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Best Pest Control Services In Singapore For 2021

April 29, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Pest Control Services Singapore


Are you encountering issues with pests at your home? If that's the case, you might need to engage the services of the best pest control services in Singapore!

As a home owner, the presence of destructive pests and foreign creatures might create a bad experience for those residing in the house. At times, using conventional insecticides can solve the issues. However, these insecticides are only useful for certain situations. In fact, it can even escalate to the point where 'pest infestation' occurs. Ultimately, this will be very stressful for the home owners.

Not to worry as there is a wide range of pest control services in Singapore! Moreover, these companies serve as a solution for those who are unable to control the spread of pest infestation. Hence, we will be listing down the best pest control services in Singapore.

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1. The Pest Control Company Pte Ltd

The Pest Control Company
Key ServicesPest Control, Disinfection
AddressPrimax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-03 to 08, Singapore 536208
Phone9616 8818
Operating Hours24/7

The pest control Company Is an NEA licensed Pest Control Operator in Singapore. They deal with your pesky to save you from the agony of knowing about the critters that lurk behind your bed at night. To prevent pest infestation in your house, the pest control company provide a full-fledged professional pest elimination service that includes tracking, identifying and eliminating pests.

A lot of residential homes and commercial spaces in Singapore is continuously at war with pest infestation problems such as ants, cockroaches, mice, termites, and mosquitoes. The Pest Control Company is able to provide professional and effective pest elimination methods by understanding the behaviour patterns for the different types of pests.

Key Differentiators

  1. Operates 24/7
  2. Whatsapp chat or call anytime
  3. Trained Professionals

Client Testimonial

"Exceptional professionals and clearly out to provide clarity with the service offered. My wife and I are very grateful for the promptness of the visit to our house around 12am. In addition, the expert who visited was highly knowledgeable - we felt like we understood a lot more after our conversation. I can highly recommend The Pest Control Company for its services."

2. PestBusters

Pest Control Services Singapore
Key ServicesPest Control Service Singapore: Integrated Pest Management Programs, Pest Control Services, Mosquito Control, Termite Management, Fumigation, Disinfection, Germicidal for various organisations, such as: Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, Schools and F&B Establishments.
AddressPrimax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-03 to 08, Singapore 536208
PhoneGeneral Hotline: (+65) 6288 2828
24-hour Assistance Hotline: (+65) 9180 9990
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
Saturday: 08:30am – 01:00pm
Sunday & Weekend: 24/7 Standby Service Team
24-hour Pest Control Management Services

Established in 1991, PestBusters continues to provide superb pest control services to solve pest problems for every home as well as business. Notably, they are acclaimed for offering a wide range of professional pest management solutions. Hence, PestBusters remains highly sought-after for its innovative methods and outstanding results.

From humble beginnings in 1991 to their huge success today, PestBusters has grown from the ‘Spray and Pray’ method to the current Innovative Pest Control Management Solutions. Their success assures better treatments in solving pest issues for everyone. Their innovative solutions as well as technologies helps to eliminate pest problems from homes and businesses. Consequently, this leads to the greatest results in pest control services. Like the modern Command Center in PestBusters, it improves staff deployment and increases yield within the operations level greatly.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they are the first Pest Management Brand in Singapore to receive the nation’s prestigious People Developer Award. PestBusters has also received Singapore’s National Training Award for their training and development efforts.
  • Secondly, they are the first pest management company in Singapore to start its own Research and Development facility supported by A*Star and to have received the ISO 9002 quality assurance award.
  • Thirdly, PestBusters is a member of the US-based National Pest Management Association (NPMA) that allows pest control companies to engage in their courses. These companies will be updated with new techniques as well as technology in the industry.

Client Testimonial

The Pest Control Experts from PestBusters are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They advised me on how to deal with pest problems in my apartment. I really appreciate their help and professional pest control services. PestBusters will always be my preferred brand choice when I have pest issues!


3. Anticimex

Pest Control Services Singapore
Key Services Pest Control Service Singapore:

General & Garden Pest Control
Termite Control
SMART Pest Control
Disinfection Solutions
Address3A International Business Park, #11-01 ICON@IBP, Singapore 609935
Phone+65 9382 6363
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 08:00 – 18:001

Presently, Anticimex is a leading global preventive pest control agency. They operate in 18 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific as well as the US with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. With 150 branches and 7,100 trusted experts, Anticimex serves around 3 million customers across the globe. In Singapore, Anticimex has a fleet of 200 vehicles with 500 employees to provide local pest control services and Anticimex SMART, for both individuals and businesses.

Anticimex SMART is a smart system controlling pests by constantly monitoring as well as detecting signs of pest infestations at premises. Today, more than 130,000 SMART units have been installed around the world fighting pests with data. Data gathered in the SMART data hub is for constant analysis. Customers would be getting a solution that gives them the best of both worlds - automation and expertise.

Anticimex offers quality services with value for money, get a free quote as well as expert advice on pest control.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, modern method of pest control
  • Secondly, environmentally safe (Non-Toxic and Green products)
  • Thirdly, world-class trusted brand

Client Testimonial

I have requested Anticimex to treat the whole house of potential bird/dust mite infestation. They had done a wonderful job by sending 2 seniors technicians to look into the problem when I complaint that I could not identify the bug issue. The whole conversation and transaction was pleasant. I found that they are knowledgeable and professional in their area of pest management. I will definitely engage them again for future and I highly recommend them to be the solution provider for your pest issue.

Grace Ngan

4. Termite Specialist

Pest Control Services Singapore
Termite Specialist
Key ServicesPest Control Service Singapore:

Termite Inspection, Baiting System as well as Monitoring Programme
Spot Treatment

(Prevention Programme)

Anti Termite Prevention Programme
Corrective Treatment
Rodding Soil Treatment
Soil Treatment
In-Ground Station
Above-Ground Station
Address61 Bukit Batok Crescent, Heng Loong Building #05-04 S(658078)
Phone8754 7562
Operating HoursMonday-Friday (9 AM-5 PM) 

Once they received news about a termite problem, they will quickly send their specialist down to do a site assessment, with no charges. So that their termite problem can be solved as soon as possible.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, their services are reliable
  • Secondly, they practice a high level of professionalism
  • Thirdly, highly recommended by their clients

Client Testimonial

Called them when having termite problems. Roy and his team came to inspect with all their termite detection tools. Frequent follow-up and managed to solve my termite issues. 100% Recommended.


5. Pestogo

Pest Control Services Singapore
Key servicesPest Control Service Singapore: Pest control management.
Address200 Jalan Sultan #03-02 Singapore 199018
Phone9109 4564
Operating HoursMon to Fri - 9 am to 6 pm

Since 2003, they are a dynamic team of certified treatment specialists with a combined experience of more than 25 years. They have served both residential and commercial properties for 18 years. They identify your problem accurately, as their team of entomologists have gathered a database of pests that include details about their characteristics, behaviours as well as habitats.

At Pestogo, they aim to protect your assets by providing services at affordable rates. Every site as well as situation are different; hence an on-site analysis might be necessary to provide an accurate cost estimate and solution.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, provides effective pest control advice on top of the routine services
  • Secondly, provides fast and accurate solutions
  • Thirdly, one of the most competitive prices offered.

Client Testimonial

Thanks for the advice, courtesy and not trying to push unnecessary services! Now I know why you guys are highly recommended on the expat forum

Ms. Angelina

6. PestWerkz

Pest Control Services Singapore
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Pest Management & Disinfection Services
Address186 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #03-01R Singapore 757515
Phone+65 9146 7333
Operating HoursMonday - Friday (9am to 530pm) Saturday (9am to 12pm)

At PestWerkz Solutions, they aim to help you to solve all kinds of pest problems you might be facing, from tiny bedbugs to huge cockroaches, rodents, as well as termite infestations. They are trained as well as licensed with National Environment Agency (NEA) to deal with these situations. They only use effective and up to date equipment as well as technology. Your Trusted Solutions.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, fast response
  • Secondly, effective and efficient treatment
  • Thirdly, honest pricing

Client Testimonial

I had a terrible case of bedbugs that lasted 4 months and no other pest control services could resolve it. However when Edwin and his team came, within a month we had it cleared out of our house. I’m so grateful to him and his team and he is definitely someone you’d go-to to resolve all your pest issues

Toren Yuen

7. PestOff

Pest Control Services Singapore
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Various Pest Control (Termites, Rodents, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants), F&B Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control
Address25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203
Phone 6280 0777
Operating Hours24 hours

With their vision to protect the wellbeing of the community, PestOff aims to provide the highest standard of pest control for clients. Moreover, they possess the expertise to solve pest problems. Their professionally trained staffs are specialised in various sectors such as the food industry, termite, bed bugs and many more. PestOff has served a wide range of clients, namely in the residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors.

Aside from just providing pest control management and solutions, they are also passionate about practising a sustainable pest management strategy through education as well as mechanical measures. Hence, PestOff is committed to providing the best pest control solution for its clients.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, their staffs are professionally trained and equipped with proper skills to deliver the results for clients.
  • Secondly, insurance coverage is provided across all their services.
  • Thirdly, PestOff uses NEA-approved chemicals for their services.

Client Testimonial

The consultant Sze Jia was very helpful and patience in explaining the baiting treatment process to me. The technician Zaidy and Hairil who came down was very professional and friendly. They informed me on their findings and the treatment process. They even take photograph and show me. Thanks for solving the termites issue.


8. Singapore Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Singapore
Singapore Pest Control Services
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Pest Control for residences, offices, workstations, commercial buildings and living spaces
Address11 Woodlands Close #05-40 Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853
Operating Hours24/7

Worried about facing bed bugs infestation in your home or workplaces? Singapore Pest Control Services can be the answer to your problems! With their 24/7 service, they are ready to help you solve your pest problems. Regardless of the venue and timing, Singapore Pest Control Service is able to cater to the clients' different needs. They aim to create a safe as well as comfortable environment for clients, by helping them get rid of the foreign creatures present near them.

Rest assured as the company only uses high-quality as well as effective treatments for their pest control services. This is mainly due to the vast experience that their staffs possess. Aside from pest control and management, they also offer pest inspections for clients who have just relocated to a new building or area.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they provide 24/7 service across all their services.
  • Secondly, their exterminators are experienced and professionally trained.
  • Thirdly, provides specialised pest control and management such as bug control, rodent control, home treatment, office treatment and bed treatments.

9. Origin Exterminators

Origin Exterminators
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services
Address01-01 Tailee Industrial Building Singapore 577182
Phone(65) 6280 5666
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Origin Exterminators provides residential and commercial pest management in areas such as general pest management, vector control, mosquito control and termite solutions. In addition, they are committed about protecting their clients from the risks of pest-related diseases. With more than 35 years of experience, they are always innovating themselves. As a result, they consistently practice sustainable and eco-friendly pest management methods. In addition, they use safe and non- hazardous pesticides.

However, the company does not just stop there. They also have their own in-house biologists, entomologists and environmental experts in their team. This adds value to their services. Hence, you will not have to worry about the quality of their services.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they are the first pest management company in the world to be awarded ISO 14001 EMS certification in 2000. This is to recognise their innovation in creating a sustainable pest management solution.
  • Secondly, their solutions and services are backed by science and technology.
  • Thirdly, notable clientele includes Marina Square, Port Singapore Authority, Jewel Changi Airport, Mediacorp and many more.

Client Testimonial

The staff are all well trained. The company has been very responsive whenever there are pest infestations and they are thorough in their inspections. Origin Exterminators is very reliable and trustworthy.

Edwin Low

10. EcoSense

Key ServicesPest Control Service Singapore: Mould Remediation, Decontamination, Pest Control, Anti Mould Painting, Cleaning Services, Bed Bugs Removal, Disinfection, Mosquito Fogging and Termite Control.
Address10 RAEBURN PARK, #02-08, SINGAPORE 088702
Phone+65 9819 8432
Operating HoursMonday 9 am–6 pm
Tuesday 9 am–6 pm
Wednesday 9 am–6 pm
Thursday 9 am–6 pm
Friday 9 am–6 pm
(Labour Day)
9 am–6 pm
Holiday opening hours
Sunday Closed

Being an environmental pest control service, EcoSense is conscious about using safe pesticides and treatments. They believe in practising eco-friendly pest management and solutions as it helps to reduce energy consumption and air pollution. In addition, it leads to a safer and more effective treatment for your pest issues. With their vast experience in this field, they are committed to protecting the property of their residential, commercial and industrial clients. They aim to create a safer environment for their clients by using state-of-the-art technologies and equipping their staffs with the proper skills.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, EcoSense uses commercially graded equipments and chemicals. These equipments are essential in ensuring that their jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Secondly, they are an insured and licensed company. Notably, they acquired the industry's leading certification for pest and mould management.
  • Thirdly, their chemicals are approved by the National Environmental Agency and EPA.

Client Testimonial

I received their service to remove mold. Thomas, James and his team was professional and made immediate and appropriate action for the treatment. In addition, they made immediate update through chat about the progress of their treatment. I was very satisfied with their service and certainly use their service again if necessary. Thanks.

Jung Eun Kim

Pest Control Services Singapore

And there you have it; the best pest control services in Singapore. These companies are very well-versed in the area of solving pest infestation issues. With their help, you need not be afraid of being unable to get rid of the foreign creatures out of your home. Therefore, do check out these companies and the services that they provide!

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