How to Regroup and Revitalize Your Team in 2018

If you have had a bad year previously, it is time to leave it in the past and move forward. Welcoming the New Year also means more opportunities for you to correct the mistakes you did in business and achieve greater things this year. You may have made decisions that have caused your business to go south but do not give up just yet. Instead, take this opportunity to turn things around. Here are 6 ways to regroup and revitalise your team!

1.  Know why things went south

It is normal for any human to pinpoint the most recent decision they have made to be the reason why things went bad. In this case, it would be a business decision. This could be anything from hiring an extra employee or even losing a client. However, what most people do not realise is that the most recent decisions only make up for one portion of their business. One must look at long-term issues that have not been addressed and tackle it.

2. Make firm decisions

After identifying what went wrong, do not hesitate to make decisive actions. Cannot afford to keep an employee as much as you would like to? Let them go. This includes taking on client projects, which you do not favour as long as it helps to pay the bills for the next month. Do what it takes to sustain the business before it dips even more. At the same time, keep a lookout for potential customers whom you think will be a joy working for and with.

3. Remember your company’s vision

Every company has its own focused vision of whom they want to serve and the problems they would like to resolve. When a company is failing, chances are they have strayed away from their initial vision. In times like this, remember what inspired you to start the business in the first place. Only then will you be able to find the energy to make a positive change in the company.

4. Engage in team building activities

Most of us are sitting on our desk all day while trying to complete our work before it is time to leave for home. Given it was somebody else; they would not have been able to withstand doing the same thing over and over again for a long period of time. The best way to take a break from work is through team building activities. Not only does it inspire camaraderie, it encourages bonding and creativity. It could be anything from participating in a game of combat archery tag to football and followed by a barbecue session in the evening.  This is a great way for companies to resuscitate great team spirit among employees.

5. Get inspired to feel motivated

With inspiration comes the motivation to do anything. Keeping this in mind, an employee is only able to feel motivated if they are invested in the company. Allow them to brainstorm ideas, voice out their opinions, and take action. You can do so but putting your employees away from a traditional office setting and giving them a few hours to think of the best ideas there could ever be. Lastly, implement these ideas and admire the results.

6. Recognise achievements and reward

If there is one way to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work, it is to recognise their efforts. Bring your employees out for lunch with a delicious buffet spread, get them luxury gifts, or even something small that is practical. Rewards like these will keep them motivated to hit their new KPIs and also be more productive at work. As a result, you will receive quality work too.

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