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Best Gyms in Singapore to Hype Up Your Workout Routine

June 24, 2020 by The Fun Empire Team

Have you been keeping up with your 2020 fitness goals? Being at home majority of the time these past few months might have sparked your motivations to getting fit, building muscles, losing weight or to leading an active lifestyle. But let's admit working out at home can have its limitations. Here's the good news. Fitness centres and gyms in Singapore are finally opening up after months!

Whether you’re into combat sports like boxing, mixed martial arts, boot camps or just love the atmosphere of the gym, we've gathered the best gyms in Singapore where you can break a sweat!

Equipped with the latest equipment and accessories, experienced personal trainers and/or high-energy group classes like boxing or spin and more, these fitness centres will surely get you hyped for a workout.

But before we get to that, if you're interested in participating in fun and unique virtual activities and experiences such as a virtual fitness activity, check out The Fun Empire's Virtual SaberFit 30-Day Challenge! Explore the following links below for more fun and unique activities and related articles.

Gyms in Singapore

1. The Gym Pod

gyms in singapore - fitness centres - the gym pod
The Gym Pod - Front View
Key Services:Fully automated, private gyms and private spin classes
Address:The Gym Pod Locations:
JTC LaunchPad, Alexandra TechnoPark, International Business Park, Changi City Point, TechPlace1 @ AMK
(COMING SOON: Punggol Park & BAMK Park)

The Spin Pod Location: Changi City Point
Operating Hours:24/7

The Gym Pod's mission is to provide the space, tools, and knowledge for anyone to exercise and get fit. Whether you're a beginner who wants to #JustGetStarted or already a fitness professional, The Gym Pod welcomes you to enjoy the most private workout you'll ever get! Looking to have a Gym Pod placed near you? Let The Gym Pod know your dream location!

The perfect place to get in the right headspace and enjoy a private workout session. Have an entire gym in Singapore to yourself with access to all equipment without the need to queue! Rates start as low as $7 per pod session, talk about affordable! You can also book an individual bike at The Spin Pod as low as $5.00! Make sure to check them out today.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Privacy: all of the pods can be privately booked via the mobile app. No uncomfortable distractions, no queueing for equipment, etc.
  2. Convenience: fully operational 24/7. The Gym Pod aims to provide a Pod for everyone to use whether they are commuting from work or just want to step outside their home.
  3. Peace of mind: No pricey gym memberships or pushy sales staff. Simply download the app and book your session.

Customer Review:

At a time where everyone is worried about contracting COVID-19, I feel as if The Gym Pod is the perfect solution. I have not once worried about my safety as every time I walk in there it is spotless. At the moment I would not feel nearly as safe working out around others in a much more public gym; however, The Gym Pod provides a unique experience where one can workout in full isolation in a very clean environment. Thank you for everything and providing a safe place to workout.

Monty Day

2. The Strength Yard

gyms in singapore - fitness centres - the strength
The Strength Yard
Key Services:Progressive Strength Classes, 1-to-1 Personal Training, Gold Class For Seniors, Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Course, Open Gym
Address:369 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427614
Phone:+65 6909 7449
Operating Hours:6 am - 12 midnight (card access)

The Strength Yard is a no-frills gym, looking to introduce strength training and it’s benefits to the public. Valuing technique and training longevity above everything else, they, therefore, have all of their group classes with a small coach to student ratio. The Strength Yard's end goal is to have everybody become self-sufficient in their training. Hence, they provide an open gym area for anyone who’s confident enough to be training by themselves.

Want to get stronger together with friends? Check The Strength Yard out now.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Specialises in functional free weights strength training
  2. Friendly and conducive training environment for people across all skill levels
  3. No contract membership options

Customer Review:

You come to The Strength Yard to find a place to lift, but instead, you find a community; a friendly, down-to-earth, unpretentious group of people who really know their stuff. Everyone here is very kind, and it shows in their attention to detail and to their clients. The team has an unrelenting focus on quality and good form/technique, so the instruction here is top-notch, much more professional and meticulous than you’ll get at a chain gym.

Since I started PT here, my persistent back-ache (familiar to all women) has completely vanished, I actually have visible glutes (yay booty) and it’s a joke at my workplace that I have the strength of 10 men. More than that, I love coming to the gym and I’m happier and healthier for training here with Ed - I totally recommend this place! They are very girl-friendly, and you will meet several amazing ladies who lift heavy and look amazing while doing it, so I would encourage any woman to give it a try.

3. Sunbae Boot Camp

gyms in singapore - fitness centres - sunbae boot camp
Sunbae Beach Boot Camp
Key Services:Sports Performance Bootcamp By The Beach
Address:AJ HACKETT SENTOSA (30 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099011)
Phone:8139 5251
Operating Hours:11 am - 2 pm

Raise your game to the next level! Sunbae Boot Camp provides a specific sports performance training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands. Their sports performance training improves functional movements to support the demands of life and sport. Sunbae Boot Camp help athletes of all levels shore up weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength and power.

Beach day can never be more productive than this! Challenge yourself, go with friends or team mates to try it out.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Located by the beach
  2. Sports focus Bootcamp
  3. Energetic coaches

4. BoOm Singapore

boOm Singapore
boOm Singapore
Key Services:In-studio classes comprise of boOm's BoomBox and boOmCAMP workouts
1) BoomBox: A 45 minute class comprising of a mix of strength training, cardio, and shadow boxing
2) boOmCAMP: A 45 minute class primarily made up of High Intensity Interval Training to build endurance and get your heart rate soaring
Address:62 Cecil St, B1-00 TPI Building, Singapore 049710 & 79 Anson Road #22-01 (Core Collective)
Phone:6224 0323
Operating Hours:6.30 am - 9 am
11.30 am - 2 pm
5.30 pm - 9.30 pm
(Physical studio spaces temporarily closed during phase 1 post circuit breaker)

boOm is all about creating a fun and holistic environment where people can workout, feel safe and not be intimidated by the people, the instructors, or the space. boOm is also currently conducting classes via Zoom. Holding 3 workout types on Zoom - BoomBox, boOmCAMP and HIITxStretch, a 45-50 minute class separated into two segments of 30minutes of HIIT and 15-20 minutes of stretching.

boOm provides a "holistic and engaging workout" and a platform to experience the "art of boxing" and the advantages of functional training. Besides boxing, boOm also offers BoomCircuit, a full-body circuit workout with a maximum of eight people to a class. Been wanting to hit up gyms in Singapore? Try boOm Singapore!

Key Differentiators:

  1. boOm believes that safety comes first. boOm advocates that a good workout needs to be safe. Instructors pay special attention to form, and stress quality of reps over quantity. Take the workout at your own pace and listen to what your body needs.
  2. All boOm workouts are inclusive and diverse no matter your fitness background. They are suitable for anyone regardless of fitness background, or where you are in your fitness journey. boOm is all about bringing different people into the same space, to share a common goal of doing something good and productive for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never participated in a group class or if you just can’t live without them, boOm happily welcomes you to join them. They believe in building not only a safe and fun space for people to work up a sweat, but space where building a community of people from different walks of life is possible. Focus on the present and get stronger.
  3. boOm classes described in three words: “high-energy”, “positive” and “hyper-engaging”.

5. Legends Fight Sport

legends fight sport - mixed martial arts
Legends Fight Sport
Key Services:Boxing Group Classes, Ladies Only Boxing Classes, Corporate Boxing Group Class, 1 on 1 Boxing or Strength & Conditioning Personal Coaching, Kids Boxing classes
Address:43 Carpenter Street, #03-01, Singapore 059922
Phone:8422 7301 (Gym WA), 8339 6945 (Head Coach), 6252 3254 (Reception)
Operating Hours:Gym opens at 7 am on Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri.
Gym opens at 9 am on Wed. 8 am on Sat. 9.30 am on Sun.

The Legends team is made up of passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals. They are always learning to be better coaches so as to provide you with the best training opportunities. Whether you want to box to improve your fitness level, learn the real art of boxing or get quality coaching to help you advance in your boxing career amateur or pro, The Legends Team is there at every step of the way.

"Once a Legend, always a Legend. Just like you, we at Legends are fighters too."

Key Differentiators:

  1. We are the ONLY boxing ONLY gym in the CBD area.
  2. The gym and training programme is run by former National Team and SG's current top professional boxer, Muhamad Ridhwan 'The Chosen Wan'
  3. Our members are students of the craft and are fun people!

Customer Reviews:

I love the environment and the attitude of the people who train here. I have trained in many many gyms in Singapore and none can rival Legends when it comes to the diversity of the people this place attracts.

Gullnaz Baig

The training is thorough and for every session, I feel that there is always something new to learn. What makes Legends great is the fact that the coaches really have their eyes on u throughout the 1 hour session and will not let you feel that you are just going through the motion.

Vinson Susilo

6. Savate Club Singapore

savate club singapore - mma - mixed martial arts
Savate Club Singapore
Key Services:Our goal is to teach proper Boxing/Kickboxing, and to enable our members not only to do, but to enjoy sparring! In general, our sessions consist of 3 parts:
(1) Technical/tactical drills
(2) Strength conditioning
(3) Sparring
Address:yo:HA @ Evans, 26 Evans Road, Singapore 259367
Phone:9489 7757
Operating Hours:Every day from 8 pm to 9.30 pm

If you are looking for a high-quality Boxing / Kickboxing gym in Singapore, which won’t break the bank, Savate Club Singapore is the place for you.

Whilst Savate Club Singapore focuses on many aspects of the sport, such as technique and tactics which can be applied in sparring, they also value dedication, perseverance and spirit just as much.

Above all else, a positive atmosphere is a key motivator in their training journey. Controlled sparring is what usually happens at the end of each session, but Savate Club Singapore also offers the opportunity for hard contact sparring to advanced practitioners who enjoy the challenge!

Key Differentiators:

  1. Small group class for a better coaching
  2. Cheapest club in Singapore (1000$/year, including all classes access, T-shirt, events…)
  3. Fully and new equipment (premises, ring, weights…)

7. Dennis Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association Singapore

mixed martial arts school
Dennis Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association Singapore
Key Services:Instruction of Ip Man Wing Chun
Address:145 Selegie Road Level 4 Singapore 188312
Phone:8611 1155
Operating Hours:Tuesday to Thursday 8 pm to 10.30 pm / Sat & Sunday 10 am to 12.30 pm

Dennis Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association is the school of choice in Singapore to pick up authentic Ip Man Wing Chun. The founder of the school, Master Dennis Lee is the chairman of Ving Tsun Athletic Association and the disciple of Grandmaster Ip Ching, the 2nd son of Ip man and has trained for more than 25 years with him.

Local instructors - Terrance Ho and Andy Chia are disciples of Master Dennis and are certified instructors of the VTAA, the association established by the late Grandmaster Ip Man. They are the only school in Singapore that is certified to impart the Ip Ching lineage of Wing Chun. The school uses a modern training management system to effectively manage the training progress and level of efficiency of individual students in traditional art.

Pick up a new skill in this martial arts school, check them out today.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Fun and cohesive training environment
  2. The closest link to VTAA - Ip Man Wing Chun school in HK
  3. VTAA certified instructors

Gyms in Singapore

And there you have it, the 7 Best Gyms in Singapore. Whether you were looking for a place for combat sports like boxing, mixed martial arts, boot camps or just love the atmosphere and privacy of a gym, we've got it for you. We hope this list helped you out!

If you know a business that is in need of help or you would recommend to others and more, let us know so we can feature them too! Contact us here!

If you're interested to try out our Virtual SaberFit 30-Day Challenge or would like to enquire about our fitness activity SaberFit, contact us via the chatbox on the bottom right of this page or via email to!

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