The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Laser Tag

Laser Tag
Laser Tag

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Laser Tag 

  1. No visible sensors, just turn side ways! Reduce your surface areas at every angle possible.

  2. Since there is no visible sensors, use this opportunity to shoot around your corners! Choose a zone to attack first, then slowly move forth to other areas.

  3. Avoid being tag! For laser tag- only systems is pretty difficult to tag, so the main thing to do is to simply move about. However compared to the the IR systems, they are much easier to tag. So, be careful and constantly look out for your surroundings! Have a sharp eye and enjoy your game!

  4. You definitely do not love the feeling of having someone groping you, don’t you? Well, this time laser-groping makes no exception too. Guard your shoulder and gun sensors, they are the easiest to hit! Leave no traces behind and no loopholes for your opponents to take a chance in this intense game of Laser Tag.

  5. Stay on high ground in the game of laser tag! Not only do you get to have a bird’s eye view, eyeing on your potential targets, but also have a higher chance at avoiding being tagged! This defence team will scout or hold of your enemy.

  6. Familiarise yourself with the laser tag arena, so that you know where are the possible safe havens that you could go to seek cover and hide, or even to find where the other members that you could possibly tagged!

  7. Constantly change your secret hiding place, cause once they find you at the first spot, highly likely they will keep coming back for more. So, always find new small spots that you could possibly squeeze yourself into or hide behind.

  8. Sometimes Laser Tag is all about Survival of the fittest. One man for himself. You got to make sacrifices along the way if you really want to win. Sorry guys, it’s just a game after all right? Use the weaker ones as baits to lure the opponents, watch their direction, see where they are coming from so you could protect yourself and avoid those areas.

  9. Laser Tag is boiled down to team effort! It is us against them, bring it on!!  A mission- so create code words that only you and your partner understands in this game of laser tag. If you guys separate ways to venture for more spots and to take down more opponents, at least you are able to communicate through code words even when you are distance apart. Super easy and intellectual way to identify your partner or to let your partner identify you during the Laser Tag match.

  10.  Not everyone is trustable, harsh but true. Reality is real even if it is just a game of Laser Tag. But this is your take on it, if you are a risk taker, this could be a different story for you. Nonetheless, do not team up with random strangers. Some are actually traitors! Watch your back.

  11. Having said that, friends are people that you choose, and hence you can definitely trust them right!!! Therefore, always always travel with friends, it is always good to have back up! You do not have yes at the back of your head, do you? Friends can be your extra pair of eyes that can come in really handy.

  12. Die die just move! Do not keep staying in just one spot or area. That makes you a very vulnerable target in a game of a Laser Tag. Anything, just move, dodge, jump, crawl, roll, anything as long as you are not in the same spot.

  13.  Crouch and cover your chest by tucking your in your keens close to your body.

  14. Understand your opponents, watch their moves and study their plan. In return, after analysing their moves, plan your own moves strategically with your team to take them down and own them in this game of Laser Tag!

  15. If you could sneak in some duct tapes and tape them across the sensor board, to reduce the surface area that is sensitive, that is some high level skills you got there mate. This is outright cheating! Well, playing in the dark gives you an advantage, so be smart and use a black tape to keep your secrets to winning a Laser Tag game highly questionable.

  16. Mirrors! As much as this is a good time to be vain with mirrors places at almost any corners possible, in a highly competitive Laser Tag, ain’t nobody got time for that! Use these strategic mirrors to take down your opponent who cannot even see you. Master these mirrors and you could be a star player. Use this to take down a less suspecting and inexperienced player to your advantage.

  17. Use power ups and the different modes of the Laser Tag game such as invulnerability- which allows you to remain safe with a protection shield from your opponents despite being tagged during Laser Tag.

  18. Station your players strategically. Spread them out conquer every territory. Locate them near the bottom be ambushers. Surround your opponents and take them down when they are off their guards. Celebrate your Laser Tag victory with team work!

  19. Ambush your fellow Laser Tag opponents! Stay very very still, do not make a single move if they do not enter your territory that you are trying to ambush them. Stay down when the enemy is near.

  20. Wear dark colours. Let yourself fade into darkness! You want to keep yourself almost invisible to your opponents in Laser Tag, or even perhaps pull off a disappearing act if possible. Stay away from luminous and bright colours, you did not pay to get tagged within the first five seconds, did you?

  21. Make use of your environment in this exciting Laser Tag. Use dividers if you are in the attacking team, peek over the top. If you see the enemy coming you can quickly duck down or shoot at them over the top of the divider

Remember, all in the name of fun, stay safe and enjoy this exciting and intense Laser Tag game!

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