The Difference Between Combat Archery Tag and Paintball

There are so many team building games available today that you’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice. When it comes to games, everyone’s always looking forward to something that’s fun with a reasonable amount of intensity. We’d recommend playing combat archery tag or paintball. Not sure which to pick? Read on to find out the differences between the two games!

1. Combat archery tag has greater intensity

We must agree that both combat archery tag and paintball are fun games with a decent amount of intensity. If not, even more. Each game has two competitive teams who are ever ready to bring their enemies down. However, combat archery tag might just have a higher level of intensity compared to paintball. Due to the nature of the game, players are less wary of getting hit by the arrows. They’ll be more immersed in aiming and shooting their enemies down and hence, players can get more aggressive.

2. Combat archery tag is painless

In other words, there are lesser chances for you to get injured. Getting hit by an arrow with foam tip is painless compared to being attacked by a ball of paint. So save your worries about getting injured or being in pain as we assure you that it’s painless. The only possibility that could cause your injury would be your clumsiness.

3. Combat archery tag is mess free

If you’ve played paintball previously, you would’ve known how messy it could get. It’s definitely not a game for you to look handsome or pretty. Imagine getting splattered in paint on top of being all sweaty from the running. With combat archery tag, you’re going to sweat lesser as not much running is required. The only mess you’ll make are the arrows lying around the play area.

4. Combat archery tag has lesser time per round

In a high intensity game, you wouldn’t even last running around for more than 5 minutes. These are undoubtedly the best kind of games despite it tiring you out quickly. A game of paintball lasts for about 20 minutes so the first few minutes will be fun while the remaining times are just you panting and close to giving up. Our combat archery tag games have a maximum duration of only 10 minutes ensuring that you make the best out of it.

5. Combat archery tag can be played indoors and outdoors

Paintball can only be played outdoors due to its mess and the bigger running space it requires. Combat archery tag can be enjoyed at any venue so you have the choice of playing indoors and outdoors. You can choose to have it at our partner venues such as FutsalArena@Yishun or Premier Pitch at Turf City. If you have a venue in mind, we can bring our games to you too!

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