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Best Water Group Activities In Singapore

April 18, 2022 by The Fun Empire Team

Group Activities Singapore

Are you looking for group activities in Singapore that are outdoors? But you refuse to suffer in the sweltering heat. Cool off by playing team building activities that involve water! However, some of us may assume that water activities are limited to being played in swimming pools or at water parks like Wild Wild Wet and Adventure Cove. This is not the case! With just a couple of water bombs, sponges, and water guns, you can start participating in some water activities with your colleagues straight away! Here's a special list of the water team building games we came up with that you can prepare easily to try out with your colleagues.

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Best Water Group Activities In Singapore

1. Water bomb dodgeball

Best Group Activities For A Hot Day In Singapore.
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This group activity is played exactly like Dodgeball. But, here's the twist. Water bombs are used as dodgeballs instead! Mark out the game area. Split your team members evenly into two groups and get ready to start hurling water bombs at one another. One thing to note is that you’ll need many water bombs because each of them has one use only. Once hit, you’re out of the game, but hey at least you'll have a refreshing exit! Also, remember to clean up the broken water bombs after!

2. Fill the bottle

Best Group Activities For A Hot Day In Singapore.
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Put your coordination skills to the test in this group activity as your team aims to fill up a bottle with water using a sponge. However, the catch here is that one teammate will have to hold the bottle above his or her head while lying down. So if you miss, your teammate will get a chance to have their face washed! Set a time limit for this team building activity, and the team with the most amount of water collected in that amount of time wins!

3. Armband water gun fight

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I am sure most of us have played water gun fight at least once during our childhood. So why don't we reminisce on those times by having a water gun fight as a team building activity. Who's to say that this game is only suitable for kids and that adults can't play. The whole point of a team building activity is to build deeper bonds and interact with one another without the daily stress of work. And this water game will definitely meet the criteria for a fun and stress-relieving team building session. So have fun in a water gun fight! Start by splitting your team members into two groups. And then give each group different colored armbands – for example, one group will wear blue armbands and the other will wear red ones. Your team will win once they are able to soak the armbands of the players from the opposing team!

However, if you’re looking for a group activity that is similar to this but does not involve water, do check out our combat archery tag or laser tag!

4. Duck, duck, water

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This group activity is great for big groups. It is similar to how duck, duck, goose is played (for those of you who have never heard of it, click here!). But in this case, water is splashed onto the person who is supposed to be the “goose”! The person who got splashed with water will then have to chase and tag the splasher before he or she sits down in the empty space in the circle.

5. Water bomb Captain’s Ball

team building activities. Water Captain's ball
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Try playing this group activity that's similar to Captain’s Ball! However, instead of an actual ball, you will be using a water bomb to play. The small size of a water bomb definitely makes it more difficult to catch than a captain’s ball, but another thing to keep in mind is that it breaks! So beware of throwing the water bomb too carelessly! And remember to prepare as many water bombs as you can before starting as well, because you’ll run out fast!

Group Activities Singapore

In conclusion, these are just some of the group activities you can play in Singapore that involve water. However, if you have a preference for not getting soaked from head to toe, don't worry. We got you! You can check out the links below for some recommendations on activities that do not involve water 🙂

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