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12 Best Food Bloggers in Singapore [2022]

December 21, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Food Blog Singapore

What is it about food bloggers that fascinates us so much? Maybe it's because they give you the opportunity to explore new cuisines and cultures without ever having to leave your home. They can also be a great resource for cooking tips, or just simple recipes for everyday dinner.

Whatever the reason, we want to know more about them! And here are some of the best food bloggers in Singapore who might surprise you with their diversity in cuisine and creativity.


Food Blog Singapore
EatBook - Food Blog Singapore

If you're searching for a Singapore food blog that can cover a wide range of cuisines and isn't dependent on just one person, EatBook should be considered..

The website provides a number of gourmet meals from chefs all over the world. Additionally, EatBook also offers gourmet foodies a diverse range of reviews organized into specific categories. They publish food reviews, news stories, how-tos, chef interviews, and even recipes!

They have it all, to put it another way, and can be considered a one-stop blog for visitors and locals looking for information on the top restaurants and new dining destinations. This blog, unlike the others written by a single person, is made up of a group of foodies and culinary experts!

Key features Well established food blog
Covers a wide range of dishes
Detailed food and restaurants reviews


Food Blog Singapore
Lady Iron Chef - Food Blog Singapore

Ladyironchef is one of the most frequently mentioned sg food blogs. For more than a decade, it has been a fantastic Singaporean food, travel, and lifestyle blog.

It all began with a desire to explore the area's restaurants, and now they also conduct travel reviews in which you may read honest digital opinions on various tourist destinations and noteworthy restaurants. Every cuisine review is complemented with pictures of enticing full meal courses and delectable sweets.

Key features Well establish food blogs with a strong following
Fully detailed food review of each location

3. Daniel Food Diary

Food Blog Singapore
Daniel Food Diary - Food Blog Singapore

Another well-known food blogger in Singapore is Daniel Food Diary. The site has included local and international food evaluations, as well as write-ups on restaurants that specialize in a variety of cuisines.

It usually includes a list of the finest and most recently opened eateries. On rare occasions, the author also provides travel reviews and timely social commentary.

With that being said, the food blog has been providing useful information such as food guidelines and family-friendly recipes to many local individuals and families.

Key features Local and International Cuisines
Finest and recent eateries to recommend going
Family-friendly recipes available

4. SG food on Foot

Food Blog Singapore
SG Food on Foot - Food Blog Singapore

The blog's name refers to its focus on well-known restaurants and eateries close to the MRT station. So, if you're looking for a food blog that covers a wide range of dining options in Singapore, SG Food on dot is one to check out.

SG Food on dot allows foodies to discover the greatest restaurants in their area. Detailed instructions are provided for each evaluation so you can easily visit the eateries without getting lost.

The blog is further divided into categories based on the train lines and area if you're looking for specific locations. This site is ideal for first-time visitors to the country as well as locals who aren't familiar with their current location.

Key features Wide range of dining options
Detailed directional maps
Various foods at specifically categorized locations

5. I eat, I shoot, I post

Food Blog Singapore
I eat I shoot I post - Food Blog Singapore

The writers on this site provide a uniquely informative experience for readers since they share every little detail about the food and restaurant when doing reviews. And we mean every one of them!

You'll learn the crucial elements of what sort of food you're eating, as well as how to eat and cook it properly. Apart from that, they provide a variety of services, including marketing tactics and other helpful material.

Key features Unique informative experience
Learn crucial detail elements of the food's ingredients
Cooking tutorials

6.Miss Tam Chiak

Food Blog Singapore
Miss Tam Chiak - Food Blog Singapore

Maureen Ow, the creator of MissTamChiak, was raised in a food-loving family and has always loved everything culinary. In her blog, you'll find everything from street vendors and hawkers to cafés and fine dining restaurants with honest taste reviews. Maureen began this site in 2007 and has become one of Singapore's top food blogs, with over a million views every month.

Key features Wide variety of dishes from hawker to restaurants
A well established food blogger with a strong following
Honest taste reviews

7. Halal Food Blog

Food Blog Singapore
Halal Food Blog - Food Blog Singapore

The Halal Blog began in 2012 when Adam Shah and Maryah Qubt were looking for a way to share their passion for food with others, and they observed that few blogs were dedicated to Hala cuisine. The dishes they recommended are being reviewed and found around the different locations of Singapore to find the top halal cuisines to not only feed themselves but their fans too.

Key features Halal Based cuisines
Different locations all around Singapore

8. Seth

Food Blog Singapore
Seth Lui - Food Blog Singapore

Seth has made a tremendous amount of progress since he began blogging in 2013. His highly regarded food blog,, attracts over 1 million monthly visits and now even has a staff of freelance writers. His site covers areas such as travel, street food, fine dining, and nightlife.

Furthermore, his restaurant reviews are refreshingly honest and easy to understand. Finally, what sets Seth Lui's blog apart is that he caters to a wide range of budgets; something that considerably increases his popularity.

Key features Covers a wide area of food choices
Covers a wide range of budget
Restaurant reviews are honest and easily understood

9. Delishar (Sharon Lam)

Food Blog Singapore
Delishar - Food Blog Singapore

Sharon Lam started this Singaporean blog to help people make nutritious yet delectable dishes. Delishar has won a number of accolades, including Foodpanda's 2016 Top Food Blogger Award. She shares a few news items and an abundance of recipes on her blog. She has even divided her recipes into various categories in order to make things more organized for her viewers to read.

If you're searching for a blog that has a lot of nutritious recipes, Delishar is the place to go. These include soups, desserts, meats, dough, and breakfast. Sharon Lam's Facebook and Instagram profiles are where you can learn more about her and her website.

Key features An abundance of recipes on her blog
Well organised food search
Nutritious recipes

10. The Ordinary Patrons

Food Blog Singapore
The Ordinary Patrons - Food Blog Singapore

The Ordinary Patrons writers go to great lengths to make sure that the material they publish is appealing to Singaporeans on a typical level. This is the blog for you if you're searching for a food blog that reflects your regular demands.

Also, it gives honest evaluations of restaurants and the most up-to-date news on the local culinary scene. In conclusion, this free blog has a lot of information that would interest any foodie. Definitely one of the finest Singapore food bloggers around!

Key features Honest Food Opinions
Up to date trendy famous food

11. Jazpster (The 6 & 7)

Food Blog Singapore
6 & 7 - Food Blog Singapore

The first thing you notice about Jasper's blog is its colorful food images and attractive design, as exhibited by the 6 and 7. Jasper puts a lot of effort into the aesthetics of food. He gives restaurant reviews and recounts his culinary experiences at festivals and other events on his blog.

Key features Attractive food images

12. An Affair With Food

Food Blog Singapore
An Affair With Food - Food Blog Singapore

Bloggers Keith and Xue Wei use their blog to post life updates as well as food, travel, and lifestyle articles. They've journeyed throughout Singapore and other countries, which has provided them a lot to write about when it comes to cuisine and hotel reviews.

Their blog has also covered cuisine and restaurant reviews. One thing we must emphasize, though, is that their blog is well-designed and attractive. Their food photographs are unquestionably on point!

Key Features Well designed and attractive blog site
Aesthetic food photography

Food Blog Singapore

The food bloggers listed above offer a variety of different perspectives and insights into Singapore's culinary scene. Whether you're looking for street vendors, cafés or fine dining restaurants, there is something here to suit your taste buds and budget! After reading about these prominent blogs in our 10 Best Food Blogging Sites In Singapore list, we hope that you'll be inspired to start blogging too. It doesn't matter if it's just as an outlet for creativity or as a serious business venture; the internet has created many opportunities to succeed without ever leaving home. If this sounds like what you've been waiting for all along, contact us today so we can help get your blog up and running!

If you enjoyed what you read, do consider catching up on our other articles as well!

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