TFE Ice-breaking Games, Try Them Yourselves!

Just the other day, TFE just had their team-building day doing a barbecue session with the whole team. We had a great time eating and laughing, topping it off with some light games, which we got to see a different side of our beloved colleagues. So I thought why not share the ice-breaking games we had that day. This is an inside scope on how TFE runs their own ice-breaking games and perhaps make your own planning an easier one too.

Face the Cookie

This is a simple game where honestly all you need is some cookies and a chair. A cookie will be placed on the forehead and the objective is to slide it down from the forehead into your mouth.  So teams essentially competed to see which team was the first to swallow the number of cookies that is equivalent to their team size. It was funny to see your co-workers making weird faces in order to get that cookie into their mouth. One tip for those of you playing the game, it is much faster to complete the game if you have a teammate observing and giving you instructions to maneuver the Oreo on your forehead. So don’t just stand there using your eye power!

Charades –song version

This game requires a little more preparation than the previous one as you have to print out the names of songs first before hand. A representative from the first team will describe a song by humming, dance or anything other method other then saying words. That’s the gist of the game; I will leave it to you to iron out the rest of the specifics. For me, it was quite embarrassing to be the rare tone-deaf guy trying to hum the tune of Singles Ladies from Beyoncé. But ultimately it contributed to a very hearty atmosphere as everyone had a good laugh at my botched attempt that was what’s most important for the night.  Also we discovered the singers amongst our colleagues who could sing like Nathan Hartono whom we can sabotage next time to take the stage for a song.

Memory balls

I don’t know what’s the name for the last game so pardon me for the bad naming but the game works like this- the team will stand in a circle, preferably in a group of 4 or 5. The host would pass a ball into the circle, and the team’s task is to remember and execute the pattern to repetitively pass the ball around the team. Everyone must touch the ball the same number of times and for a specific ball, a specific pattern which cannot be shared with another ball’s pattern. The host will continue adding balls until the team suffers a system failure or a lack of RAM space causing the balls to go in the wrong order. This game relies on teamwork and even a leader to think and direct the team to a single game plan as cooperation is for utmost importance here. Regardless, everyone had a good time being involved in the game, pouring his or her input on what is the right pattern.

These games are simple but the purpose is to create interaction and joyous moments shared amongst the team.  And I felt that we accomplished these objectives with the games played in the Barbecue.

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