Perfume Making and Personality Types

Perfumes have existed through the ages and first originated from Egypt, meant for both daily and religious use. While the making and use of perfume later spread to Europe, one thing that has remained throughout is the different types of scents.

The scents of perfumes vary far and wide, ranging from citrusy to oriental; the mixing of scents gives rise to a perfume of its own kind. It is no wonder that people would pay vast amounts for a scent that they like, or that they think is unique.

But what if certain scents match to certain personalities? There are five main types of scents – woody, floral, citrusy, fresh and oriental, and each reflects a certain type of personality. Woody scents are said to be for the free-spirited, floral for the romantics, citrusy for those who are laid-back, fresh scents for the vibrant, and oriental for the bold.

A personality test is taken in a perfume workshop to determine which scents are more suited to the individual’s tastes. This makes it a fun and exciting opportunity to see what kind of scents suits the individual’s personality, and is a chance to create something unique to the self.

Research has also shown that the perfume chosen by an individual blends better with their own body odour as when they are assigned a perfume. Perhaps this has something to do with the likes of the individual and their personality.

As such, perfume workshops also make for great team building activities. Taking a personality test together as a group allows for team members to get to know one another better, deepening the relationship between members, especially since the preference of a scent is very much up to the individual’s characteristics.

While the perfume workshops allows for an individual creation, a group created perfume that is inline with the group’s identity is also another way to find commonalities amongst group members, allowing them to find out more about what they have in common and improve their efficiency together as they focus on their strengths.

Taking team building one step further, one can also choose to opt for an auction during the perfume workshop, and allow for different groups to market their own group perfume that has been created. This is great in getting a team to work together to come up with new, out-of-the-box methods to sell a product.

Create a timeless personal scent at a perfume workshop today.

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