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5 Best Kombucha Singapore Brands [2021]

July 28, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Kombucha Singapore

kombucha singapore
Best Kombucha Singapore

Kombucha has a strong following among health-conscious people as well as those who are looking for an alternative to caffeine drinks or energy drinks. People drink it because of its many benefits including increased energy levels, liver detoxification and improved digestion. Kombucha also provides antioxidants that help with weight loss and lower blood pressure. It's delicious too! So why don't you give Kombucha a try? Read on to know about the Best Kombucha in Singapore! For more related articles:

1) Fizzicle Kombucha

Fizzicle Kombucha - Kombucha Singapore
Fizzicle Kombucha - Kombucha Singapore
Key ProductsKombucha and Water Kefir 
Product HighlightMidnight Cacao Kombucha 
Address25 Harper Road, #13-03A, Harper Point, Singapore 369683 
Phone8805 9890 
Operating Hours1 - 4pm (for pick-up)

A 100% Singaporean artisanal, small-batch kombucha company, Fizzicle Kombucha is also the largest producer by volume. The benefits of kombucha include improved gut health, immunity, joint health and mood stability. Every bottle is handcrafted from scratch – from the tea and ingredients that a certified tea blender, sommelier and former Head Bartender of a 5-star restaurant… and down to the fresh slices of fruits and juice used in their kombuchas.

They focus on creating newer interesting flavours that excite the most finicky of palates. Fizzicle is the first in the world to create - Salted Lemonade Kombucha and cacao-based ones Midnight Cacao & Sunrise Cacao. Their carefully curated kombuchas will awaken your senses and perk you up. Furthermore, they are the only SFA licenced water kefir manufacturer in Singapore. 

Key Differentiators

  1. Small local 100% Singaporean owned company.
  2. We blend our own creations.
  3. First cacao-based kombucha in the world made by them.  

Client Testimonial

“Fizzicle's brews have never failed to hit the spot! Especially love the Ginger booch - you can taste accents of ginger with a floral aftertaste. The best part - it's not sweet and you don't feel like any sweetener is needed. My kids enjoy the fizz without the nasties and junk commercial soft drinks have. I make my own probiotic drinks at home but they're nothing close to Fizzicle's quality. Definitely recommend!”

Sylvy Soh 

2) Kombynation Co.

Kombynation Co. - Kombucha Singapore
Kombynation Co. - Kombucha Singapore
Key ServicesSFA-licensed Kombucha Microbrewery
Product HighlightSakura Rosely and Kiam Sng Di Kombucha
Address9 Chin Bee Drive, Innovate 360, P.O.619860
Phone8789 7492
Operating HoursMonday - Friday, 10am - 6pm

Kombynation Co. is one of Singapore's first SFA licensed sustainable kombucha microbreweries with in-house lab capabilities, ensuring safe and delicious brews in every batch. Their kombucha is full-bodied and brewed with organic tea and steeped with only real superfruits and herbs with absolutely no artificial sugars, flavouring or colouring inside. 

Key Differentiators

  1. First kombucha microbrewery to brew with a SCOBY fermentation 'condo'.
  2. Authentic, raw and natural full-bodied kombucha brewed with organic tea leaves, real superfruits and herbs.
  3. In house lab for QC ensuring no contaminants and consistent, complex taste profiles.

Client Testimonial

"I’ve tried Kombynation for the first time and it’s the best Kombucha I’ve tasted! I ’ve tried a couple of brands and it’s never been this balanced, even with the ones fresh out of the tap, am really impressed!"

3) The Good Kombucha

The Good Kombucha - Kombucha Singapore
The Good Kombucha - Kombucha Singapore
Key ProductsKombucha Gift Pack & Subscription
Product HighlightBest Sellers Small Hamper
Phone8944 5442

The Good Kombucha is a Singapore-based kombucha brewery. Their mantra is to create a brand that offers all the Goodness; Good taste, Good health, Good for the environment (they have a bottle recycling programme for used bottles), and also to do Good (donating a part of our profit to help the less fortunate in our community). 

As life got ahead of us, there was a realisation to slow down, reflect and practice the awareness to rest & better care for body & mind. This journey led them to an elixr-esque concoction; Kombucha – a naturally sparkling fermented tea that is the perfect mood lifter, filled with probiotics and great for the gut! Too good not to share, support for their local, small hand-brewed batches of kombucha grew from supportive family & friends to new patrons who tasted the best for themselves and loved it since!

Key Differentiators

  1. Free delivery islandwide for orders above $25
  2. Unpasteurised kombucha brewed in small batches
  3. Kombucha subscription to get freshly brewed kombucha sent to your house on a monthly basis

Client Testimonial

“I’ve tried alot (of kombucha), even the really good ones in Canggu(Bali), I think this ranks as the top 2 kombucha I’ve drank in my life. The fizziness and the sweetness, is the right ratio and it packs a punch. When you drink it, it feels like aahh! Shiokk!!”

Dan, The LITO Podcast

4) Wild Boocha

Wild Boocha - Kombucha Singapore
Wild Boocha - Kombucha Singapore
Key ServicesKombucha Brewery
Product HighlightKombucha Brewing Kit
Address5 Mandai Foodlink 
Phone8682 5828 (Michele) 
Operating Hours10am - 5pm on Weekdays

Wild Boocha is committed to brewing the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy in Singapore. Founded in 2019 by two friends, Wild Boocha, as its name suggests, brews with wild ferments and living cultures. Wild Boocha ferments with only the highest quality ingredients, like fresh fruits and herbs from organic and, where possible, local produce. This artisanal process results in a delicious, smooth, bubbly, and slightly tart kombucha that keeps you coming back for more. Currently available online in 300ml bottles, they are Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and raw, and always free of any additives or preservatives.

Key Differentiators

  1. They are SFA licensed
  2. They educate consumers on what they are drinking through social media
  3. Their kombucha is smooth and slightly tart, unlike most kombucha brands that produce sweet kombucha 

Client Testimonial

“Love this brand of kombucha. It is packed with flavours and health benefits. I love that it is not too sweet so I can consume it on a daily basis. It is also nicely bottled and can be given as a gift to family and friends.”

Google Reviews

5. Shouchai Kombucha Singapore

Shouchai - Kombucha Singapore
Shouchai - Kombucha Singapore
Key ServicesThey specialise in sustainably brewing premium artisanal Kombucha made with tropical fruits at affordable prices. This is the place to find natural and nutritional Kombucha in Singapore.
Product HighlightKombucha

Here at Shouchai Kombucha Singapore, they believe that your gut is the first line of defence. So, you should treat your defence with Shouchai’s Kombucha. From brewing to bottling, Shouchai’s Kombucha has been made with care and love from their brewers for the environment and their SCOBY.

What’s better than an environmentally conscious health drink to boost your gut health? At Shouchai Kombucha Brewery, their goal is to sustainably share our love for affordable artisanal Kombucha. They hope that you will be able to integrate this probiotic drink into your daily life, boosting your gut health! Every bottle is carefully brewed and bottled by hand at the Shouchai Kombucha Brewery. Their recipe has been refined over countless brews to bring you the best in each bottle.

Key Differentiators

  • Shouchai keeps prices affordable for everyone to enjoy whilst producing quality Kombucha of superior taste.
  • They use the freshest tropical fruits in each season to infuse with their Kombucha for the best combinations of flavours.
  • They integrate sustainability into every part of the business. Have peace of mind that Shouchai actively seeks out ways to be more sustainable. Based on the theory of circular economy, the production process of my kombucha is sustainable with the reuse of their SCOBY, grown in previous batches of kombucha brewing, to make new batches. In their finished product packaging, recyclable and reusable glass bottles and bags are used, as well as cardboard boxes from the new glass bottles purchased are reused for the delivery of big orders. They have also implemented a scheme for customers to return the glass bottles from previous orders, so that they can be reused after going through a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process.

Kombucha Singapore

Kombucha is the perfect drink for anyone who wants to give up soda or energy drinks. Don't be shy about giving Kombucha a try today!

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