Fun Activities For A Small and Cozy 21st Birthday Party Celebration

21st Birthdays always mark an important milestone in many people’s lives. Traditionally, at 21, you would be seen as one who holds a senior position in the family and would be able to make key decisions. Thinking of holding a mini 21st birthday party with only your close friends and family? Here are some activities that you and your family and friends would definitely enjoy at your birthday party, without having to ruin your outfits:

Terrarium Workshop

Out of the ordinary, the terrarium-making workshop would make you and your friends squeal in excitement as you get to make your very own mini garden. You would be able to find out who has the greenest hand, or even who has the most stable hands in the group. All of you can also help each other out to decorate your individual terrariums. And the best part is, you can bring home your very own terrarium!

Art Jamming

Art Jamming brings you and your friends back to your childhood days where you get to let your imagination flow and paint and draw endlessly. Maybe washing your brushes in the past was a chore, but not with art jamming. Art Jamming allows you and your friends to draw and paint whatever you want, with a little guidance from an artist if you wish. Aprons are also provided so you don’t have to bring extra clothes along with you. After your art jamming session, you don’t have to wash any of the brushes and palettes that you have used. What’s better than being brought back to your fun childhood days without the hassle?

Gel Candle Making

If you are a fan of candles (or maybe candlelit dinners), gel candle making is a great option for your birthday party. Gel candles are different from traditional candles—they are full of health benefits, and are all-natural, non-toxic and paraben free. You and your friends can also choose the scent for each of your personalized gel candles during the process. You never know, you can always use your gel candle for your homemade candlelit dinner!

Flower arrangement workshop

Love all things beautiful? Flower arrangement workshops are great for cozy birthday parties as you get to surround yourself with different flowers that you can arrange to your liking. In 3 hours, you and your friends will be able to learn flower arrangements to make into a small bouquet, and the bouquet can also be used to decorate your homes. Maybe you or even your friends might potentially be talented enough to be a future florist!

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