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10 Best Part-Time Cleaners in Singapore [2021]

October 13, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Part Time Cleaner Singapore

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Part Time Cleaner Singapore

Looking for a cleaner to keep your home or office looking great? If you live in Singapore, we've got a list of 10 cleaners that should be able to help you. With the list below, there's no need to go from one company website to another. We have done all the research and compiled it into this post so that you can find your perfect match quickly and easily!

1. Helpling

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Helping - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesWide range of services
Available island-wide
Easy to use the app
Cashless payment
Helpers are insured
Address120 Robinson Road, #09-01, Singapore 068913
Contact+65 3158 3871
Operating Hours24/7

Consider Helpling a reliable app to have on hand when you need a part-time cleaner on call. When you can simply book a part-time cleaner at any time of day, why bother asking your pals for recommendations?

Whether you need a part-time cleaner for normal home cleaning or are moving out of your apartment, you can discover someone suited to your needs and schedule here. Aside from that, you may also schedule maintenance services such as pest control and plumbing. This convenience deserves mention in our book!

We also appreciate how simple it is to use their software, even if you have no technical skill: anyone could learn how to work it in a matter of minutes. Simply follow these three easy steps to begin using our booking system right away: create an account, select a date and time for your service, and pay for it by making an online payment

Keep in mind that, as with any service you hire, you must also supply the cleaning supplies for your cleaner. While this isn't usually an issue for most people, it might be a minor burden for some.

2. Mop Squad

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Mop Squad - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesSpecialises in floor cleaning
Laundry services available
Services are customisable
Address13 Lor 8 Toa Payoh, #07-03 Braddell Tech, Singapore 319261
Contact+65 9746 4900
Operating HoursMon to Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Mop Squad, on the other hand, appears to be focused on cleaning floors—and that's quite accurate! They also provide their own "niche floor services" such as carpet and tile polishing and restoration.

We understand how difficult it is to get rid of the filthy gunk that builds up on our bathroom floors and walls. If this is a problem you're having, we highly recommend getting in touch with this firm for this specific service!

Bathrooms, like the kitchen and living room, are also equipped with their own in-house laundry and dry cleaning services. You won't have to worry about this either because they provide their own. Simply put your items in a bag and they'll return them to you neat and folded.

They also provide exactly the same suite of cleaning services as your next agency does—including spring cleaning, moving in/out deep cleaning, business cleaning, and more.

3. Axgee Cleaning

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Axgee Cleaning - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesWide range of services
No hidden costs
Affordable rates
No contracts required
AddressInternational Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #33-03, Singapore 079903
Contact+65 96622361
Operating HoursMon to Sun: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Axgee Cleaning is made up of a team of professional cleaners ready to take on whatever cleaning task you have—be it move-in cleaning or disinfection.

The first thing we like about them is their attention to detail in selecting employees. Even without supervision, they do thorough background checks on each cleaner to ensure that they can be trusted in consumers' homes.

Furthermore, their cleaners are covered by insurance, so you won't have to worry about any liabilities should a cleaner suffer an accident while on the job. Of course, it also implies that the firm looks out for its own personnel—and that propels them to perfection with us!

We appreciate that exact prices are provided on their website to allow consumers a simple point of reference. This also removes any concerns about hidden expenses, since everything is already there. They have some of the most inexpensive fees on our list, which is something you should definitely consider. That's another good reason to sign up!

Unfortunately, you'll need to bring your own cleaning products. However, compared to the benefits of hiring this firm, it's a minor hiccup.

4. Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Services - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesAffordable rates
Complimentary cleaner replacement
No admin/service charges
Address50 Chin Swee Road, #09-04, Thong Chai Building, Singapore 169874
Contact+65 6728 7769
Operating HoursMon to Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sat: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

We believe that Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Services is worth considering for its extremely low prices.

In addition, when you have a cleaning service like ours around, you don't have to spend a fortune on weekly housekeeping. Weekly cleaning costs begin at $288, which is far less than the majority of businesses and organizations today.

Although these plans include basic services such as sweeping and cleaning most surfaces, we believe that the absence of ironing services is a negative for the majority of clients. If you want your clothes to be ironed, you can still do so—for a fee.

Alternatively, if you're absolutely dissatisfied with your current cleaner, you have the option of canceling your service at any time. Typically, the firm charged customers an administration fee to cover replacements among other things. However, as of right now, we're pleased to hear that all of these are waived!

Not only that, but there are no hidden fees. Simply put, you will be charged for the services you requested only.

5. Art of Cleaning

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Art Of Cleaning - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesFast-drying carpet cleaning services
Prompt response time
Products used are hypoallergenic
Address51 Ubi Ave 1 #05-02, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408933
Contact+65 6788 1788 (Tel)

+65 8788 1788/+65 9886 0178 (WhatsApp)
Operating HoursMon to Sat: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Art of Cleaning provides a wide range of services to suit both residential and commercial locations, from mattress cleaning to sofa cleaning.

Art of Cleaning is not only well-known, but they're also a reputable business when it comes to carpet cleaning in Singapore. Despite the fact that they utilize both dry and wet cleaning techniques, customers have informed us that the drying time is relatively quick after their service.

As a result, when you think about it, their great word-of-mouth might be due to their exceptional customer service. What's more, beyond these, what really impressed us with Art of Cleaning is how thorough and successful they are when it comes to cleaning services.

Although they don't offer as many house cleaning services as others, they can still clean well. Their cleaning solutions are safe and hypoallergenic, so you won't have to worry about your kids developing allergies.

6. A1 Facility Services

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
A1 Facility Services - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesWide range of ad-hoc cleaning services
Affordable rates
A large team of cleaners
Address50 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #09-07, First Centre, Singapore 555856
Contact+65 9116 8889
Operating HoursMon to Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sat: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Facility Services, A1 is a fully certified cleaning business with over 100 cleaners ready to serve clients in Singapore. They're well-known for their professionalism and punctuality, which is why they've made it onto this list!

Aside from the typical cleaning services you'd expect in an agency, they provide a few ad-hoc cleaning services, including pest control, aircon servicing, and dishwashing. This is especially true if you're searching for a little company that can provide a variety of services.

They also provide weekly housekeeping services for those who want cleaners on a regular basis. The cost is determined by the size of your home, so you can get lower rates if you only have a studio apartment. In the end, their prices are more reasonable than our other choices. Just keep in mind that there is a $20 weekend surcharge.

7. 6 Days Cleaning

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
6 Days Cleaning - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesAffordable weekly rates
Discounts apply to bookings after 7 PM
Flexibility to change cleaner
No agency fees
Address55 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #04-06, Singapore 555859
Contact+65 9841 2939
Operating Hours24/7

Since 2014, Cleaning Services has been providing house and office cleaning to Singaporeans. They provide all of the fundamental services, from ad-hoc cleaning to weekly general cleaning, that your typical cleaning service does.

What you should know about this business is that they provide very affordable weekly cleaning services, which are priced at a flat rate regardless of your home's size. In fact, after 7 PM, they offer sessions for just $19 per hour!

Despite their low prices, we're disappointed to learn that Day Cleaning's weekly cleaning services need a three-month commitment. This is far longer than the usual two weeks given by other cleaning businesses in Singapore.

The drawbacks outweigh the benefits, however. There are no keep costs when you reserve with them, for example.

Following that, you have the option to replace your cleaner if you are dissatisfied with them. While we're on the topic, don't be afraid to utilize this method because there are a variety of reviews regarding some of their cleaners' job quality.

8. Hiremop

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Hiremop - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesIdeal for commercial establishments
Specialises in after-party cleaning
Customisable services
Address28 Kallang Place, #07-02, Singapore 339158
Contact+65 6656 5180
Operating HoursMon to Sat: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Hiremop may look like any other cleaning business at first. However, if you dig deeper, you'll discover why they've earned a reputation for their office and after-party cleaning services.

So, what exactly makes them different from the rest?

For starters, they don't provide any set packages for commercial cleaning. They tailor their services to your property's configuration and specific demands.

A typical showroom cleaning session will include dusting, mopping, and wiping all available surfaces, which is how they'd demonstrate to you past tasks. This is entirely customizable and will depend on your specific demands.

They've worked on a number of high-profile projects. Their track record speaks for itself, as evidenced by the fact that they've worked on projects for organizations like the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Deliveroo. In terms of their after-party cleaning services, let's just say they're well-equipped to handle even the wildest parties on the island in a short amount of time.

9. Part Time Maid

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Part Time Maid - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesIdeal for residential cleaning
Flexible weekly cleaning packages
Aircon cleaning services available
Address61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #04-39G Shun Li Industrial Park, 417943 Singapore
Contact+65 8609 3600
Operating HoursContact for More Information

Part-Time Maid works like your typical cleaning agency. Simply give them a call and leave the rest to them. They will provide a cleaner that would suit your needs and preferences!

They primarily service residential cleaning, although their network of expert cleaners generally focuses on domestic cleanings. As a result, if you're searching for a cleaner to work in your business or organization, we recommend giving them a call first to obtain a more accurate list of services before assuming they can meet your needs.

There are now only two alternatives for house cleaning services: weekly cleaning or spring cleaning.

The latter is a fantastic option for individuals who have little time to clean, such as busy executives and working parents. Their services appear to be adaptable enough to handle the amount of work you want done each week.

The prices are a little steep if you take into account their hourly rate, however. On the plus side, because there are no admin fees involved, you'll just be paying for the services you requested.

10. KMAC International

Part Time Cleaner Singapore
KMAC International - Part Time Cleaner Singapore
Key FeaturesNo admin fee required
Wide range of services
Relatively fast response time
Address8 Boon Lay Way, #05-10 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609964
Contact+65 6909 3822 or +65 9880 1528 (WhatsApp)
Operating HoursMon to Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

KMAC International is a domestic cleaning business that also offers commercial cleaning services. They are a one-stop-shop for all of your cleaning needs because of their extensive list of offerings.

KMAC uses a network of cleaners rather than hiring individual ones. From this, you may be certain that each cleaner has been thoroughly checked.

General cleaning services are limited to one-time services such as spring cleaning and post-renovation cleaning, but there is a one-month minimum commitment period. If you're searching for a part-time cleaner for light cleaning work, this firm may not be right for you.

On the other hand, this is a significant benefit for those who want to sit back and skip out on most of their chores on a regular basis. Weekly house cleaning is expected.

From what we've seen, KMAC appears to be a big success among businesses offering commercial cleaning services, having worked with Decathlon, Under Armour, and Mitsubishi among others.

Part Time Cleaner Singapore

Hiring a part-time cleaner for your home or office is an excellent way to keep on top of the mess without spending too much time and money. If you're unsure on which agency would best suit you depending on your preference, We would highly recommend considering any of these 10 choices we have listed as we are confident they would not disappoint!

Before you go, do check out our other posts as well!

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