How to Improve your Life as an Employee

We have always been discussing what bosses can do to improve work culture in order to enhance the company’s productivity (some team-building activities would be nice). While a good work culture is an effective morale booster for employees, today we look at things from the perspective of an employee. How can employees improve their life as an employee?

What are your Life’s Goals?

First establish what is important in your life. There is no right or wrong answer for this; just what you think is in alignment with your own feelings. Answers could vary from earning lots of money, to making a contribution to society, or simply a happy family.  The important thing is to be clear, if you somehow are in a state of confusion, fret not, just take your time to think it through and you will discover it eventually.

 Work Life Balance

Well this is more applicable for those who chose family as an answer to the question above, but regardless, everyone should nonetheless strive to achieve a work life balance. It is very easy to suffer from burn out when your life is constantly about work round the clock. We have seen many such cases in Japan and that is not an ideal situation. Try to work something out for yourself to ensure you have rest time to do what you like, otherwise what is the purpose for living? Talking to your boss about this may have repercussions but you have to see if you are able to take this risk before doing so. The things we do just to survive, what a hard life…

Work a Job that you like

As the saying goes, “people don’t quit a job, they quit a boss,” because the person controlling you can make an easy job a real pain. While the above statement is true, in a research done, it is found that people leave jobs because they are doing something that they dislike. Thus, it is your role to find a job that fits what you want, and if you already are stuck in one job, try to communicate to your boss to do something different. There are advantages when you do a job you like.

Stay Away From the Office Politics

Thread with caution… Office politics are the most dangerous thing to get into in the office, sort of like playing Game of Thrones, “you win or you die. There is no middle ground”.  Okay maybe not that dire but it can get quite gossipy and nasty so it may just be better to just be less vocal/opinionated on the things happening around you. Everyone has their own story, and it is not for us to be the judge so just leave it be if you chance upon it.

Be Nice to your colleagues

A small action can make people easily change their opinion of you. The everyday good morning or casual offering of a fisherman friend is might just what makes your colleague like you more. From there, it opens up to more opportunities to joining their clique etc.  So remember, keep your colleagues in mind and they will do the same for you too.

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