Modern Flower Arrangement and its Benefits

Many see flower arrangement as something of the past, and it is. It does have a deep history in many countries, but despite that, the art of flower arrangement is still practiced today, and has evolved from Oriental and Western styles to one of a modern style.

Flower arrangement can be found in both European and Asian regions, and dates back to Egypt as early as 2500 BCE. It was also found to be prominent in Greece, where flower arrangement was often used to make wreaths, and later in Rome, where the flower arrangement there was adapted from the Greek style. In Asia, China and Japan also valued flower arrangement as part of their culture.

In today’s modern society, flower arrangement does not have as many “rules” as compared to the past. It has developed to be a free form of creative expression and is of a contemporary style, whereas flower arrangement of various countries in the past each had their own special characteristics.

While few know about the history of flower arrangement, even fewer know about the emotional benefits that flower arrangement can bring about.

Flower arrangement has a number of benefits that are to the emotional self. The beauty of flowers help to liven up the atmosphere and ambience of a place, and with flower arrangement, an increase in aesthetics would do so much more, improving the moods of those utilizing the space.

While brightening moods is one benefit of flower arrangement, the display of flower arrangement in homes, workplaces or even restaurants help to purify and improve the quality of air. With a higher quality of air, this translates to a lesser chance of falling sick easily.

An even more stunning fact is that research has shown that flowers, when placed in the rooms of patients who had gone through abdominal surgery, allowed for less painkillers needed and lower blood pressure as compared to those who did not have flowers in theirs. It’s heartening to know the positive effects that flowers have on the unwell.

Flower arrangement also for freedom of expression. Particularly in modern flower arrangement, the contemporary style it adopts gives leverage to have freedom in creativity. Not does arranging flowers allow the stimulation of creativity alone, but is also good for relaxation and relieving stress.

The great thing about flower arrangement is that it can also be done in groups. Arranging flowers as a group allows the group to come up with creative ways to do so together, fostering cohesiveness amongst team members, which is a brilliant activity for a team bonding session. In expressing creativity together as a group, this also allows team members to get to know more about how each other and their creative processes.

If you are up for a few hours of relaxation after a long week of work, why not grab some of your colleagues and drop by for a flower arrangement session!

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