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Paintball in a Nutshell

  While paintball guns were originally used for marking animals in hunting trips, the game was first played in 1981. Much has developed for paintball since then, from the creation of the first ever paintball field a year later to the professional paintball industry today. While it is considered an extreme sport, paintball on the contrary to its classification, is one …

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5 Ways To Be A Pro At Paintball

Love paintball and want to be good at it? Make your team building session more fun and exciting with these tips. 1. Find somewhere to bunkerPai If you can’t hit them, make sure they don’t hit you! One key element in paintball are bunkers for you to seek shelter in. Make good use of them! Not are they only good for …

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5 Reasons Why Paintball Contributes To Team Building

The world of paintball has become more prevalent over the years in Singapore. While many view this activity to pass their free time, or just to have fun, it is also a great way for team building! Here are 5 reasons how paintball helps foster team building: 1. Communication is a must In paintball, communicating to each other while playing is a …

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4 Types of Team Building Activities That Involve Paint

If you need some colour to spice up your life and perhaps your team members need some motivation to lift their spirits, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are 4 team building games that involve paint! 1. Paint Twister This one gets really messy so watch out. Paint twister is played in the exact same …

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5 Outdoor Team Building Activities

If you’re sick of the staying in the office and need some sunshine, here are 5 outdoor team building activities that you can try when time permits. Every office needs to balance out work and play, and team building not only allows everyone to let off steam and pent-up frustrations, but the takeaways from these activities are so …

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