How Does Positive Work Culture Increase Productivity

With more and more millenials entering the workforce, many companies are changing their way of doing things. Unlike previous generations, millenials look beyond attractive salaries and famous companies when they job hunt. Millenials these days are drawn to companies like Google and Facebook – companies that have a positive work culture! There seems to be a reason why this is so. Research on positive organisational psychology found that a cut-throat environment is harmful to productivity over time, while a positive work culture helps your employees to thrive! Read on to discover how positive work cultures increase productivity among employees.

1. Sense of belonging

Positive work culture fosters a sense of belonging. Employees feel like they are part of a community, instead of seeing their workplace as a place to just face the computer and work, and then head home after. Feeling that they belong to a community gives employees a sense of security as they can relate to their team members, allowing them to work more productively and effectively in the office.

2. Promote collaboration

Positive work cultures mean that employees are encouraged to interact with each other, and are more likely to have better relations with each other. Therefore, employees can easily source for help when they need it! In a positive work environment, other coworkers are more than willing to swing by to help. Collaboration is also highly encouraged where team members come together to tackle difficult problems instead of trying to solve them individually! This improves productivity as things get done faster and there are more people to fact check, minimising mistakes.

3. Encourage transparency

Positive work cultures have a common trait – employees are upfront with each other. Instead of gossiping behind coworkers’ backs, a positive work culture encourages employees to resolve conflicts immediately when they occur. This prevents your office from turning into a toxic workspace! It also allows employees to come up with actual solutions instead of merely adding insult to injury. Hence, productivity is increased as employees use their time wisely to tackle problems instead of gossiping needlessly. Transparency in the workplace also helps to develop trust amongst employees!

4. Happier employees

Happier employees not only work more productively, but they are also more willing to go the extra mile for your company! Companies with positive work culture will not have employees who regularly check the time and fidget endlessly at their desks. Instead, a positive work culture increases productivity by pushing employees to be more motivated and exceed expectations at work! Employees will also be more likely to stick around in your company, thus increasing your retention rate.

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