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10 Best Virtual Escape Rooms In Australia [2021]

September 15, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Best Virtual Escape Room Australia

Virtual Escape Room Australia

Escape Rooms are one of the most fun team building activities out there. Teams will be put to the test in this escape room game by solving difficult puzzles and finding clues. The advantages of team-building activities like Escape Rooms include helping to develop camaraderie among team members and, as a result, fostering a better corporate culture.

Virtual Escape Room Australia is a unique Escape Room concept that was created by The Fun Empire. A 100% Online Escape Room Game, teams will get to reap the benefits of a physical Escape Room experience and more from the comfort of their own homes. In a unique and immersive setting, each Escape Room Australia revolves around interactive challenges and exciting narratives. These virtual team building exercises are ideal for fostering cohesion among dispersed teams and individuals who work from home!

Virtual Escape Rooms are all the rage these days, but finding the best Virtual Escape Room near you can be a daunting task. They're popping up everywhere! If you're looking for Virtual Escape Rooms in Australia, look no further. We've compiled a list of 10 Virtual Escape Rooms that have been tried and tested by our experts to be the best Virtual Escape Rooms in Australia.

1. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Escape Room Australia

The Fun Empire has launched Australia’s first and only Virtual Escape Room Australia experience, bringing its award-winning escape room experience online.

This Virtual Escape Room Game was created by the company specifically for people to interact virtually to solve problems and unearth mysteries in this thrilling experience. Facilitators will be accessible during the session to offer assistance if participants want any help or advice while solving the Online Escape Room Puzzle.

The firm created this online escape room platform with the purpose of allowing players to collaborate virtually to solve the problems and discover the mysteries in this thrilling escape game riddle. Facilitation will be given for each escape room event to offer participants assistance if they need it during the virtual session.

In this interactive team bonding exercise, you'll put your problem-solving and communication abilities to the test! All of the obstacles in the escape room game are designed to foster collaboration among players.

This is an ideal corporate team building activity for you and your organization. The virtual escape room game may easily handle small groups of two people all the way up to very large groups of hundreds of participants.

Teams will participate in a virtual escape room experience over secure video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Webex, allowing remote workers to collaborate together in a fun and safe way! Virtual Escape Room is one of the best team-building events you won't want to miss if you're searching for a fun and interesting way to interact with your coworkers.

Price: From $20/pax

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Virtual Amazing Race - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Travel around the world from the comfort of your own homes!

The Fun Empire has launched the world's first Virtual Amazing Race, which will see teams compete across the world to be the first to complete a variety of thrilling tasks and challenges. They'll get to explore different countries from the comfort of their own homes!

The Fun Empire has devised a captivating narrative for competitors to solve in order to finish the Amazing Race. This is one fun and unusual Virtual Team Building exercise because it combines Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, and Escape Room into one thrilling experience!

The Virtual Amazing Race is a one-of-a-kind experience developed on The Fun Empire's proprietary virtual platform. To ensure that every participant has a great time, the entire session will be professionally led by certified trainers, with accurate clues, objectives, and story.

The combination of Virtual Amazing Race and Virtual Escape Room Puzzle is ideal for groups of any size! The options are limitless, suitable for 2 pax to an infinite number of pax. It's also ideal for remote teams from several countries who wish to participate!

Try this out for yourself while working from home, whether it's a remote team building session, a virtual date, or a virtual hang out with your pals! This is one of the best and most interesting things to do in Australia!

Price: From $25/pax

3. Virtual Food Quest - Ninja Chef

Virtual Food Quest - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Virtual Food Quest - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Food lovers, the Virtual Food Quest – Ninja Chef is for you!

Virtual Food Quest is an interactive culinary adventure created by The Fun Empire that blends aspects of Online Escape Room Puzzle games with food-related challenges. Participants will collaborate with their friends, family, and coworkers to solve and finish each stage, all revolving around a distinct cuisine!

This is a fun Virtual Escape Room Game that allows players to learn about and appreciate a variety of cuisine. As participants race to collect materials and become the Ultimate Ninja Chef, teamwork and communication will be challenged.

This is a fantastic team-building exercise. The Virtual Food Quest experience can accommodate groups of any size, from as few as two people to as many as you like!

Try this flavourful virtual activity out – fun and laughter is guaranteed! Participants will definitely find themselves craving for food after the activity!

Price: From $20/pax

4. Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Have you ever seen a sci-fi film and pondered whether time travel is feasible? This Virtual Escape Room is for you!

The Fun Empire is the first and only Virtual Time Travel experience, allowing guests to collaborate with their teams and tackle mysteries from different eras and time zones. Finish the story as the clock ticks down.

The Virtual Escape Room Puzzle is highly fun and difficult puzzle, which will put your team's problem-solving abilities to the test. The Virtual Time Travel experience is ideal for your next team bonding event because it necessitates a lot of collaboration and communication! This is one of the most recent and unusual team building games ever developed!

The Virtual Time Travel experience requires only two people to get started, and there's no limit to the number of participants!

Be prepared to be blown away by the wonders of time travel!

Price: From $20/pax

5. Virtual Travel Experience - Icons of Singapore

Virtual Travel Experience - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Virtual Travel Experience - Virtual Escape Room Australia

The Virtual Travel Experience – Icons of Singapore is the newest and coolest initiative by The Fun Empire!

Participants will take part in a number of exciting challenges, including Virtual Escape Room Singapore, Amazing Race, 360° Live Clues, Treasure Hunting, Trivia Questions, and more!

Icons of Singapore is the first in the collection, and it provides a virtual tour of Singapore. Through a series of interactive riddles and an engaging tale, they will learn about the city-state's history, culture, and cuisine.

For individuals interested in learning more about Singapore or who plan to visit the nation in the future, Virtual Travel Experience is an excellent option. It's also a fantastic team-building exercise for businesses to learn more about the country together!

Price: From $20/pax

6. Time's Ticking

Time's Ticking - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Time's Ticking - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Time's Ticking is a brand new virtual escape room from the Fun Empire. This virtual escape room is ideal for people seeking for an entertaining and thrilling experience. You may be Sherlock Holmes in this virtual escape room and become the saviour.

The police have just gotten a call from someone who claims to be planning an entire city explosion. You and your teammates will be the detectives tasked with preventing the city from being destroyed by terrorists. To succeed, you must work together to defuse the bomb in a set amount of time.

Price: From $20/pax

7. Ben's Big Heist

Ben's Big Heist - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Ben's Big Heist - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Have you ever wanted to play the part of a bad guy in a film? Ben's Big Heist is a virtual escape room that allows you to do so!

This game requires you and your pals to break into the bank and steal as much gold as possible. What you have is only a sketch of the bank, with some notes scrawled on it. In the short time frame, you must break into the vaults, steal the gold, and flee from the bank before the authorities arrive. The difficulty of this escape room lies in fact that as you guys go further, the vaults will become more difficult to crack. As a result, it is critical that you anticipate everything ahead of time.

So are you ready for the challenge?

Price: From $20/pax

8. Jack's Hangover

Jack's Hangover - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Have you seen The Hangover yet? In this virtual escape room, you'll be able to unleash the detective within you. You will help Jack in his Hangover to recall what occurred the previous night in this game.

Jack woke up in a hotel room with a horrible headache and no recollection of what occurred the night before. You'll need to look in different locations, such as the casino and the hotel suite, to help Jack remember what occurred. At the same time, you must keep in mind that there is a limited amount of time before Jack's flight departure!

Price: From $20/pax

9. Curse of the Werewolf

Curse of the Werewolf - Virtual Escape Room Australia

Curse of The WereWolf is the ideal virtual escape room if you are looking for dark fictional plots.

You'll take on the persona of a member of the village elders, with the goal of removing a curse from a little ancient settlement. Various werewolves lurk in the shadows at night, hunting people in this hamlet. Many people were slain, and the villages are terrorized and sorrowful. There has never been peace for them. You have only 90 minutes before the werewolves attack the village at night.

As the descendants of the Village Chief, are you able the lift this curse through the clues given in the Village Chief’s office?

Price: From $20/pax

10. Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - Virtual Escape Room Australia
Hybrid Amazing Race - Virtual Escape Room Australia

At Chinatown, relish the first Hybrid Amazing Race experience in Singapore! The Hybrid Amazing Race is a mixture of real-life challenges and a virtual escape room.

Participants will be able to learn more about Singapore's history and cuisines while visiting notable sites such as the Merlion. This game is ideal for large groups that want to bond physically while maintaining social distance guidelines. Prepare yourself for a thrilling and entertaining journey with your friends or coworkers! This is one of the most interesting virtual team-building activities for you

Price: From $35/Pax

Virtual Escape Room Australia

If you’re looking to find the most unique and coolest Virtual Escape Room experiences in Australia, look no further than The Fun Empire! Fun and laughter is guaranteed no matter which Virtual Escape Room Game you decide to book.

The Fun Empire also provides over 30 different team building games and activities. They have created and developed in-house unique and exciting team building activities that you and your team will love!

Their award-winning team bonding activities have been well-loved by their diverse clientele, generating over 1,000 5-Star Reviews. They have also successfully organized over 10,000 events for more than 1,000,000 happy participants!

They are the only team building company in Singapore and Southeast Asia that attained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Service Quality, the world’s gold standard in Quality Management. Their strong track record has led them to achieve awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Honouree, APAC Insider’s Best Team Building & Events Company, Brands For Good Champion, Spirit of Enterprise Award and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Escape Room Australia?

Virtual Escape Room Australia is a virtual escape room online version of the popular escape game concept. It is the ultimate test of one’s wit, attentiveness to details, and communication skills. Players will have to work together in online teams to overcome challenges and puzzles, in order to unlock secrets and complete the storyline.

How is Virtual Escape Room Australia conducted?

The session would be conducted over video communication platforms (e.g. Zoom), with professional facilitation by The Fun Empire’s trained instructors. They will bring you and your team into their Virtual Escape Room Puzzle Rooms that are specially built for you to experience this activity online!

What is the duration of the Virtual Escape Room Australia experience?

Each Virtual Escape Room Australia experience is around 1.5 hours, inclusive of 30 minutes of set up and debriefing. The game experience will be 1 hour as you race against the clock with your team to complete the Escape Puzzles within the time frame.

How many people can experience Virtual Escape Room Australia at the same time?

You only need a minimum of 2 pax to get started with the Virtual Escape Room Puzzle experience. There is no limit to the number of participants!

Who is the Virtual Escape Room Australia experience suitable for?

Everyone! Players should ideally be at least ages 10 and up to be able to solve the puzzles effectively, but The Fun Empire has an Online Escape Room Puzzle specially designed for kids as well! As it is an 100% online experience, it is also great for remote teams and those working from home!

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