Why Cooking Classes Are All The Rage

I don’t know if you have noticed, but more and more cooking classes are opening up in Singapore. Maybe it’s due to the popularity and hype surrounding Masterchef, or simply that Singaporeans are gaining an interest in the culinary world. Regardless, cooking is no longer seen as a necessity to whip out a meal, but also as an unconventional and one-of-a-kind activity where people come together and bond through the art of food. Not only foodies get to participate in cooking classes, but everyone! Whether if you’re someone who possesses a discerning palate or have little to zero knowledge about food, you will enjoy the sessions thoroughly and leave the place with a lot more exposure to the making and crafting of what we consume on a daily basis.


1. Team-Bonding


Recently, more and more corporate companies have selected cooking classes as the event for their team-bonding day out. While it’s a change from the regular team-building activities, this is actually a good thing as people are more intrigued and excited by the prospect of interacting with their friends and colleagues in a kitchen environment. A 360 degree turnaround from the outdoors. I think it’s no secret by now that it’s essential for workers to escape the workplace surrounding every once in a while to declutter the mind and revitalize, and what better way to do that than with food? Expect loads of fun and also concentration while you and your teammates aim to produce a good-tasting dish for all to enjoy.

2. Selection of Cuisines


Here at The Fun Empire, we provide a plethora of cuisines for you to choose. If you love Japanese food, then you can opt for our Sushi-Making workshop, which would instill you with the skills to make an incredibly delicious sushi set by our professionally-trained facilitators and chefs. However, if you’re looking towards more healthier options, don’t worry. Our Healthy Cooking Workshop is specially-catered to those who are more diet conscious. Other workshops include Ice-Cream making, Desert Cooking and Dim Sum. As our cooking classes are inclusive, vegetarian and halal options are available as well. Therefore, there’s no excuse for anyone to not participate in cooking classes!


3. Therapeutic


 While we have all seen Gordon Ramsay shouting and throwing items around the kitchen, cooking is in fact an extremely therapeutic activity, that is if you’re not planning to run a restaurant that is. Our cooking classes take place in a relaxing and air-conditioned environment where you can interact and bond with your friends and colleagues, with music playing in the background. Take this opportunity to unwind and put away all thoughts of work and difficulties as you truly immerse yourself in the once-in-a-lifetime experience. You know what they all say. Food tastes better when there is sincerity.

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