Team Building Activities Great For The Classroom

I don’t think I’m the only one who dreaded team-building days back when I was in school. The activities were no fun and I was pretty much forced to participate alongside my friends, whom were not feeling enthusiastic over the events unfolding as well. When there is an uninspired atmosphere, no games are going to attract the attention of anyone, especially young children and teenagers. However, you can finally say goodbye to those days as team building activities are more fascinating now than ever. Whether it be ice-breaker games or team cohesion, these activities will no doubt fulfill your specific requests of building good teamwork among participants, and encourage more closely-bonded relationships which are vital to the everyday lives of students.


1. Combat Archery Tag

Seen here with students from Nan Hua High School.

Combat Archery Tag possesses a compelling history. Do you know that it was originated in 2011 by a man named John Jackson, who resided in Indiana, United States? He received inspiration from the widely-popular Hunger Games series, and decided to create an activity that includes aspects from classic games such as dodgeball, paintball and archery. It then grew in popularity in Asia afterwards. Here at The Fun Empire, your safety is our number 1 priority, and as a result, we have the bows and arrows covered in foam. When you’re hit, the feeling is like a marshmallow is being thrown at you! While it may sound mild, the activity gets competitive real quick, and participants would soon be engaging in a combat-like environment where you’ll be running and shooting your opponents. Be on the lookout and aim well!


2. Bubble Bump / Bubble Soccer

Seen here with students from Fuhua Secondary School.

Bubble Bump / Bubble Soccer has been emerging as one of the most popular and well-liked activity among students, and it’s not hard to see why! Inciting tons of laughters, Bubble Bump or Bubble Soccer is a game which requires participants to kick the ball just like in a regular soccer game. The twist is that participants have to don on these massive suits, bubble suits as they call it, which will no doubt cause them to ‘bump’ into each other during gameplay. It’s 100% safe and painless, and as our bubble suits are the only ones in Singapore to have custom-designed sweat proof straps, hygiene and cleanliness aren’t an issue! As such, what are you waiting for? Embark on a crazy adventure of bumping and laughing by taking part in our 3 unconventional Bubble Soccer game modes!


3. Laser Tag

Seen here with the boys from Saint Andrew’s Secondary School.

Laser Tag operates pretty much just like Paintball. However since there are no physical projectiles involved, there is literally zero pain, making it a widely-chosen activity for kids’ birthday parties and school team-building days. There are 3 special game modes offered, and could be played both indoors and outdoors depending on your personal preference and the weather conditions of that day. Players are separated into two groups, and vests would be provided to distinguish the participants. The rules are simple enough. Tag as many opponents to score points, and we’ll see who is the winner at the end of the day!

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