The Complete Team Building Games Guide 2018

Most organisations would have realised by now that a business is only able to thrive with a great team. One that is able to communicate well, works harmoniously, and tackle problems creatively. But before you can get an A-Team, the team must first undergo team building games to learn the important skills mentioned above. If you are unsure which activities to pick, here’s a complete team building games guide for 2018!

1. Marshmallow Challenge

As the game name suggests, participants will be playing a game that involves marshmallows. In a group of even numbers, you will be presented with items such as uncooked spaghetti (20 sticks), masking tape (to stick the spaghetti), a string (1 yard), a marshmallow, and a lunch bag (to place all the ingredients). The challenge is to build the biggest structure with spaghetti sticks and top it all off with a marshmallow. Note that the tower has to stand on its own with no team members holding on to it.

2. Game of Possibilities

Similar to the concept of charades, a game of possibilities is a great team building game that is simple to play and does not take up much time. Assign one member from each team to go to the front and pick a paper from a hat. Each paper has an object written on it. The person with the paper needs to demonstrate a use for the object and the rest of the team must make a clever guess on it. To make it a real challenge, demonstrators cannot speak and can only act it out. It is best if you can use original and unique ideas – something that is wacky will do too!

3. Frostbite

This team building game is best played in smaller groups of four or five players each. The idea is that the groups are stranded in the Arctic. All teams must appoint a leader and build a structure in order to survive in the cold climate. But the problem is the leader has frostbite and cannot physically help with building the structure. On top of that, the other team members are snowblind (blindfolded). With great communication and trust, the team will follow instructions from the leader and build the shelter to stay alive.

4. The Concentration Game

Separate players into two teams and instruct them to form even lines facing each other. In just a minute, players are required to study their partners from head to toe before they turn around. The other line will have a minute to change five things about them. It could be anything such as removing a ponytail, folding up your jeans, or swapping a ring to the other hand. Once done, the line that turned around will have to face the other team again. They will have to identify all the changes in their partner. This game test players’ communication skills as well as their ability focus on details.

5. Bubble Bump

If you do not where to throw all your energy at, bubble bump it is! A fun and unique team building game that involves soccer and rugby all in one. In a bubble suit, you are going to be running about to bump into your opponents. It is almost impossible for you to leave the pitch without getting bumped by others too. With so many games to choose from bubble bump, you are going to be entertained throughout the team building event. This team building game is going to make you break into lots of laughter and have it etched in your memory forever.

6. The Calculator

You will need 20 circle paper plates and a marker to make the prop for this game. Label each paper plate from one to 20 and arrange them in a random manner. The teams will have to stand at a designated area which is away from the numbers. On the blow of a whistle, the first team needs to run over to the calculator, find the numbers in order, and stand on them. Then they will have to call the numbers in order. The group who manages to finish the fastest wins! The calculator game gives the opportunity for someone to lead while the rest of the members strategise on the best way to approach the challenge. These are important qualities that bosses would love to see in a great team.

7. Paintball

Paintball is a perfect team building game catered to the youngsters! Regardless of gender or physique, this game can be played together. Paintball is a sport that requires you to be on the ball of your feet and to think quickly at all times. It also requires you to work as a team and be determined to bring your opponents down. Plan or strategise beforehand to ensure that each team members knows what to do so that they can be on top form during the game. At the end of it all, a game of paintball brings about camaraderie and enhances leadership skills.

8. This is Better than That

The game of this is better than that is a great team building game that teaches players about teamwork and creative problem-solving skills. Each team is to select four random objects from surrounding them and are given a scenario in which they must solve using only the objects they have. It could be anything from being stuck in a dark tunnel to surviving a zombie apocalypse. As a team, you will need to discuss and rank the objects in order of importance and share your explanation for using it. The team with the most logical and creative answers wins!

9. Dare Jenga

We all know the rules to play the game of Jenga. Blocks stacked up and each team member tries to bring out a block without crashing the entire structure down. To make the team building game livelier, write a dare on the surface of each Jenga block. Ensure that the dares are doable and fun. Examples include singing the current hits, shouting something hideous at the top of your lungs, do push ups, or an embarrassing dance. Once that is done, stack it all up just like a normal Jenga game. When a person pulls out a block, they have to execute the dare.

10. Body Part Twister

In this game, participants will need to be comfortable leaning against others. The game master will call out body parts and only those parts can touch the ground. Participants are encouraged to work together to find different solutions and balance on each other if need be. You can call out for two bums, four hands, two feet, and 1 knee at once. As soon as everyone is in position, call out for the next combination! Just remember to think carefully before calling out for other instructions or you might end up calling out for the impossible.

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