Why Gel Candles are better than Paraffin Ones

When you see a gel candle, the first thought that comes to mind would probably be its semblance to agar agar. With it’s transparent but dyed appearance, it really looks like the jelly we like to eat from time to time. But, there’s more to this gel candle than you know!

While candles have been used throughout centuries, paraffin wax was only introduced in the 1850s, and the surge in popularity for candles only came about in the 1900s.

As compared to paraffin wax, gel candles had numerous benefits that prove it to be a better choice for candle making.

Better for you

The main reason that gel candles triumph over paraffin ones is that they are made from mineral oil. While paraffin wax contains numerous chemicals since it is a by-product of petroleum, gel wax burns cleaner than paraffin – less or no pollutants, toxins or carcinogens released when burnt.

More durable

Gel candles also possess longer burning time than paraffin candles. This means that they are more worth the value compared to paraffin.

Makes a great team building activity

Gel candle making classes teach the process of how to make gel candles and provide a way for those taking the class to let their creativity be expressed through the candle that they make. Being a hands-on experience, the great thing about it is that participants also get to customize their candle to whatever they fancy. For instance, it’s transparent and thick so you can suspend items in it to look like they are “floating”!

Not only can candles be customized to individual preference in a gel candle making workshop, but it is also a great team building activity. Gel candle making can be done in teams, where decisions and allocation of roles have to be made. This allows the group to work together to come to a consensus of what needs to be done and who will be best suited for each role. The decision-making process also allows team members to find out more about each other’s likes and dislikes, giving them commonality and more topics to talk about.

This gives the opportunity of team members to bond with another through gel candle making and allows them to get to know one another better. In doing so, this also gives space for relaxation and relieving stress. If an indoor team building activity is of interest to your team, do drop by and try it out!

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