Paintball in a Nutshell


While paintball guns were originally used for marking animals in hunting trips, the game was first played in 1981. Much has developed for paintball since then, from the creation of the first ever paintball field a year later to the professional paintball industry today.

While it is considered an extreme sport, paintball on the contrary to its classification, is one of the safest sports to play – even safer than football or tennis. Paintball has an injury rate of 0.2 injuries per 1000 players, which is significantly lower than that of football or tennis.

Contrary to popular belief, paintballs are not actually made of paint. Instead, they are made of safe, non-toxic materials, including gelatine, mineral oils and food colouring. These materials are both water-soluble and biodegradable making them easy to wash out from clothing and ensuring that nobody has any allergic reactions when playing the sport. There are safety regulations in place, which include wearing a helmet to protect the eyes, head and face.

There are many ways in which paintball can be played. The most common way though, would be the Capture-the-Flag version of the game. This involves two groups trying to get the flag of the opposing group to their home base, while keeping their own flag at the same time.

Paintball not only trains hand-eye coordination, but it also forces players to utilise their communication and teamwork skills. It makes for a great team building game, allowing teams to come up with strategic thinking and planning on how they want to win the game, and assign roles amongst themselves accordingly.

Communication is an essential skill here to make sure that the whole team will know their roles and are able to work together to take down their opponent. At the same time, paintball also trains critical thinking skills. By planning and strategising as a group, individuals will learn how to work better together and recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Paintball also allows for a great time of fun and relaxation within a team, and at the same time, makes for a pretty good workout because of the need to run and take cover when needed.

Paintball is definitely a unique experience to try! Contact The Fun Empire for more information on how to get started on creating your own Paintball team building event!

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