Go-Karting in Singapore

Individuals who love the need for speed and adrenaline rushes will love this activity. A less intense version of Formula 1 racing, Go-karting caters to different levels of fun and seriousness, ranging from Go-karting just for entertainment, to competitive Go-karting.

Go-karting first started in 1956 when Art Ingels built the first Go-kart out of pieces of scrap metal and a lawn mower. Since then, Go-karting has improved vastly, and today, even electric Go-karts are available for recreational Go-karting, making it more environmentally friendly.

Even in the fun category, Go-kart at a speed of up to 50 kilometres an hour. Enjoy the speed and zip around the tracks that are made to replicate that of a Formula 1 race. The most unique feature of Go-karting is that it provides the exhilarating thrill of speed, which many other activities do not cater to.

Another great thing about Go-karting is that individuals without a driver’s license are able to partake in this fun activity as well. With precision and reliability, many if not all Go-karting centres in Singapore cater to all ages.

Not to worry, Go-karts are much easier to drive than people normally perceive them to be. It does not require any prior experience or driving ability, which makes it great for everybody. Another cool thing about it is that many famous Formula 1 racers such as Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton started Go-karting prior to their careers.

This fun activity can also translate to a really unique way for team building. Have Go-kart races with colleagues, friends and family. Go-karting makes for a great chance to communicate with one another and have a great day of relaxing fun. The sport also makes a great way to learn hand-eye-coordination and train one’s focus.

The need to concentrate on driving is very important, and on the racetrack for professionals, determines life and death. Go-karting allows for this need for focus and concentration to be replicated in a much safer and fun scenario, allowing for anyone interested to test and train their skills.

Go-karting is definitely not an experience to be missed! Join the fun, and work on hand-eye-coordination skills, team building as well as focus and concentration all at once in a single session.

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