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20 Best Icebreaker Games That Promote Teamwork [2022]

April 17, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Icebreaker Games

Have you ever been in an awkward social situation whereby you do not know anyone around you? Getting to know people for the first time can be quite intimidating. This is why conducting activities to do in Singapore like icebreaker games has been the go-to solution to get to know new people. Getting to know others especially your teammates or friends is one of the most important activities to do in Singapore.

Having fun and laughter are the best ways for people to open up, as it naturally lifts the weight off your shoulders. We have consolidated a list of 20 icebreaker games that promote teamwork, to help you interact with new peers without the immense pressure. 

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1) Giant Board Games

icebreaker game - activities to do in singapore - giant board games
Life Sized Snakes & Ladders

Reminisce the good old days by bonding over some classic board games. We added a twist and made it life-sized! The Fun Empire has Giant Board Games such as Giant Jenga, Giant Pickup Sticks, Life-Sized Connect 4, Life-Sized Snakes & Ladders, and more activities to do in Singapore.

Did you know that a typical snakes & ladders board game is only 29cm x 29cm, but our Life-Sized Snakes & Ladders is actually 3m x 3m. 10x the size equals 10x the fun! Giant Board Games are sure to be a hit for all ages.

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2) Neon Laser Tag Game

icebreaker game - activities to do in singapore - neon laser tag
Neon Laser Tag

Who says Laser Tag is only for kids? There are many roles to play in Laser Tag and proper strategising amongst team members is essential in order to emerge as winners.

Skip the norm, The Fun Empire provides an alternative experience: Neon Laser Tag. Obstacles are glow-in-the-dark and the game is conducted in an air-conditioned environment, a perfect escape from the humid weather.

This game is especially popular for university orientations where you play icebreaker games for new students to open up with one another before the school term starts.

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3) Saber Tag Game

icebreaker game - activities to do in singapore - saber tag
Saber Tag

All Jedis unite! The Fun Empire prides ourselves on being the first in the world to provide Saber Tag team building activities. Achieve one common objective as a team: Fight to protect your galaxy from the dark side. Learn to make use of one’s strengths to make up for another’s weakness. Work together to safeguard what is important to you. Everyone plays a part in this game, and you get to learn about how your team mate’s strength can complement yours!

Try this game as one of your activities to do in Singapore for team building activities. 

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4) Ninja Tag Game

icebreaker game - ninja tag
Ninja Tag

“Precision over power”, 3 simple words, but the effects are life-changing! It all depends on how you see it. Ninja Tag is one of the close-combat team building activities that emphasises on using accuracy and skill as opposed to strength. Team coordination is of utmost importance to prevent turning your friend into a foe. Play ninja tag as one of your icebreaker games for a unique experience. 

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5) Poolball Game

icebreaker game - poolball

Poolball has been one of the most popular recreational activities to do in Singapore for centuries. Fun Fact: Kings in Europe back in the 15th Century used to play the game as well. Poolball at The Fun Empire is an enlarged version of snooker, whereby your legs will act as the cue sticks to kick the balls into the pockets. Effective communication and collaboration are important elements your team should possess in order to score balls into the pockets and overcome challenges in the “Sabotage” game. 

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6) Giant Whack-a-Mole

icebreaker game - giant whack a mole
Giant Whack-A-Mole

The old-school game typically found in arcades is now revamped and resized! This time, you get to reverse the roles and dodge the whacker instead. Collect as many balls as possible within the limited time while trying to avoid getting hit. Do not be fooled by the lack of running required, as this is one of the fast-paced activities to do in Singapore. Quick thinking and clear communication among team members is the key to prevail as winners!

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7) Combat Archery Game

icebreaker - combat archery games
Combat Archery Tag

Young or old, there will surely be a role for each player in Combat Archery! Identify suitable roles for each team player by assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Players who are not as swift, but are good with accuracy can be the main archer who hides and shoots from behind the bunkers. The participants with more speed and quicker reaction time can be the runner in the open area who collects the arrows and avoids getting hit.

This is one of the activities to do in Singapore that provides a great opportunity for a wide spectrum of ages to interact with each other more outside of the workplace. If you want your team to feel more comfortable with each other, play this as one of your icebreaker games.

Unlike Paintball, Combat Archery is safe and painless, and can be done both indoor and outdoors! Ready to pick up that bow? Here is The Ultimate Combat Archery Tag Cheat Sheet: 6 Ways To Win At Combat Archery Tag.

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8) KaBOOM!

icebreaker game - kaboom game

Communication is key in Kaboom! One player will be blindfolded, while his/her team members will need to provide clear guidance on the next steps to move in order to win the game. Work as a team to come up with your own secret language to avoid confusion and distractions, collect points, and avoid bombs. If you are looking to improve your team’s communication skills, Kaboom is undoubtedly one of the perfect icebreaker games and team building activities for you.

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9) Bubble Bump Game

icebreaker game - bubble bump game
Bubble Bump Client

Ready, steady, GOAL! Drink up, suit up, and get in your positions. Goals in soccer are just like goals in life, you will always need to have strategic planning in order to succeed. Skip the conventional way to play soccer, Bubble Bump is a great activity and icebreaker game to engage all players in a team. Will you use the bubble suits to your advantage or will it add a challenge? The choice is up to you!

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10) Escape Puzzles

escape puzzles - activities to do in singapore
Escape Puzzle

Another icebreaker game but this time, a game where you put your thinking caps on! Escape Puzzles at The Fun Empire challenge your team’s critical thinking skills. Brainstorm, solve puzzles and analyse clues to escape the impending werewolf attack.

Escape Puzzles will showcase the different points of view of players from diverse backgrounds, increasing creativity, innovation, and productivity as more ideas are shared.

A range of hard skills such as Math and English is imperative to solve the puzzles. Soft skills such as appropriate role-delegation and openness to opinions are also vital to solve the mystery within the given time frame.

You will get to truly understand your teammate’s strengths and improve your team dynamics from this team building activity!

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11) Bullet Ball

bullet ball - activities to do in singapore
Bullet Ball

It’s time to step out of your office and be prepared for an adrenaline rush!

Bullet Ball is an amplified version of dodgeball with a twist. Anything can happen when challenges are thrown into the game. Defy all odds, eliminate your opponents, and protect your teammates! Conquer and be the last team surviving! 

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12) Neon Bowling

neon bowling - activities to do in singapore
Cosmic Bowling

Think bowling is an individual activity? Think again! At The Fun Empire, we have created unique game modes to provide a memorably fun bonding experience. Have a go at Bingo Bowling! Bingo is a game of chance, but for Bingo Bowling, fate is in your hands. Strategise and pick the number of pins you would like to knock down, work as a team to win, and be the first to yell BINGO!

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13) Bullet Strike

bullet strike - activities to do in singapore
Bullet Strike

The icebreaker game, Bullet Strike is a safer version of paintball, minus the mess. Load up, aim your guns, focus on your target, and do not be tempted to shoot your friends or foes. Tap on your strengths and strategise as a team – distract, defend, and attack. Time is running out, so be quick!

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14) Amazing Race Murder Mystery

icebreaker game - amazing race
Amazing Race (Murder Mystery)

Put your problem-solving skills to the test! Ever wonder what it is like to be a detective? Your opportunity has arisen. As a group of CIDs, you are tasked to solve the mystery of Rachel’s murder before the next victim is targeted. The Fun Empire’s Amazing Race Murder Mystery involves clues, riddles, and a range of team-building games with physical and mental components, which will challenge your teamwork and critical thinking skills. Ensure justice is served today!

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15) Art Jamming

art jamming
Art Jamming

Unleash your inner Picasso, Art Jamming at The Fun Empire combines creativity with bonding. What better way to bring ideas together than through a splash of colours! Share your individual creativity, brainstorm as a team, and create a story to communicate through your art piece. Enhance your experience with neon art jamming, for an exclusive glow-in-the-dark affair.

All groups, big or small are welcomed to have a session with us, as we have an indoor air-conditioned venue that can fit up to 140pax!

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16) Terrarium Making


All living things need a home, and this goes for plants as well! There is something about having greenery around the office which provides a certain sense of calmness and positivity. As one of the activities to do in Singapore, go for the group terrarium option. This is where everyone can play a part in building the terrarium together.

Decorate and add a personal touch to your terrarium based on your agreed-upon theme. What you take back to your office is not merely just a decorative piece, but the teamwork comes along as well, as your team will need to delegate roles and take turns to take care of the plant!

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17) Gel Candle Making

gel candle making
Gel Candle Making

Always shopping at Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works?

Why not make your very own personalised candle with the great company of your teammates! Add some figurines and engage in a fun story-telling session. Gel Candle Making is a fun, interactive, and relaxing workshop that enhances communication and creativity within you and your team!

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18) Leather Making

leather making
Leather Workshop

Learning something new can be effortless when you work in a team. Get hands-on and crafty with Leather Making by The Fun Empire. Activity suitable for all ages, participants get to create up to 2 leather products to bring home. For those who have got the hang of it, take this chance to help your peers out. This activity allows you to demonstrate your leadership qualities, as the mentors of the group can be easily identified. By the end of the session, your personalised practical pieces will be ready for your everyday use!

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19) Saber Fit


A healthy team is definitely a more productive team! Our goal is to make working out fun. Saber Fit by The Fun Empire is the first-ever fitness activity in the world that combines neon combat sabers and fitness striking techniques. How does working out involve teamwork, you may ask? Within 1 hour, you get a full-body workout, which also includes an interactive duel fit component whereby you get to pair up and duel with a partner. Not only are there physical benefits, the release of endorphins while you sweat it out will also de-stress your mind!

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20) Cooking Class

ice breaker - cooking
Cooking Class

Food – the universal language of the world. No matter the age, gender, or background, food will always create meaningful human connections. This is why cooking workshops are becoming an increasingly popular go-to activity for team building and a go-to icebreaker game.

If you are in the mood for a team bonding experience filled with flavourful culinary delights, The Fun Empire has over 20 cuisines for you to choose from. French, Korean, Italian, Mediterranean, we have it all and many more! Role delegation, communication, and conflict resolution are all inherently part of a cooking experience, which gives you even more reason to have this activity for your team building.

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As you can see, breaking the ice is an easy feat, as long as you have the right activity or icebreaker game to make it fun! Our team building professionals at The Fun Empire are always ready to ensure you have a memorable experience with us, so don’t waste another minute, contact us today!

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