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13 Best Food Blogs in Malaysia [2022]

April 19, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Food Blog Malaysia

 Food Blog Malaysia
Food Blog Malaysia

Do you love food? Of course, the answer is always yes. Food blogs are a great way to find new recipes and cooking techniques. Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of food bloggers out there sharing their expertise on everything from veganism to baking. Here’s our list of the 13 Best Food Blogs in Malaysia!

 1. Malaysian Foodie Recipe

 Malaysian Foodie Recipe  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Malaysian Foodie Recipe - Food Blog Malaysia

Malaysian Foodie Recipe focuses on food, accommodation, travel, shopping, product testing, and events. Reviews of restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Malaysia Foodie was founded in December 2008 as Malaysia's first food blog. It has since earned a devoted audience and significant traffic from search engines among foodies seeking information on where to eat, travel ideas, reviews, and more.

2. Malaysian Flavours

 Malaysian Flavours - Food Blog Malaysia

Summerkid & Summergirl are the dynamic pair behind Malaysian Flavours, a Malaysia Food and Travel blog. Summerkid & Summergirl - they're the tiny, energetic duo behind Malaysian Flavours. They originate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but they enjoy food and travel throughout the world whenever possible. Japan and Hong Kong are among their top favorites by a long shot.

3. Spicy Sharon - Malaysian Food & Lifestyle Blog

 Spicy Sharon - Malaysian Food & Lifestyle Blog  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Spicy Sharon - Malaysian Food & Lifestyle Blog - Food Blog Malaysia
  • Key Services:  Food, Photography, Beauty, Fashion and travel blog
  • Website:
  • Email:

Sharon is a Malaysian food blogger who enjoys cooking, photographing, and writing. Sharon's Spicy Food & Lifestyle Blog is her nickname.

4. Bangsar Babe Food Reviews

 Bangsar Babe Food Reviews  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Bangsar Babe Food Reviews - Food Blog Malaysia

Bangsar Babe Food Reviews is a Malaysian online blog that was founded in November 2007 and has over 500,000 organic followers on social media. They've worked with a lot of companies (both local and international), and their reputation for professionalism is unrivaled.

5. Best Restaurant To Eat

 Best Restaurant To Eat  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Best Restaurant To Eat - Food Blog Malaysia

Best Restaurant To Eat is a food blog in Malaysia that provides recommendations for the best restaurants to eat in Malaysia, as well as some of the country's best cuisine. Find out where to dine on delicious food by reading Best Restaurant To Eat, written by a passionate Malaysian Food Blogger.

6. Jackie M

  Jackie M  - Food Blog Malaysia
  Jackie M - Food Blog Malaysia
  • Key Services: Food Expert blog
  • Website:
  • Phone: 0425 797 718
  • Email:

Jackie M is a Malaysian street food enthusiast, TV personality, Live Video pioneer, HuffPost Contributor, and former restaurateur who has been hailed by Time Out Sydney as the high priestess of Malaysian cuisine.

7. Follow Me To Eat La

 Follow Me To Eat La  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Follow Me To Eat La - Food Blog Malaysia

Follow Me To Eat La is a Malaysian culinary blog that covers everything from restaurants, street vendors, and hawkers from all across Malaysia. It is a passionate Malaysian food blog that just loves to eat, photograph, travel, and write about it. A helpful guide to beautiful delicious Malaysian cuisine.

8. Malaysian Chinese Kitchen

 Malaysian Chinese Kitchen  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Malaysian Chinese Kitchen - Food Blog Malaysia

Malaysian Chinese Kitchen invites you to taste the wonderful cuisine of Malaysian Chinese culture. Their aim is to raise awareness and respect for Malaysian Chinese food, culture, and tales through detailed recipe guides and video lessons.

9. Fine Food and Wine Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

 Fine Food and Wine Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
 Fine Food and Wine Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Fine Dining and Wine Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur is a blog about exquisite dining and matched eating and drinking sessions at restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

10. Eatophilia Food

   Eatophilia Food  - Food Blog Malaysia
   Eatophilia Food - Food Blog Malaysia

Eatophilia Food is a Malaysian food and travel blogger who provides budget-friendly travel advice, restaurant reviews, and cooking recipes.

11. Rolling Grace

 Rolling Grace  - Food Blog Malaysia
 Rolling Grace - Food Blog Malaysia

Rolling Grace is a travel and food blog from Malaysia that was inspired by the travels of a single woman across the world. Also one of Malaysia's top food bloggers, with reviews you can trust.

12. Penang Foodie

  Penang Foodie  - Food Blog Malaysia
  Penang Foodie - Food Blog Malaysia

This is a blog about Penang cuisine, including the best Penang food, cafés, restaurants, and must-see locations. Your one-stop shop for all things to do in Penang.

13. CC Food Travel

    CC Food Travel - Food Blog Malaysia
    CC Food Travel - Food Blog Malaysia

C&C Food Travel is a food and travel blog. C&C are two daring Malaysians who love to explore the world and have all sorts of exciting adventures.

Food Blog Malaysia

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What is a food blog Malaysia?

A food blog is a website or blog that focuses on food-related topics. The content of a food blog can range from recipes and cooking tips to food news and reviews of restaurants. It is great for tourists and other food bloggers who are travelling to Malaysia to know where to eat and give their own food reviews. Some may also write about the different table etiquette there is in each country for you to learn from before you visit a new country.

What does a good food blog consist of?

A good food blog will have beautiful food photography, interesting and well-written detailed blog posts, and a helpful design that makes it easy to find the information you're looking for. They provide you with the latest and most delicious food recommendations for you to satisfy your tastebuds. They also introduce many different cuisines found in that country and introduces you to the culture there.

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