Top 5 Ideas For A Funtastic Weekend Activity

Let’s focus on some Funtastic weekend activity for you because slacking on your bed watching Netflix is not healthy for your mind and body at all.  Some of these activities have to be done in groups of 8-10 so try to find your friends or family to have an awesome weekend spent together. Anyway, the more the merrier right?


Ninja Tag™ Saber Tag™

Take your pick. What makes these games exciting is the fact that they give you a reason to play catching. Chase after your cowardly friends who turned their back and run! Or you could have a manly face-to-face bout of fencing. Never thought you would still be able to do this at this age huh? An added bonus is that kids and adults can play this game together as well, since fun knows no age limit.


Art Jamming

As you all might have heard, The Fun Empire is moving to a new office with bigger room to conduct activities. This opens up more opportunities for us as well as you! We will now be conducting art-jamming classes on Saturday for walk in customers for individuals or pairs even. So if your looking for somewhere to just exercise your creative juices, look no further, we got the place set up just for you!                             


Giant Board Games

Have you tried our Giant Jenga yet? It is like Jenga, only bigger and better to play. This is another suitable activity for all ages to participate together. We got every Singaporean’s favourite board games in life size. From giant aeroplane chess to life-sized snake and ladder, these games are perfect for carnivals, team buildings, birthday parties or even just for a simple barbecue at your backyard!



Office jobs can be mundane and stationary, so when it is the weekend we should do something contrary, like SaberFit®, a refreshing and energetic workout. I don’t believe I have to point out how much health benefits there are to a good consistent exercise routine. So what are you waiting for, start swinging that saber now!



Do not let any opportunity slip away during the weekends. It comes only after 5 very excruciating days, which makes the weekends all the more valuable. If there is any way to go all out Gung-Ho style, Paintball would be the game. Scream your hearts out as you turn into Rambo. Honestly, I would have my weekends no other way. At least you have someone to splash paint at, happily venting it out 🙂

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