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30 Best Tuition Centres in Singapore [2021]

August 18, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Tuition Centre Singapore

Best Tuition Centre Singapore
Best Tuition Centre Singapore

Are you a student trying to score the grades of your dreams? Or a concerned parent fretting over your child struggling to keep up in class? Then, searching for the best tuition centre Singapore may be your next best step.

While it has become the norm in Singapore, enrolling in tuition centres often gets berated for being too pressurising on students. But in actuality, tuition centres are beneficial in helping you excel in your subjects.

Tuition centres in Singapore provide you with the right guidance and additional support to understand academic concepts that you may not have been able to grasp while you were in class.

To save you the headache of finding the right place, here is our list of the best tuition centres in Singapore for all your learning enrichment needs.

The centres in this list range from providing help in the often challenging subjects like Math, Science and English, so you should be able to find the right place for you to level up your understanding in these subjects.

Before we get to the list, here are some fun and exciting activities you can plan together with your friends before the upcoming exam stress starts settling in:

1. Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre

Joss Sticks Tuition Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Joss Sticks Tuition Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesProviding Quality Math Tuition For Secondary / O Level / A Level Maths
Address157A Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre Singapore 307610
Phone9380 5290
Operating hoursThe following are subject to changes based on times of year:
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 7pm
Monday: 2pm - 6pm
Thursday: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Friday: 3pm - 7.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

The spiritual home (since 2007) of one of Singapore's original Super Tutors, Miss Loi's Temple aka Joss Sticks Tuition Centre (located a pebble's throw from Novena MRT) offers the ways of the enlightened to those with the poorest of poor Math grades, so that they may be cleansed of their low confidence and careless mistakes, and attain their O & A Level Mathematical Salvation.

Despite its name, there is nothing religious about "Joss Sticks" and "Miss Loi's Temple". Joss Sticks actually refers to Miss Loi’s challenging set of exam paper questions. A Jφss Sticks Session is then, quite simply, an intensive Maths group tuition class conducted by the Venerable Miss Loi. Riding on a traditional Chinese saying which loosely translates to “Never burn joss sticks when all is well, but hug Buddha’s foot when in distress”, Miss Loi will be your guiding light towards good Math grades.

Key Differentiators

  1. Miss Loi is one of the original 5 "Super Tutors" - this term was mentioned for the first time on the front page of The Sunday Times on 15 June 2008. Miss Loi will celebrate her 30th year as a tutor in 2021.
  2. A customised learning programme that’s tailored to the needs of individual students is available.
  3. Doesn’t charge any registration or material fees upon enrolment.

Client Testimonial

Miss Loi is an amazing teacher and she really cares. She will continuously challenge and test your concepts until you fully understand them. My daughter went to her with scores of E8 & F9 initially and under Miss Loi’s tutelage, she scored A1s during her O levels. She now likes maths so much that she is considering to study maths at university in the future. We are so grateful to her!


2. The Learning Board

The Learning Board - Tuition Centre Singapore
The Learning Board - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesTuition classes to Primary School students and Secondary School students, specialising in English, Maths and Science. Conducts workshops and intensive programmes for PSLE and O Level examinations.
16 Jalan Masjid, #01-06 Kembangan Suite, Singapore 418941

1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-67 The Midtown, Singapore 533971
Phone9271 0648
Operating hours10 AM – 10 PM

The Learning Board specialises in English, Maths, and Science subjects from primary school students to secondary school levels. They motivate and guide students towards attaining their A grades by using effective strategies. Students achieve higher results and lasting improvements with the help of the Triple Star core system: SMART Sheets, capable teachers and positive reassurance.

​The Learning Board bases their teaching on a blend of creative materials and engaging techniques. This leads to a learning process where students can learn and improve at their own pace without the "grind" feeling. Students feel empowered as they gain mastery of the subject and become motivated to advance.

Key Differentiators

  1. Right Curriculum: The Learning Board develops MOE-compliant materials and SMART Sheets to help students quickly understand and remember new concepts. Each SMART Sheet presents one topic in a single sheet of A4 paper.
  2. Right Support: The Learning Board’s teachers are approachable. They help students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance. Class size is maintained at a small number to ensure each student receives adequate attention from their teachers.
  3. Right Attitude: The Learning Board sees the way to develop the best in a student is through appreciation and encouragement. This motivation-based teaching method delivers a holistic approach that leaves a long-lasting impact on student improvement.

Client Testimonial

I was bad at English and did not know how to differentiate rules and concepts. The Learning Board helped me perform greater in my Paper 1 & 2 and improve my English score from B to A.

3. Jai Learning Hub

Jai Learning Hub - Tuition Centre Singapore
Jai Learning Hub - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesBasic courses:
NI/N2, KI /K2 
Primary 1-6
Primary 5-6 (H.T) 
Secondary I-4
Secondary I-4 (H.T) 
Secondary 1-4 N.A/ N.T 
A Level 

Premium Enrichment Courses: 
NI/N2 Speech and Drama 
KI/K2 Speech and Drama 
PI/P2 Little Readers 
PI/P2 Becoming An Author 
P3/P4 Oral Champions 
P3, P4 Creative Writers 
P5/P6 Oral Champions 
P5/P6 Creative Writers 
Sec1/Sec2 Writing Champions 
Sec3/Sec4 Writing Champions
AddressYishun Branch (Main):
Blk 291 Yishun Street 22, #01-363 (Level 2)
Singapore 760291

Choa Chu Kang Branch:
Choa Chu Kang Central
Singapore 680230

Tampines Branch:
Blk 201A Tampines Street 21
#01-1061 Singapore 521201

Jurong West Branch:
Blk 517 Jurong West Street 52
#01-101 S640517
Phone98254743 (Mdm Devi)
90082651 (Mr Magesh) for non-tuition related enquiries (for non-tuition related enquiries)
Operating hoursMonday-Friday Timing: 2pm to 8pm 
Saturday-Sunday Timing: 10am to 2pm

Mdm Devi started Jai Learning Hub in 2007 with a vision to help kids excel in Tamil while also learning to enjoy the language. Today, with a team of passionate, qualified and like-minded full-time tutors, Jai Learning Hub is positively impacting countless students. Their Motto is "WE PROMISE YOUR EXCELLENCE" and that drives them to only provide the best and more for their students.

Key Differentiators

  1. Unlike other tuition centres, Jai Learning Hub is not results-driven such that emphasis is only placed on spoon-feeding information and practicing aimlessly. The teachers effectively incorporate Tamil into the daily lives of their students through our innovative teaching methods and activities. This helps students actually develop an interest in the subject and excel in it. 
  2. Have a personalised portfolio for every student. Teachers will identify each student's strengths and weaknesses while constantly updating parents and students on improvements made/to be made after each session. 
  3. Focus on innovative teaching methods rather than establishing an old-school classroom environment. Jai Learning Hub believes in cultivating a purpose in learning through enhancing students' creativity and confidence in Tamil. Using this holistic approach, students are able to excel not only in Tamil but also in other academic and life goals.

Client Testimonial

My daughter is going to receive Edusave Good Progress Award. This would not have been possible without Ms Devi and other teachers' support and encouragement for her Tamil too. Through their guidance and encouragement, my daughter has improved and shown more interest in Tamil. I could say more about the teachers, activities, etc. 

But in short, I recommend Jai Learning Hub to all of my friends

Sheila Gomez

4. Miracle Math Tuition Centre

Miracle Math Tuition Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Miracle Math Tuition Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesMathematics Tuition
Address11 Bedok North Street 1 #01-06 Heartbeat@Bedok Singapore 469662 
Phone97879150 (no calls, WhatsApp message only)
Operating hoursBy appointment only

Miracle Math Tuition Centre (registered with MOE) offers premium small group Maths Tuition at Bedok. Since 2007, Miracle Math tutors have helped students to be successful, both in academic and in life. On average, maths students improved 2 grades or more within 6 to 18 months’ time with them. As long as the student is willing to cooperate with the teachers, it is impossible not to improve with Miracle Math!

Key Differentiators

  1. Endeavours to instil the joy of learning in every student to help them be successful, both in academics and in life.
  2. Personalised education that is highly interactive with the teacher and among the students.
  3. Premium small group tuition.

Client Testimonial

I joined in Sec 2, and I can thank Miracle Math Tuition for my A1 streak. I have always struggled to find interest in math due to its tedious equations and uninteresting formulas. With Miracle Math’s help, I am able to find motivation to practise, as well as revise my math, which has helped me maintain good grades. The classes are small so it’s easier to make sure we all engage in class discussions, and the concepts taught are very clear-cut. The teacher ensures that we are all paying attention and the materials taught will be very useful during exams. In 2 hours you will be able to learn a lot, which is what made we enjoy classes every week. Please consider this tuition centre if you want to see quick improvements in math!


5. Math Note

Math Note - Tuition Centre Singapore
Math Note - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesMathematics Tuition for Primary to Junior College students
AddressAng Mo Kio Ave 6 Singapore 560718
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 3pm to 930pm, Sat and Sun 10am to 5pm

The Math Note learning centre was established by an ex-school teacher with a mission in mind: to help students who have difficulty in Math to excel and gain confidence in the subject. Math Note provides quality and structured lessons to help students to gain confidence in learning Mathematics. More than 90% of their graduating students received an A/B in their final examination every year. In addition, Math Note's curriculum is always up-to-date and in line with the latest MOE syllabus.

With almost 15 years of industry experience and having taught and interacted with over 700 students, Math Note are able to propel your child to excellence in Mathematics with rich experience and innovative teaching techniques.

Key Differentiators

  1. Tutors are nurturing and has an extensive mathematic background to help your child understand the concept as evident in the good results that our students receive every year.
  2. Create a personalised experience tailored to your child's learning style and in line with the latest MOE syllabus
  3. Tutors give your child the one-on-one attention that they need to succeed.

6. Yes Tuition Agency

Yes Tuition Agency - Tuition Centre Singapore
Yes Tuition Agency - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesTuition Agency, Home tuition Services
Address35 Selegie Road Parklane Shopping Mall #10-01 Singapore 188307
Operating hoursMon to Sun 0900 to 1800

Established in 2006, Yes Tuition Agency is a trusted provider of qualified and experience tutors for students who need a helping hand in their studies. Started with 100 tutors in 2006, it has grown to a database of over 20,000 tutors in 2020 covering the entire area of Singapore. Their database of tutors consists of undergraduates, graduates, former school teachers, and full-time professionals.

Yes Tuition are a group of educators that are serious and committed to your child’s education. They strive to improve the user experience between the tutor, student, and parent. Their primary goal is to create a trusted agency to facilitate the match between student and tutor using their own proprietary system, and they remain committed to providing you the ultimate experience.

The team believes every student is different and each tutor will be tailor matched. Their years of experience in the industry and extensive network enables them to access each students’ weakness and thereby recommend you the right tutor.

Key Differentiators

  1. 20000 teachers profile across Singapore
  2. Fast response and dedicate customer service
  3. Largest MOE school teachers network

Client Testimonial

When I first thought of getting Yes Tuition’s services, I thought they would be very expensive. But their tutor rates are very affordable and reasonable. Now my kid is improving in his grade and I don’t have to worry about too much. The founder Ken is very humble and he assigned the right consultant to take care of my requirements

Wang Jon Kiak

7. Our Learning Loft

Our Learning Loft - Tuition Centre Singapore
Our Learning Loft - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesPremium Tuition Services for PSLE, 'O' Level & Integrated Programme students
Address613A Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269715 (beside Coronation Plaza)
Phone6908 8884
Operating hoursMonday - Friday: 3pm to 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 8pm

Our Learning Loft brings learning to life! Using practical examples and hands-on experiences, your child will understand fundamental principles better and ignite a love for learning. With highly experienced teachers specialising in small classes, Our Learning Loft offers premium tuition services to Primary and Secondary students.

Our Learning Loft creates a learning environment where every child is sure to enjoy as they grow. As one of the best tutorial centres in Singapore, they have committed to providing top-notch classes for all levels. Their approach in education doesn’t solely focus on academic excellence, but also on practicality and applications in everyday life.

Key Differentiators

  1. Brings learning to life with real-life applications in every lesson!
  2. Highly experienced, qualified, and passionate teachers with an in-house curated curriculum
  3. Small group classes to ensure that every student gets the sufficient attention from their teacher.

Client Testimonial

What I benefited most from Our Learning Loft is that the notes and worksheets are HIGHLY relevant to what I am tested in school. I joined the centre 3 months before my EOYs and it already helped me achieve and overall grade of A1 for Science! I was previously scoring C5 and hence this is a huge surprise for me!

During my regular lessons, I can see that my Science teacher was not just merely going through the motion of teaching. He exudes enthusiasm and passion in every lesson, and this has certainly helped me develop my own interest in the subject. He is very encouraging and often tells me that I am going to do well. He is undoubtedly the BEST Science teacher I have ever met. Well, I am so confident that I will continue to achieve good grades when I promote to Sec 2 in 2021.

I also like how the centre is extremely clean and bright. It is a very ideal environment to study in. The snacks and drinks in the centre can help students learn and study better as they serve as refreshments after being tired from studying.


8. Best Physics Tuition

Best Physics Tuition - Tuition Centre Singapore
Best Physics Tuition - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesPhysics Tuition
AddressBukit Timah Shopping Centre and Waterloo Centre
Operating HoursWeekends and after-school hours

Best Physics Tuition Centre is an education centre that focuses exclusively on Physics tuition for A-level, O-level and IP students. It was founded by Mr Tony Chee, an ex-MOE school teacher with probably the most established credentials in the area of Physics. He obtained his First Class Honours degree from United Kingdom and has won several MOE teaching awards. The centre offers unique programmes which have helped numerous students regained their confidence in Physics and scored distinctions at their national examinations.

Key Differentiators

  1. Classes are taught by Mr Tony Chee, featured by The Straits Times as a top “Super Tutor”.
  2. Highly qualified tutor: Former MOE and NIE Physics lecturer, PSC government scholar with a 1st class Honors in Physics and an author of Physics guidebooks and Ten-Year-Series.
  3. Specially crafted lessons to ace exams and personalised support beyond classroom lessons.

Client Testimonial

Mr Chee has taught me Physics since Secondary 3. Back in Secondary 3, I was very weak in Physics and hated it as it seemed so hard to grasp. Ever since he taught me, my Physics started to improve. Every week, I would look forward to his lessons as they were informative and enjoyable. Even in JC, concepts that seemed hard to comprehend was made easy due to his clarity of teaching and knowledge of the subject. He also understands his students very well and gives them the required support they need. Mr Chee is a very nice and good teacher and anyone should go to if they are weak in Physics. I will never forget him as a teacher and will miss his lessons. I truly appreciate his patience towards me during the 4 years of teaching me.

Yang Ying Tay

9. EduFirst

EduFirst - Tuition Centre Singapore
EduFirst - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesTuition for Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Student Care Services
Address Multiple locations - Yishun, Khatib, Woodlands, Sembawang, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Sengkang (Fernvale and Anchorvale), Jurong East, Punggol, Bukit Timah
Operating HoursMonday - Friday, 12-8 pm.
Saturday 9 am - 3 pm/6 pm
Sunday 9 am - 3 pm
*Operating hours differ between the different outlets so best to call and check

EduFirst Learning Centre is an award-winning tuition and student care centre with 12 branches island-wide. They have been awarded “Best Enrichment and Learning Centres” for 4 consecutive years by Parent’s World Magazine. In addition, we have been rated as one of the top 3 tuition centres by

They offer tuition services for English, Mathematics Chinese and Science from Pre-Primary, Primary up to Secondary 4 O level students. Their student care services are catered to primary school children.

Key Differentiators

  1. Offer a wide variety of primary and secondary subjects
  2. Use of proprietary materials and worksheets to conduct our lessons
  3. Small group size of just between 4-8 students per session

Client Testimonials

Was looking for an online revision Math programme for P5 during the PSLE marking week and chanced upon EduFirst. Showed my son and he was very keen. Very prompt follow up by their consultant Fang Ting on the programme curriculum, schedule, admin matters and fees. After the programme ended, my son commented that usually, he finds Math lessons take very long to end or are dry. However, time passed very quickly for this revision programme. He looked forward to each lesson. Teacher Erica was very patient, engaging and able to. Explain the Math problem sums and steps in a very clear and concise manner. It also helped that she colour-coded her solutions. A big thank you to Teacher Erica for your engaging lessons and Fang Ting for answering our questions promptly.


10. EduZ Tuition

EduZ Tuition - Tuition Centre Singapore
EduZ Tuition - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesPrimary: English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Creative Writing
Secondary: English, Maths, Science, Chinese
JC: General Paper, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Economics
AddressChoa Chu Kang Branch:
223 Choa Chu Kang Central #01-237B Singapore 680223. 5 mins walk from CCK MRT

Woodlands Branch:
306 Woodlands St 31 #02-35 Singapore 730306. 5 mins walk from Marsiling MRT.
Phone Choa Chu Kang branch: (+65) 9797 3786
Woodlands branch: (+65) 9062 5285
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 2 pm-10 pm
Sat-Sun: 9 am-7 pm

Established in 2010, EduZ Tuition employs a specialised learning model created by ex-school tutors. Specialised teaching materials will be provided to students. With branches around Singapore as well as live-streamed online lessons, students get to enjoy the ease of convenience from the interactive and quality lessons.

Key Differentiators

  1. No registration and material fee
  2. Special teaching material provided
  3. 5 mins walk from MRT stations
  4. Small class size
  5. Livestreamed online & centre based lessons both available

Client Testimonial

I attended maths and science lessons throughout my secondary and junior college years. I am really thankful for my two tutors, Mr Dave and Mr Jonathan, for patiently guiding me throughout the journey. They clarified my doubts even after classes and went the extra mile to ensure that I am doing well in school. I scored As for maths, chemistry and physics for A Level 2018.

Qiaoyi, NYJC Student (2018)

11. Ignite Tuition Centre

Ignite Tuition Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Ignite Tuition Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesTuition & Enrichment Services (Online & Offline)
AddressChoa Chu Kang branch:
Blk 252 Choa Chu Kang Ave 2 #01-304 Singapore 680252

Jurong West branch:
Blk 456 Jurong West Street 41 #02-726 Singapore 640456
Phone68930877 / 62720087 / 83221619
Operating HoursWeekdays: 3 pm to 9 pm
Weekends 9 am to 6 pm

 Ignite is a tight-knit community of teachers and students who love learning and love excelling the process. The tuition centre uses innovative teaching methods to ensure students love the learning process, combined with top-quality teachers, teaching assistants and curated learning materials to drive their performance ahead of their peers.

Key Differentiators

  1. No Deposit Policy
  2. Ultra-redefined curriculum learning structures with premium notes and worksheets
  3. Personalised learning reports for students

Client Testimonial

Been there after viewing multiple recommendations on Facebook and I was surprised with the precautionary measures they have in place in light of the current situation.

On top of that, the materials used are good and I love the learning environment. Heard that some of their master tutor classes for the academic year 2021 is already FULL! Luckily, I got a seat for 3 of my children! Can't wait to start this November! 🙂  


12. AO Studies Tuition Centre

AO Tuition - Tuition Centre Singapore
AO Tuition - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesTuition Services for O-Levels and A-Levels students
Address420 North Bridge Road #06-11/12
Operating Hours Mon - Fri: 6 am - 8 pm
Weekends 10 am - 6 pm

AO Studies, as its name suggests, is a tuition centre that specializes in ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Education. The tuition centre was established in 2012. Since then, it has been committed to going the extra mile to ensure that your child receives a quality education. The tuition centre also uses a tested and proven methodology that has helped hundreds of students ace their examinations. Importantly, AO Studies makes sure that class sizes are kept small so that each student receives adequate attention during each lesson.

Furthermore, the centre assures parents that all of their teachers are high-quality educators with a vast amount of teaching experience in their respective subject area. These teachers are also readily available and provide free consultation sessions to all their students. The passion that AO Studies shows is also evident in the little things that they do for their students. For example, a gigantic bear accompanies math students for stress relief and hot towels are provided for students to freshen up. In addition, birthday cakes are given to students on their birthdays. Free foolscap, snacks, and drinks are also provided, and the centre uses a reward-based learning system that is popular among its students.

Special learning tools such as special name card-sized formula cards, full syllabus intense revision, and mock exams, are also part of the centre’s curriculum. Clearly, at AO studies, they take both education and fun seriously. Furthermore, all of these come with no admin fee, withdrawal fee, or registration fees!

Key Differentiators

1. Individualised tuition in a classroom environment (we don’t continue until everyone understands)
2. Free snacks/drinks/wifi/writing pad and charging docks
3. No admin fee/registration fee/deposits/withdrawal period notice

Client's Testimonial

I joined Chu Wei's tuition as a private candidate through a friend's recommendation, and to be honest I was pretty pessimistic about Math at first as it was my second attempt at the A levels. However, Chu Wei proved me wrong. His nightmarish and infuriating tutorials exposed me to a lot more different types of questions than normal school papers have and that helped to build my confidence when doing math. He stayed back after class to clear my doubts, replied to my bombarding texts, answered my questions with patience and most importantly he made sure that I understood.

He even went out of his way to help me with my university application, giving me guidance on the courses that I want to apply to. He is a very driven teacher and a friend who will encourage and motivate you, even though sometimes he can come off a bit harsh and his honest advice may be unpleasant to hear, but rest assured he means well. And you'll get a slice of cake on your bday!!! Thank you, Chu Wei 🙂


13. Tutor Suzanne

Tutor Suzanne - Tuition Centre Singapore
Tutor Suzanne - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesMath and Science small group tuition for primary and secondary students
AddressBlk 662C Jurong West Street 64
Singapore 643662
Phone84485543 (Whatsapp/Telegram/Call/SMS)
Operating HoursMon - Fri: 3 pm -10pm
Sat: 9 am - 2pm

Tutor Suzanne is a highly sought-after Math and Science specialist dedicated to teaching primary and secondary school students. She coaches more than 100 students yearly under her and has gained great popularity among parents and students in Jurong West. 

Tutor Suzanne has developed a tried-and-tested structured programme that breaks down complicated chunks of concepts into simply digestible bits for students to understand easily. In addition, she believes that a solid set of materials can make studying Math and Science doubly effective and efficient for her students. Students get access to top-notch learning materials, consisting of cheat sheets, regular checkpoint quizzes, revision packages and mock exams, that help them to accelerate their learning. 

The support extends even outside class, students get unlimited consultations and digital access to all recorded lessons to help them review their weak topics. They can contact Tutor Suzanne directly for help in their school work or self-revision, learning does not stop after class!

Key Differentiators

  1. Highly sought-after tutor
  2. Top-Notch materials
  3. Unlimited free consultations outside class

Client Testimonial

“Tutor Suzanne is an amazing teacher, she explains very well and has everything planned very very well! I really like her notes and worksheets they are very helpful. Thank you, teacher Suzanne for helping my daughter! Really appreciate your efforts."


14. Irwin's Study

Irwin's Study - Tuition Centre Singapore
Irwin's Study - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesGeneral Paper (GP) & English Tuition Classes
Address170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #B2-13 S588179
Operating HoursDuring Class Timings

Irwin's Study is a unique tuition centre specialising in General Paper (GP) & English tuition. Founded in 2009 by Irwin See, who is a former MOE teacher and holds a Master's degree from Oxford University (with Distinction), Irwin's Study has helped more than 1,000 students improve their academic grades for A-levels, O-levels and the Integrated Programme (IP) and fall in love with the English language at the same time. In 2018, The Seed Initiative was established as the social arm of Irwin's Study to provide funding and mentoring for social projects that aim to make a positive difference in our world and has supported many meaningful initiatives to date. Highly recommended by parents and students alike, seats for classes in Irwin's Study are usually filled up in the first few months every year.

Key Differentiators

  1. A specialised focus on English & GP tuition
  2. Classes taught by former MOE teachers with years of valuable teaching experience
  3. Regularly featured on TV, radio and social media platforms for insights on education

Client's Testimonial

Mr Irwin is an amazing person who has great passion and exuberance for teaching, an ironically rare trait in teachers nowadays. Above all, his kindness, patience and good sense of humour are what I truly admire as they make studying GP more enjoyable. Every week, I look forward to attending his lessons and there is never a day where I walk out of Irwin's Study without feeling that I've learned something new about the world.

Janice Chan, Student

15. Humanities Hub

Humanities Hub - Tuition Centre Singapore
Humanities Hub - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key Services Tutoring services for GCE 'O' and 'A' Level Humanities and Language subjects
Address1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #05-04A, Singapore 179803
Phone 6264 2236 / 9661 9760
Operating Hours Varies accordingly to the class schedule

Over the last decade, Humanities Hub has helped 2,000 students achieve more than 1,000 distinctions. They are pioneers in the tuition industry for setting up a centre that is dedicated to teaching ONLY Humanities and Language subjects. Since 2012, they have been a one-stop tuition centre for students who take Economics, History and General Paper at Junior College levels and English, Social Studies, History, and Geography (both Pure and Elective in Combined Humanities), at Upper Secondary levels. They are registered with the Ministry of Education under their Private School Act and in accordance with statutory requirements and regulations.

Humanities Hub is centrally located at The Adelphi, next to City Hall MRT Station in the civic district, directly behind National Gallery; and our spacious and interactive premises are designed to be conducive to learning. Humanities Hub tutors have groomed government scholars and top A Level and O Level students in their respective subjects. Their track record in producing top Humanities students in Singapore is a testament to their effective teaching methods. More importantly, Humanities Hub tutors are not just results-oriented, but they see the importance of imparting critical thinking skills that students can use for the rest of their lives beyond the classroom.

Key Differentiators

  1. Pioneers in Humanities tuition in Singapore.
  2. Centrally located in the civic district.
  3. Have highly experienced tutors with an average of 10 years teaching experience.

Clients Testimonial

Knowing that 6 months is a short time, Mr Tan relentlessly gave Marcus extra test parts to practise and patiently goes over the extra papers with him during his own break time between lessons. It was due to his dedication and selflessness that Marcus is able to achieve a distinction (A2) for his ‘O’ Levels.

Hence, we would like to congratulate Humanities Hub’s success for its ability to achieve such drastic improvement. If bringing a B3 or B4 to a distinction is a walk in the park, bringing an E8 to A2 must felt like scaling Everest. Again, our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Tan and Humanities Hub.

Parent of Marcus Teo
Pierce Secondary

16. MyMasterclass

My Masterclass - Tuition Centre Singapore
My Masterclass - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesJC, Secondary, IP Math & Science Tuition Services
Address222A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574354
Operating HoursTue - Fri : 12 pm - 9 pm
Sat - Sun : 930 am - 630 pm

My Masterclass’s speciality lies in Math & Science curriculum for Secondary, IP and Junior College students. Their methodology - Critical Thinking, Critical Learning brings students beyond rote memorisation and explains to the child why concepts are as such for them to apply to questions.

You will find that the tutors at My Masterclass are the subject matter experts in terms of teaching experience. Each of them is an expert in their own subjects. From PhD holders to full-time tutors with years of experience, our tutors are the reason why My Masterclass students are highly engaged in class and our tutors will stretch your child's learning potential in school.

There is no fixed learning journey with My Masterclass. Teachers will get to know your child's school sequence and pace before crafting a customised learning plan based on individual needs. Each set of materials comes with notes, lesson checkpoints and worksheets with varying difficulties. Learning doesn’t stop at the centre, all students are granted access to My Masterclass’s online learning platform with additional videos and revision materials prepared by their tutors.

Key Differentiators

  1. Specialises in Math and Science
  2. Emphasises Critical Thinking
  3. Subject Matter Experts

Client Testimonial

C5 to A1 for Science.

Thank you for helping to improve my C5 Science to a current distinction grade- A1. It has helped with my confidence in the subject. The lessons are taught in line with the school syllabus which is really useful.

Dillion, Catholic High School (Sec 3)

17. Happy Tutors Learning Centre

Happy Tutors Learning Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Happy Tutors Learning Centre - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesEducational institution which provides tuition and enrichment programs.
AddressThe five locations are as follows;

1. Jurong West Tuition Centre:
519 Jurong West Street 52 #01-169 Singapore 640519

2. Bukit Batok Tuition Centre:
132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 #01-318 Singapore 650132

3. Bukit Gombak Tuition Centre:
523 Bukit Batok St 52 #01-732 Singapore 650523

4. Paya Lebar / Tanjong Katong Tuition Centre:
11 Tanjong Katong Road #03-02 Singapore 437157 @ 6904 8716

5. Bedok Reservoir Road Tuition Centre:
609 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-646 Singapore 470609 @ 6802 7696
PhoneJurong West Tuition Centre: 6520 6146
Bukit Batok Tuition Centre: 6563 0672
Bukit Gombak Tuition Centre: 6612 0314
Paya Lebar / Tanjong Katong Tuition Centre: 6904 8716
Bedok Reservoir Road Tuition Centre: 6802 7696
Operating HoursWeekdays: 3 pm to 9 pm
Weekends: 10 am to 5 pm

 As a young company that has been in the education industry since 2013, they aim to provide quality education services to students through their highly customised academic programmes tailored to each individual. They provide a variety of subjects catered to the different academic levels. As a small group tuition centre, they ensure that the contents taught are simplified and adhered to the MOE syllabus. They also aim to build character and confidence in students to motivate them to perform in learning, doing so ensures that students would develop the necessary skill sets to succeed beyond their academics.

Key Differentiators

  1. Provide personalised academic materials for their students.
  2. Utilise high-tech facilities such as digital smart boards and an efficient AV system to deliver their lessons.
  3. Their team of dedicated and experienced tutors will ensure that we deliver quality lessons to our students.

Client's Testimonial

Classes are conducted in small groups, catering to the needs of every student. With supportive and experienced tutors, I was able to try out many different questions. They also collected many interesting questions and were willing to share their pool of questions with us

Xu Yun Fan, student


WritersatWork - Tuition Centre Singapore
WritersatWork - Tuition Centre Singapore
Key ServicesProviding English enrichment lessons for Primary and Secondary students
AddressClementi, King's Arcade, Ang Mo Kio, Marine Parade
Phone Clementi: 67742618 (land) / 9684 3373
King's Arcade: 6463 2956 (land line) / 8600 2778
Ang Mo Kio: 62501906 (land line) / 86003815
Marine Parade: 62433236 (Land line) / 8600 3420
Handphone (Main) : 9841 3975
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9 am to 6.30 pm

At WR!TERS @ WORK, we believe the ability to write can be taught. Their goal is to empower children with the skills and confidence they need to excel at school and beyond. Established in 2012 by a group of edu-preneurs, WR!TERS @ WORK challenges traditional teaching methods with a structured and results-driven curriculum. Each of their writing courses is designed to make the learning journey enjoyable and help children achieve outstanding exam results.

Key Differentiators

  1. WR!TERS @ WORK believes that achieving full marks is possible!
  2. A results-driven curriculum empowers students to seek excellence in every composition examination.
  3. WR!TERS @ WORK teachers use real-life scenarios to engage and inspire children’s minds through discussion, dramatisation and visual aids.

Client Testimonial

I love how my W@W teachers always make the lessons engaging and enjoyable, making me fall in love with English. By taking note of my W@W teacher’s advice and revising my W@W essays before exams, I successfully aced my English exams and achieved high scores of 25/30 for my Paper 1 essay exams! My sweetest success was achieving A1 for English at O-Levels and getting into Victoria JC!

Romaine Zu, Nan Hua High School, Achieved A1 for O-Level English

Tuition Centre Singapore

And there you have it; the best tuition centres in Singapore. We hope that our list has given you some hope and motivation in scoring your dream grades for the upcoming school year. All the best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tuition Centres In Singapore?

Tuition centres in Singapore aim to provide extra academic help for students who need it. They offer classes, one-on-one sessions and supplementary lessons to their students. Tuition centres in Singapore also cater to various educational levels; be it primary school level, secondary school level and junior college level courses.

Some tuition centres in Singapore also focus on non academic training, such as personal development, life skills programmes, analytical skills, in addition to helping students achieve an improvement in their academic skills.

What Are The Types Of Tuition Centres In Singapore?

Generally, tuition centres in Singapore focus on different educational levels:

- Primary School Level, for students sitting for the PSLE
- Secondary School Level, for students sitting for the O-level examinations-
- Junior College level, for junior college students sitting for the A-level examinations

There are tuition centres in Singapore that also cater to all three educational levels within the same institution. There are also tuition centres in Singapore that focus on specific subjects, such as English and other language tuition, Maths tuition, and Science Tuition.

Are The Tutors In Tuition Centres In Singapore Qualified?

Most of the tuition centres in Singapore are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) under the purview of SkillsFuture. This means that their teachers are required to be certified, highly trained and competent in their respective fields, adhering to the latest MOE syllabus.

Generally, one can expect to find ex school teachers and professional tutors in tuition teachers in Singapore. These qualified tutors are extremely experienced and know how to tailor their teaching style in helping students gain improvements in their academic journey.

What Are The Best Tuition Centres?

The most reputable tuition centres in Singapore are those that place an emphasis on your child's progress, providing a holistic academic learning environment that covers exam skills, academic performance, vocational skills, and more. A good tuition centre should provide you with updates on your child's progress, and every student should see improvements after joining the tuition centre. Ultimately, the top tuition centres should help students excel!

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