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Monetary Authority of Singapore

Guaranteed to make them smile and laugh
Tasked to host a team-building event for a diverse crowd, Julia, a member of The Fun Empire’s Sales team, and our facilitators managed to curate an unforgettable team-bonding day for staff members from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Monetary Authority of Singapore

The Monetary Authority of Singapore ( MAS ) was looking for an unconventional yet engaging activity for their team-building event, and was instantly interested in The Fun Empire’s Leather Workshop. They were particularly impressed that the Workshop not only provides the opportunity for them to strengthen their team dynamic, but also enables them to explore their creative side and bring home their memorabilia.

After a fuss-free and straightforward consultation process with staff members, we were able to construct a customised team-building event that meets all their requirements and requests.

The Activities

On the day of the Workshop, staff members from the Monetary Authority of Singapore were incredibly enthusiastic by the event ahead. During the session, they evidently bonded with each other through laughs and by helping each other. As our Leather Workshop does involve the use of hammers, some co-workers aid their colleagues who are not as confident in managing those tools.

Impacted by the fun attitude of our clients, our professionally-trained facilitators were also amused during the whole session. Aside from providing assistance to those in need, they also managed to strike conversations with some of the employees, and joined in the merriment of it all.

Remarkable Results

Once everyone has completed their leather goods ( which include a keychain and luggage tag/coin purse ), a photography session took place afterwards. As it was quite a large crowd, facilitators arranged rows of chairs for the staff members to have a designated photography spot so that everyone could be photographed.

There are no words to describe how elated we feel to witness the satisfied smiles plastered on everyone. Aside from bringing home their leather goods, participants also got to takeaway memorable lessons out of their team-building event, that being team work and communication.

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