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Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric

Tearing Language Barriers

At Fuji Electric, it's not everyday that employees were given the opportunity to confidently converse with each other, due to the contrast in languages and cultures. However, after consulting with Michelle, one of our Sales team members, this was made possible through a team-building event.

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Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric Singapore

As the Asia Pacific's Headquarters for Fuji Electric, the company consists of foreign and local employees, bringing alongside them a diversity of languages and cultures. As such, knowing the importance and beneficial effects of holding a team-bonding day, they decided to turn towards The Fun Empire as to assist in their goal of bridging the gap between their employees. Intrigued by the concept of an eco-friendly team-building activity, Fuji Electric was attracted to The Fun Empire's Terrarium Workshop. As Singapore's #1 Terrarium provider, we are the only events company to offer a wide selection of Figurines, which could be brought here, as to spruce up the designs of your Terrariums, making it uniquely you!

A more creative approach to traditional team-building, Terrarium Workshop allows our participants to interact and bond in a relaxed environment outside of the usual workplace surrounding, yet comprehending more about nature in general. The process of crafting and designing your very own Terrarium cultivates a culture of communication and support, two crucial elements of successful teamwork, among participants.

The Workshop

During consultation sessions with members from The Fun Empire's Sales team, the event organizer from Fuji Electric wished for the event to be light-hearted and informal, allowing employees to truly unwind and have fun during their team-bonding day out. One of his objectives of the programme was to encourage and motivate the employees, thus we proposed to host an award session at the end of the workshop. This creates a sense of thrill and excitement, and pushes participants to do their best.

Building a Terrarium is incredibly simple and straightforward, and is beneficial for our health, both mentally and physically. It also could be served as a platform for participants to improve their creative thinking skills. After essentially arranging the pebbles, succulents and plants, it's up to their imaginative interpretation of how the Terrarium would look. The coloured sands and Figurines ( subjected to additional costs ) provided enable participants to explore their artistic side.​

At the end of the workshop, participants get to bring their creations back home, where they could display it proudly! However, Terrariums could serve for more purposes aside from being a decorative piece for the indoors. When decorated well, it could also be gifted to a friend or loved one during special occasions.
Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric

The Event

When employees from Fuji Electric arrived for their Terrarium Workshop, it was evident to witness the cultural diversity in their workplace. Employees from different racial groups sat together and interacted through the common language, despite them being more comfortable speaking their mother tongue. Already, this was a positive sign at the start of the team-bonding event, as it indicates that the employees were wholeheartedly forming closer relationships with each other.

The workshop was guided by our professionally-trained facilitators, who were on-site to provide assistance when required. When complications arose, the participants turned to each other for help instead of the facilitators, which was a delightful sight. They were all laughing and joking away as they compared Terrariums in an attempt to craft the most aesthetically-appealing and outstanding. It was truly a memorable moment for both the participants and facilitators alike as we shared compliments and offered bits of advice.

Near the end of the session, the facilitators briefed on the steps and instructions into taking care of the Terrariums well. This is highly-crucial, so the participants paid much attention.

Remarkable Results

A photography session was held afterwards, with the participants proudly showing off their creations. Even though all of them managed to design an exquisite Terrarium, there were only three prizes available, thus the facilitators were tasked to select the top three designs. No hard feelings for those who didn't win as everyone left the workshop with the best gift of all, and that is stronger team cohesion.

In stark contrast with the participants first arriving for the workshop, they left the events space with a smile plastered on their faces, and have fully understood the importance of possessing an inspiring, contented and united workplace culture. We are sure that we will see them very soon for their next team-bonding day!
Fuji Electric

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