The Jenga Experience

For clarification sake, this is life-sized Jenga, its much bigger, not the standard size one sold at Toys”R”Us. This game is a part of our collection of Giant Board Games.  All of us should have played Jenga at some point in our lives before, so I don’t see the need to explain the game rules or how it’s played.  Some of you might be thinking what a lame game this is, it is for kids and I am here to tell you cannot be more wrong. This is one of the huge list of games we have that are perfect for your team building experience.

Highly Intensive & Full of Tension

This game is nerve wrecking to the bone. One slip up and you can end the game for everyone on both sides and no one wants to be that person. Even though it is all fun and games, no one wants to be the one to make the last turn. So you can expect a high level of effort from everyone, and especially more so when it is their own turn.


Talking It Through

Jenga helps to promote a lot of communication between the team, which is a core element that we want to help develop in team building activities. You will see players helping each other out when it is not their turn. Advising one another on the best course of action. More eyes can be the difference between game over and continue. When players thought they already have found the best tile to extract from the structure, eye power from teammates can help probe for better ‘weightless’ Jenga tiles to extract safely. Then the team makes a collective decision on the safest move to take. Eye Power can indeed be game changing, don’t underestimate it.


Everyone is involved

Sometimes the aggressive games might leave some people out because the aggressiveness doesn’t appeal to them. Whereas other might feel they don’t have the creative flair required for the creative activities. Jenga is not affected by either concern and appeals to everyone’s cup of tea perfectly. Anybody can remove and place a tile on top of the structure. Thus, everyone can enjoy an exhilarating game of Jenga.


A Good pause between the intense activities

We know our clients are all physically fit individuals who love their Bubble Bump and their Combat Archery Tag games. However your stamina actually does have a limit to it. So if you are intending to have a long event, you could consider just having a station of Jenga so that players can have a station to catch a breath and yet still bonding through fun. A brilliant idea don’t you think?


The Sky Is Falling Down

The most important moment in Jenga is ultimately witnessing the demise of the stacked tower. As it starts to tilt, you could see faces start to change, expression of shock shows on their faces. You may even witness the moment when the individual tries his best to salvage the tower by grabbing the fallen structure to no avail, only to hear the crash sound of the tiles. But in the end, everyone walks away from a winner because they are now a happy united team.

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