Why Gel Candles Make For Great Gifts

As you may or may not know, The Fun Empire recently had the opportunity to try our hands on the Gel Candle Making Workshop. If your friend or loved one’s birthday is coming up and you’re in a dilemma unsure of what gifts to send, then we may have the solution for you. We all know the conventional presents commonly gifted each year, and you want your gift to stand out from the crowd. Well, why not look towards candles, specifically gel candles that you personally made them yourself? Yes, it’s possible with our Gel Candle Making workshop, which allows you to not only construct a personal soy candle, but also a clay ornament. It’s fully-customizable, fuss-free, and incredibly simple to do.


1. Sentimental Value

As Gel Candles are completely personalized, you can design and construct the candle to your preference in every way. From the scent, color to even appearance of the candle, you have full control of the process in making it. This thus provides an opportunity for you to gift an incredibly sentimental and meaningful gift to your friends or loved ones, especially if you’re aware of what they personally like and enjoy. By the end of the session, package it well and you’re done! The one receiving the gift would no doubt appreciate the thought and work behind it.

2. Great Decor Piece

Placed either at shelves or desks in offices or homes, and it will instantly brighten up the decor by adding some color and texture. During the evening, candles, when burned, would provide a warm and comforting environment which allows you to luxuriate and unwind after a hard day’s work. It also provides a more welcoming atmosphere when guests come around. As such, candles are not just great decorative pieces, but also useful. What’s not to love?


3. Health Benefits

To cut things short, gel candles carry many health benefits as it’s not only all-natural and paraben-free, but also non-toxic! It’s largely made from natural minerals, so when evaporated, you’re not ingesting all the toxins and bad chemicals that come with regular candles.

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