The Origins of Combat Archery Tag

If you’ve played combat archery tag, you would’ve known how much fun it is. The concept of the game is similar to dodgeball where players get to shoot one another. What parts the two from each other is combat archery tag uses bows and arrows in the game. But have you ever wondered how the combat archery tag game came about? Follow us through this story of the origins of this game!

Combat archery tag began when creator and company CEO John Jackson had passion for the sport. In 2009, he launched an online platform called DeerSpace for those who are passionate about outdoor sports. This website was created never for the intention of making money. Despite having zero advertisements, their website managed to reach 4,000 patrons worldwide.

Moving forward, Jackson launched the Instinct Archery where traditional archery items were designed. He was introduced to Engineer and bow designer Matt Lennon of Storm Archery and this was when the product came to life. Lennon designed the riser bows to follow the shape of the symbol of the company – the D.

In 2011, both of them met spotted a small piece of foam while visiting a vendor. They had the craziest and fun idea to place the foam on the end of the arrows and start shooting each other. The result? It turned out great! The minute they reached the office, they printed the arrow tip on a 3D printer and attached it to a shaft. Thus, this was their prototype arrow.

After some modifications done to the prototype, Jackson took the bows and arrows to Bass and Bucks in Indiana for their first annual Shoot for a Cause fundraising event. The first combat archery tag game played was here.  A video of the game played went viral after it was posted on YouTube! People from around the world started calling in, as they wanted to know the game rules and where to purchase the equipment.

By 2014, Jackson had authorised the combat archery tag game to over 170 locations across the United States, Russia, Peru, and Saudi Arabia. It was not too long after that it started spreading worldwide. We’re among the luckiest people that combat archery tag has made its way to Singapore. This action-packed game will totally win the hearts of the young and young at heart!

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