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Even though they have experienced many team-building activities in the past, employees from the Ministry of Manpower were getting uninterested with the usual selection. In order to regain engrossment, they decided to look into The Fun Empire's Leather Workshop, and was assisted by Julia, one of our Sales team members.

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Ministry of Manpower

Ministry Of Manpower

Even though employees from the Ministry of Manpower had undergone multiple team-building events with us in the past, they desired to break the boundaries of their comfort zone to try something new and unconventional. They were seeking an activity which would increase engagement levels and bring them together in order to work efficiently in tandem.​

Having experienced our Terrarium Workshop, the Ministry of Manpower was instantaneously intrigued towards the creative side of team-building. As such, after doing some research, they eventually decided upon registering for our Leather Workshop.​

Due to its' relaxed nature, Creative Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to unwind and interact outside of the regular working environment. The Workshops are non-judgemental and are a platform for learning. Our team-building activities not only improve team bonding between participants, but also strengthen communication, workplace harmony and cultivate a culture of trust.

The Workshop

With multiple rounds of consultation with members from The Fun Empire's Sales team, which includes phone calls, email conversations and scheduled meetings, employees from the Ministry of Manpower were pleased with our proposed outline and objectives of the Workshop. Comprehending the demographics of the participants are crucial, so the programme's activities have to be in line with wishes of and suited to the participants.

For our Leather Workshop, participants have the opportunity to craft out two or three leather creations. Keychains are usually a necessity, as it is not only the simplest to make, but also incredibly user-friendly and accessible. This allows you to better understand and be accustom to the workings of Leather Making, before proceeding onto more complex crafting techniques. You would then have the option to either create a luggage tag or coin purse to complete your leather collection. This is inclusive in the Workshop's package.

However, if you desire to craft out more leather goods maybe as gifts for friends or loved ones, you could purchase additional leather material ( either light or dark-coloured ). Our Leather Workshop also allows you to custom-stamp your name or any kinds of wording on your leather crafts, thus ensuring fully-personalized creations that are truly one-of-a-kind. At the end of the session, bring home your leather goods and show it off!
Ministry of Manpower
Ministry of Manpower

The Event

The participants arrived at The Fun Empire's Headquarters in seperate groups, and gathered into teams of 4 to 5. Before the Workshop officially began, participants were already starting to luxuriate in the relaxing environment, and were chatting with each other and getting excited. Leather Workshop requires the utilization of tools such as hammers, thus safety briefings and instructions are carried out by our professionally-trained facilitators before the Workshop is run. Employees from the Ministry of Manpower took these procedures into much consideration, and paid attention throughout the comprehensive session.

​During the Workshop, the participants encountered into several complications, and seek help by requesting assistance by the facilitators stationed around the events hall. However, smiles were plastered on their faces as they engaged and bonded with each other. Laughters were incited, and the participants were helping each other, ensuring that all of them achieved their desired leather goods. It was surely inspiring and heartening to witness the participants having a ball and being more than just colleagues. At the end of the session, we were satisfied to know that the objectives have been met, and employees from the Ministry of Manpower had formed closer relationships with each other now more than ever.

Remarkable Results

Once all the participants have completed their leather creations, instructions were given by our facilitators to ensure that participants are fully-aware on taking care and maintaining their leather goods in the correct manner. A photography session took place afterwards, with employees from the Ministry of Manpower proudly displaying their creations to the camera and each other. As they have prepared their very own wraps and paper bag, their leather creations were neatly and safely stored for them to bring it home.​

The participants left the venue well-pleased and contented, as they chatted exuberantly with each other. Through this Leather Workshop, they have acquired lessons on team-building and comprehended the importance of posessing a strong team dynamic. The increase communication and interaction between the participants have been proven to boost productivity and efficiency, as seen with the speed and overall quality of the leather goods being crafted.
Ministry of Manpower

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