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Soapy Team Building Games

March 9, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Soapy Team Building Games

Having trouble deciding on Team Building Games for your event?

While games with soap might sound somehow unusual, Singapore's weather would make this 5 collection of such games promises a ton of fun and enjoyment. Because it is a bit "wet", "slippery", "slimy ", and "greasy". You can use cheap soaps, depending on the game, and much of the materials can be found widely available. Prepare to get wet and slimy, and do bring along an extra shirt when playing!

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Team Building Games With Soap

1. Soap Soccer

soap team building games
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Add a twist to your regular soccer game; instead of using your feet, you get to use your hands! Lay down a big groundsheet (preferably outdoors, because things will get messy!), lather up the entire groundsheet with liquid soap, set up two goalposts, and you're good to go! You can play the game by moving on your knees or move while sitting, and you use your hands to pass the bar of soap! Engage your team-building skills to strategise a game plan in this fun team building game!

If you're looking forward to a different type of soccer, you can also check out bubble soccer!

2. Soap Bowling

soap bowling - team building games
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Who says bowling can't be one of the best team building games? Check out this variation of Bowling, with a plot twist! Create some Bowling pins by using plastic bottles and a regular tennis ball. Things will get messy, so lay down a big groundsheet outdoors and lather it up with liquid soap. Using plastic cups/bottles as the bowling pins, line up, and slide the "bowling ball" to hit as many "pins" as you can! A fun team bonding activity, Soap Bowling will practices communication and teamwork when you guide your teammates to hit the pins! Do remember to add a soft bumper at the end just in case you slide too far out!

3. Don't Drop The Soap

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Soap makes everything more slippery and, therefore, more challenging to handle. In this team building game, get your team members to form two rows, with each pair about 2 feet apart. Arm each pair with a trash bag and get each pair to toss the soap using only the trash bag! Remember to lather the soap to make it extra slippery! The last pair has to aim to toss the soap into a bucket.

Use your communication and teamwork skills to complete the game without dropping the soap to the floor. This is one of the wackiest team building games!

4. Soapy Twister

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Twist, turn, and slide? For this one, all you need is a standard Twister set and lots of soap! Lather up your entire Twister mat and start playing – and try not to slide too much while you’re at it. This team-building activity is bound to improve your coordination and communication with one another! Soapy Twister, while fun, can only accommodate a handful of people at most.

If you’re looking for Twister for more people, check out our Giant Twister as a team-building activity instead!

5. Mouse And Soap

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Ever played dog and bone? Well, this is the same, but use a bar of soap as your “bone” instead! Yes, running after a bar of soap sounds ridiculous, but wait till you start playing – you can’t grab on as quickly because it slips all over! Remember to lather the soap continuously to play the game, and remember to look out for each other in this fun team building game!

Soapy Team Building Games

These are just a few ideas on Team Building Games which involves soap, If you want more interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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