the world and learning all about flora and fauna. In other words, they ‘ate flowers growing up (吃花长大)’.

The Flower Factory is their avenue to share their love and joy that have nurtured them through the years.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Local grower of fresh orchids and foliage
  2. Family-owned, 2nd generation flower business
  3. Customisable arrangements and bouquets for any occasion

Customer Review:

Lovely floral arrangements!! The ladies who attended to me were so patient and friendly. They gave me countless recommendations making sure I settled for a bouquet that I was confident my recipient would like. Their prices are very reasonable given the quality of the flowers and arrangements. Looking forward to my next purchase with them!

3. The Daily Blooms

the daily blooms - florists in singapore
The Daily Blooms
Key Services:Bloom of the Week at $35, Flower Delivery Services
Address:Online Based
Phone:9455 1240
Operating Hours:Online Based

The Daily Blooms was started to encourage people to cherish the relationships they have. They believe each moment should be noticed and appreciated.

The Daily Bloom's designs are carefully crafted to complement their unique arch boxes. The arch handle serves as physical support but at the same time, symbolises protection or a home, signifying an unbreakable bond.

Key Differentiators:

  1. First Fresh Flower Musical Bloom Box (gifts under $50)
  2. Handwritten cards for a personal touch
  3. Highly personable service

Customer Review:

A refreshing concept with new blooms every week. Choice of flowers was great and the different combination provides a vibrant look. The flower arrangement was done brilliantly such that the blooms are not cluttered inside the delicate gift box. My favourite part was the handwritten notes which adds a personal touch to the gift. Highly recommended place to get your blooms at affordable pricing!

On flower arrangement

Wonderful service - the owner was so kind to help me out so late + make special arrangements for delivery + communicate w me so personally. Love the blooms and colour palettes each time too- very simple, understated, elegant & of good quality! Plus it’s so fuss-free & easy to purchase. Thank you!!

On service

4. Flower Addict

flower addict - flower delivery in singapore
Flower Addict
Key Services:Flower delivery services
Address:17 Woking Road
Phone:+65 9859 7127
Operating Hours:Delivery
Monday to Saturday 9 am - 7 pm | 9 am – 2 pm on Sundays

Flower Addict has been voted Singapore’s leading online florist, two years in a row. Winning the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards in both 2020 and 2019. However, Flower Addict is loved by expatriates and locals alike. Kerry James and Sandi Sadek are the founders of Flower Addict. Both long term residents of Singapore, the idea was borne after years of searching for beautiful high-end floral arrangements, yet at reasonable prices.

Flower Addict responds to Sandi’s and Kerry’s personal requirements from floral deliveries and gifting. Their criteria are breezy, sumptuous designs, flexible delivery options and quality blooms with an emphasis on unique gifting. This, of course, is teamed with indulgent packaging and exceptional customer experience.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Flower Addict's newly launched Gift Shop. Customers can indulge in a range of luxury gifts and treats. The selection has been curated in line with their vision to “Make Life Beautiful”. Gifts can be purchased with or without flowers, they come beautifully packaged with a personalised message card and same-day delivery across Singapore!
  2. Weekly ‘style yourself’ subscription boxes bursting with seasonal fresh flowers. These come with free delivery, secateurs, flower food, flower-care instructions and a free vase with your first order!
  3. A range of breezy, beautiful bouquets. Flower Addict offers a unique, contemporary selection of bouquets. They have affordable high-end flowers at reasonable prices and are packaged in beautiful bespoke bags and boxes. Hence, making it a lux experience.

Customer Review:

I have been a Flower Addict subscriber for two years now. Each week I receive a unique flower bouquet packed with fresh, seasonal flowers. The packaging is beautiful and the flowers are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in Singapore. I love their free-flowing form, the perfect mix of colours and focus on nature.

Irene Tee

5. Scissorspaper Flower

scissorspaper flower - flower delivery services
Scissorspaper Flower
Key Services:Floral giftings and floral home décor, Flower delivery services
Address:Home Studio (Not available for walk-ins)
Phone:9773 5705 (Jerzelle)
Operating Hours:9 am – 6 pm every day (contactable)

Scissorspaperflower is a space for the founder to freely create and express herself through floral art. She enjoys working with non-traditional mediums such as frames, mirrors and other home pieces to create beautiful floral pieces. She wants each of her floral creations to be a timeless floral art piece. Thus creating everlasting memories for the people that receive them.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Specialise in using preserved and dried flowers
  2. Floral home décor designs using mirrors, frames and other home pieces as a medium for my floral creation
  3. Provide complimentary flower delivery services

6. The Florté

the florté
The Florté
Key Services:Floral gifting, events & weddings floral decor, Flower Delivery in Singapore
Address:81 Tagore Lane #02-14, TAG A Singapore 787502
Phone:9828 3370
Operating Hours:MONDAY TO SATURDAY: 10 AM - 5 PM | SUNDAY: 11 AM - 3 PM

The Florté is an online floral boutique service based in Singapore. They hope to send only happy vibes to anyone looking for a fragrant gesture.

Flowers never fail to awe everyone, and they believe that weaving them together to express a sentiment is perhaps the best way to pay homage to their natural splendour and complexity. The Florté believes flowers always seem to effortlessly convey just the right amount of affection.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Our style, Contemporary and manicured, with a hint of drama!
  2. We turn floral bounties into beautiful, untamed bouquets, bloom boxes and gift sets (flower in a box)
  3. Flower delivery services

Customer Review:

Really outstanding flower collection and quality within the florists in Singapore, the best arrangement aesthetic from my view. For people who love to treat themselves with a lush and harmonious bouquet or simply enjoy to have flowers being around at home, The Florté won’t disappoint you.

Y. J.

7. First Sight Singapore

first sight singapore - flower delivery in singapore
First Sight Singapore
Key Services:Floral Bouquets, Gifts, Bridal, Florists in Singapore, Flower delivery services
Address:1 Marne Road, The Citron, #01-05
Operating Hours:10 am - 6pm

First Sight Singapore is an online floral boutique started by a passionate founder. Their founder strongly believes in putting one's heart into crafting unique and exquisite bouquets for every customer. Their founder has made numerous trips to South Korea for classes just to perfect her floristry skills and to pick up exquisite materials used in crafting out every bouquet.

Established since Dec 2015, First Sight Singapore has slowly evolved from a part-time florist to become a full-time florist in pursuit of their dreams. Made with a touch of love and passion for you and your loved ones, they find motivation in sharing with you, all your happy and memorable milestones or events in life.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Bespoke Floral Design
  2. Korean Style Bouquets
  3. Reliable On-Time Flower Delivery in Singapore

Customer Review:

It's definitely one of the best bouquet shops in Singapore. The bouquet is wrapped in such a delicate and elegant way and the price is reasonable. I will definitely come back again for my boyfriend's birthday next year!

8. Ana Hana Flower

ana hana flower - flower delivery services
Ana Hana Flower
Key Services:Floral & Gifts, Flower Delivery in Singapore
Phone:+65 9856 9650 (Whatsapp)
Operating Hours:Office: 9 am - 5 pm (Mon - Sat)

More Than Just Flowers - Ana Hana Flower is a premium Floral & Gifting company. They aim to create the perfect gifting experience. With their signature Omakase styled arrangements, Ana Hana Flower styles a floral arrangement especially for you with the freshest picks of the day.

Save more when you subscribe to our Gift and Floral subscription, whether is it for your home, family or friends. Their flexible plans are at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for Birthday Bouquets, Bridal Bouquets, Anniversary Flowers, Graduation Bouquets, or Get Well Soon Flowers, their top Floral Team have you covered.

Ana Hana Flower makes gifting meaningful and simple!

Key Differentiators:

  1. Bespoke Signature Omakase Flowers (We Style It For You)
  2. Flexible Gift & Floral Subscriptions that's truly your. Save up to 30% with our flexible plans
  3. Fast Flower Delivery in Singapore Speed

Customer Review:

One of the most satisfying purchase. I chose Ana Hana for one of my best friends' birthday yesterday. Although my request was really late and furthermore it was a customised order, Ana Hana made it possible. The end product was REALLY pretty! I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for flowers for occasions, or even house deco. You will be assured of their quality and service 🙂

9. Whimsical Emporium

Whimsical Emporium
Key Services:Floral gifting, flower delivery services.
Operating Hours:10am - 7pm

Whimsical Emporium handcrafts bouquets for every occasion. The goal with every floral arrangement is a dreamy and elegant fashion, with a punch of playful charm. The team at Whimsical Emporium hopes that their creations can bring happiness to your loved ones, bringing them into a space of love and dreams.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Dreamy and elegant style
  2. Bespoke floral designs
  3. Offers fresh and preserved flower arrangement

Customer Review:

My hubby ordered a bouquet of tulips to deliver to my office on Valentine's day. The flowers from Whimsical Emporium were fresh and came with a nice carrier. As you know, tulips are fragile and difficult to maintain with our hot weather.

Whimsical Emporium accepts custom requests. Their delivery is timely, and they updated my hubby that flowers have been delivered. A reliable florist.

Joanne Gwee (Google Review)

10. JC Everlasting Flora

JC Everlasting Flora
JC Everlasting Flora
Key Services:Preserved Flowers arrangement, Florists in Singapore
Phone:9450 8104
Operating Hours:24/7

JC Everlasting Flora was founded by a male Singaporean florist who is accredited by Japan preserved flowers academy. He was also awarded a diploma in preserved flowers arrangement. JC Everlasting Flora uses the most premium flowers from Japan and Ecuador for all arrangements. They believe in giving customers the best and valuable quality of flowers and services. All flower designs are specially created to meet the needs of their customers.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Bespoke design flowers
  2. Customer requested colour theme designs
  3. Uses only premium flowers from Japan and Ecuador

Customer Review:

JC Everlasting Flora was very helpful! I usually buy flowers for my mum and have them delivered to her office the Friday before mother's day and even though JC usually delivers only at night on weekdays, JC made an exception and delivered the flowers during working hours to my mum. And the flowers are very gorgeous! Highly recommended 😊 friendly, efficient and beautiful flowers!

11. The Green Room

the green room
The Green Room
Key Services:Flowers, Gifts, Styling, Flower delivery services
Address:25 Depot Lane #01-18 Unit 106 Singapore 109764
Phone:9768 4335
Operating Hours:24hrs (appointment to be made)

The Green Room is an online flower shop that was founded on the premise that nature is the most beautiful. Enhancing the beauty of flora and fauna through its form and simplicity is always at the heart of what they do. At The Green Room, they aim to make flowers that are fresh, suitable for your occasion and of course, with a touch of whimsy and class! The Green Room also provides floral styling for events, offices and homes.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Bespoke arrangements
  2. Whimsical
  3. Offering personal concierge services to make any event or gift special

Customer Review:

I am glad to have purchased flowers from The Green Room for my home decor. The Green Room was exceptionally patient with my queries and sought to understand what I was looking for, providing useful suggestions and aesthetic advice. Highly recommended for their personal and friendly service!

Kelly Loh

12. Flowers and Kisses

flowers and kisses - flower delivery services
Flowers and Kisses
Key Services:Flower Delivery in Singapore, Hand Bouquets, Flower Stands
Address:18 New Industrial Rd, #03-05, Singapore 536205
Phone:8161 5935
Operating Hours:Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm

Flowers and Kisses is an emerging online florist in Singapore that specialises in designing and curating floral bouquets appropriate for different occasions. They believe that everyone should be able to express their emotions through the gift of flowers. Whether you are looking for Birthday Flowers, Wedding Anniversary Flowers, Graduation Bouquets, or Get Well Soon Flowers, they have you covered. With free same-day flower delivery in Singapore, they make flower gifting easy and convenient!

Key Differentiators:

  1. Same Day Flower Delivery in Singapore
  2. Flowers for all occasions
  3. FREE flower delivery services

Customer Review:

Had a lovely 5 stars purchasing experience with this team of florist from ordering to delivery. Their responses were prompt, suggestions were very helpful and this is all in the backdrop of positive energy throughout correspondences. More importantly, the flowers were fresh, true to picture and delivered within the time frame. Highly recommended!

Nora Rahim (Google Review)

13. Charlotte Puxley Flowers

charlotte puxley flowers - florists in singapore
Charlotte Puxley Flowers
Key Services:Everyday Bouquets, Wedding & Events, Home and Office Subscription, Floral Workshops, Florists in Singapore
Address:315 Outram Road, #08-07, Tan Boon Liat Building
Phone:8182 1164
Operating Hours:10 am - 6 pm

Having worked with flowers for many years in London, with established industry experts Jane Packer and Scarlet & Violet, Charlotte is an experienced and passionate florist. In 2014, Charlotte took her green fingers to Singapore and started Charlotte Puxley Flowers. Her team now work from their studio in Tiong Bahru, Singapore. With a style based on all things wild and wonderful, reflecting the English countryside, adapted to the tropics.

Using flowers relevant to Singapore, with an appreciation for all elemental shapes, colours and textures that occur in nature, Charlotte Puxley Flowers consistently picks the best flowers from local markets. They are always searching for the unique and looking to give each creation its own special character.

To go hand-in-hand with the team’s passion for all things nature, Charlotte Puxley Flowers maintains a series of individual vases which they have collected over the years, giving arrangements their singular touch.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Wild and lush English floral arrangements
  2. Unique Vase Collection - From Ceramics to Hungarian Pickle Vase
  3. Floral Workshops Monthly (ranging from hand tie to a vase arrangement and fresh wreaths especially during Christmas)

14. Flowers in Mind

flowers in mind
Flowers in Mind
Key Services:Providing fresh, artificial and preserved flowers for all celebrations and hampers for any occasion and event floral decoration, Florists in Singapore
Address:NO.21 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA TOWER #07-78, Singapore 658065
Phone:6908 5584
Operating Hours:24hrs online, (9 am to 11.59 pm for pick-up and delivery)

Flowers In Mind since 2013 is making their way to becoming one of the leading online florists in Singapore. FIM is founded by a floral designer who dedicated her passion in floristry by working humbly towards bringing quality, affordable, customised, unique and unrivalled customer service to customers. With a vision of being innovative and customer-centric, the team at FIM provides quality floral services that everyone can trust and be satisfied.

FIM's value-added services provided includes 24 hours order and support for online flower delivery, SMS notification on photos of actual product delivered and no re-delivery charges. There is also no extra flower delivery charges to all locations in Singapore and within 3hrs to 6hrs delivery is possible. Unlike other florists in Singapore, every message card is exclusively prepared with readied product photos sent to the sender an hour before flowers delivery are made.

Key Differentiators:

  1. FREE midnight delivery with real-time updates of delivery status when ready and delivered
  2. Image capture of the actual product being delivered
  3. 100% customer satisfaction processes

Customer Review:

I live overseas and ordered flowers and a cake for my mom’s birthday. The ordering process was easy and so many flower/cake options! On the day of delivery, they send you tracking link you can see the real-time status. While delivery was on the way my mom has to leave home I messaged FIM To request to change the delivery address and they kindly did it for me even with such short notice! The flowers and cake were absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!!!

Flower Delivery Singapore

And there you have it, the Best Flower Delivery in Singapore for this year. Whether you are looking for the most suitable gift or centrepieces for your event, this list of florists in Singapore has got you covered. Find the flowers for you.

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